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~His kitty~ by sluttyk1tty
~His kitty~by <33jelly<33
srry if it's bad,it's my first time writing anything like this so bare with me,and comment anything you want me to add into the story!<3
The Creepypastas Bitch  by SatireSmutMaker234
The Creepypastas Bitch by Satire smut
Your kidnapped by the creepypastas and they make you there bitch. smut
Their Sensitive Pet by Eeli_The_Shark
Their Sensitive Petby Caspian 🜲
Bakugo has always been physically sensitive. Behind a explody,chaotic personality,is a Blond,spikey haired boy,body covered in scars. No one ever touched Bakugo,sure,he...
My Big Lap Dog by DarkMangle50
My Big Lap Dogby DarkMangle 50
This is my first story and is still in the process of being made so im not sure of a description. Sorry :( !
The Dark Lord that saved me by wolftheproxy101
The Dark Lord that saved meby Crescent Moon
One night I was walking home when a cult kidnapped me as a sacrifice for their dark lord little did they know that dark lord would be my savior (disclaimer: This is a de...
Just a Dumb Blonde (MxM) by h3llbunnie
Just a Dumb Blonde (MxM)by h3llbunnie
I have lived far longer than most humans do these days, at least a few centuries. Bimbo Blondies are a favourite amongst vamps. That's what they like to call dumb sluts...
Pretty Kitty by Stalker768
Pretty Kittyby Stalker The Folf
The last war ruined the world. Now with the war over people have had to change their lifestyles. Those that were in a position of power or had wealth were deemed the dom...
To See a Man About a Dog by Magewolf1010
To See a Man About a Dogby Shoehorn53 the Artist
Alice becomes a member of the new Human Pup Adoption Program as a pup, given to a new owner with new gear and technology being tested on her.
QUEEN ALICIA  by Jewelsfiction
Queen Alicia rules the queen land, consisting of more than 250 countries. Each country is ruled by a female president while Queen Alicia is the ultimate supreme leader...
The Demon's Pet by AOTfangirl238
The Demon's Petby AOTfangirl238
Dr. David Kutterfield is an anthropologist, on the hunt for tribes in the Amazon. Instead, he finds a portal that leads him to another dimension. He's found by Cadeon, a...
Twins by iLOVEdoggys994593
Twinsby iLOVEdoggys994593
You had a boyfriend and thought you knew everything about him. Apparently you didn't know that he had a twin brother.
When A Game Goes Wrong by Nekowolf17
When A Game Goes Wrongby Neko wolf
when a girl has a chance to live out a fantasy she takes it in a heart beat, however sometimes fantasies are ment to stay dreams and fantasies as they don't always work...
Pet by KayaTheUnicorn
Petby Kaya Francel
Ryker waited for the worst. It felt like forever, he felt a sharp pain on his back and then felt the blood start running down.
My Pet Boyfriend  by protect-waffles
My Pet Boyfriend by protect-waffles
The adventures of me (Sam), and my puppy (on occasion) boyfriend (Kinney). Puppy play Cute no sex
Dog Hypnosis Files by Warriorcatlover473
Dog Hypnosis Filesby Warriorcatlover473
Just some scripts. Enjoy being a good doggie
Obsession (Mr Plant x Argos) by _Fidget_
Obsession (Mr Plant x Argos)by Fidget.
Random Stories centered around Mr Plant and Argos where one of them is obsessed with the other... Or, I have a lot of unfinished stories with these two. I also have the...
hey kitty by deadavey
hey kittyby davey
Michael is stressed from work and can't wait to go home to play with his pet.
komahina smut by lillayha
komahina smutby wethree
because i said so top nagito n bottom hajime straight up smut. nothing else. i think
Humiliation hypnosis by megaaustin
Humiliation hypnosisby Austin
A guy with anxiety goes to a hypnosis but got more then he barging for