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Dominate me Alpha by flyingpingsfan
Dominate me Alphaby BDSM who?
This is about a boy who is just getting into the life of BDSM. The boy finds someone yo help him with figureing things out, little does he know this man will end up domi...
My oc x reader (or your oc)- Master & His Pet by supergirl465
My oc x reader (or your oc)- A girl with some issues-also...
⚠️Warning ⚠️ This story contains swearing, smut and gore
Creating Control by Alyxsaurus
Creating Controlby Alyx
"I'm going to have to punish you, Jasper." "P-punish me?" "You have to learn." Then there was silence. Pain. _______________________ Jasper...
His Little Neko (BoyxBoy) by Sadistic_Panda
His Little Neko (BoyxBoy)by Sadistic_Panda
What would you do if you found a half cat, half human? Meet little Tyger and his new master Hunter. What will the two do once little Tyger is introduced to the real worl...
His Pet 18+ by Demon_Kitty669
His Pet 18+by Demon_Kitty669
⚠️ WARNING⚠️ 18+ she was a homeless neko that was taking in buy a hot seductive master their relationship gets spicy 🖤As the two of them get closer and closer read to...
Pet: Book 1 by forever_nebula
Pet: Book 1by Nebula⭐
Supernatural beings walk the Earth amongst humans. By supernatural I mean vampires, werewolves, witches, and demons. The vampire lord Nikon is a dominant vampire, who is...
bxb | the pet by Rmsfancywife
bxb | the petby Rmsfancywife
A one shot about a boy who ran away from home and somehow became a pet of a really hot stranger Im still working on it so it's only the 1st part finished. And all the go...
Young and beautiful  by tweeky69
Young and beautiful by tweeky69
one day, one cold day winter night, one hot kiss that will change my heart and soul forever butters..., your my sexuality desire~
Lover or Pet?  by Moonlitelux
Lover or Pet? by Lux
Moving in with your father and starting a new school sounded like a good idea, until you get wrapped up in Mads manipulating web, one you can't help but enjoy. Masochist...
Little and Pet Habits by DustianParker
Little and Pet Habitsby Dustin Micheal Clark
Just a few habits I have when I feel little or like a pet. Some of them also happen when I'm not feeling so little or pet.
Man's Best Friend by JynxLeeKuti
Man's Best Friendby Kapoon
::WARNING:: This story contains the following; -MaleXMale -Violence -Reincarnation -Smut -Possible drug and/or alcohol abuse Summary;; Deuce's life was everything you...
So that's what you've been doing by ThisWeirdo03
So that's what you've been doingby ThisWeirdo03
Crowley wakes up from his nap in July and isn't pleased with what he finds in his boyfriend's bookshop.
My Master~ by Demon_65
My Master~by Demon
King Vegeta threw Tarble out as a baby not wanting the son who "killed" his mate and the mother of their children. Though soon he was adopted by an elderly cou...
By Chance by CottonRabbit
By Chanceby CottonRabbit
A boy named Chase is traded off to his fathers boss. He is used for entertainment and other uses. He tries to escape but it stopped by the son of his master. he constant...
The Peace Treaty by P_U_D_D_L_E_S
The Peace Treatyby qwerty
The war has been going on for a long time. Dumbledore, Voldemort, and everyone else is tired of it. So, they do the logical thing! A peace treaty. But, what does it enta...
The Broken Pet (Man X Boy) by Boe_N_Arrow
The Broken Pet (Man X Boy)by Boe Zerek
Jonah Morris has been a pet slave since he was 12 for his Master, Michael Nemo. Michael owns one of the most successful hotel chains in the country and uses Jonah, or hi...