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the king and queens little one by Clarke0109
the king and queens little oneby igotabadidea
king eric and queen alice have been looking for their perfect little one for centuries. they went on a journey to all the littles orphanage in the world to find their pe...
Ma Fille Chérie | Billie Eilish by thepartysovernow
Ma Fille Chérie | Billie Eilishby ivy
(My darling girl) Billie Eilish, an newly founded musical artist gets a message from a fan. She quickly finds herself off into the deep end when she realises she's fall...
Their baby girl (The walking dead x oc/ddlg) by crazyaslym_girl
Their baby girl (The walking Chloe
Poly relationship (walking dead x oc/ddlg) Candy is a normal 18 year old girl that is, until the zombie apocalypse happened. Candy was out wandering in the woods in her...
Their little Mermaid °On Hold° by _Gantrick_
Their little Mermaid °On Hold°by _Gantrick_
Edward and Bella are on their honeymoon when Ariel washed up on Isle Esme. What happens when Alice calls telling him to come back early and bring Ariel with him? Who doe...
Taking care of Bosa Bear by user1022839
Taking care of Bosa Bearby user1022839
Enjoy an adventure of MDLB non-sexual prompts of Yn being the caregiver to her husband/boyfriend, Nick Bosa! This book includes age-regression, not age play! You'll be h...
pegging by KRANGO777
peggingby BRANDON
This is just a fantasy abt me getting pegged
mommy's arms by i-need-mommy
mommy's armsby baby_boy
Jon holdren is your pretty average college kid; a bit geeky and a huge coding nerd. Well okay mabey he's not that normal but that's just the beginning, he has a secret t...
The Doms' Deal by ThePwincessJay
The Doms' Dealby Jay 🍼✨
Maya has been the happiest little for her owner, Duncan. She's been his for over a year now, only the two living together. But what happens when they want to share their...
Titans little by Littlebeansminx
Titans littleby Littlebeansminx
In a world run by titans Edith gets chosen to be send to littles academy. *Inspired by "The kings little princess" I can't find the book anymore or who wrote...
Forever ~n~ Always  by littlecrybabybear16
Forever ~n~ Always by littlecrybabybear16
It's a love story mdlb/Ddlb Poly SWF Poly relationship Teens (16,17,18) ( probably not good , second story on Wattpad ) ( Don't read if you don't like) ( I'll try t...
Mommy's Little Prince by littleme8227
Mommy's Little Princeby .littleme.
This is a new story in which a "little" meets his mommy at a store! She offers to help him with a problem as he'd been walking around with soiled pants! What c...
Callum's Journey  by im_just_a_boy
Callum's Journey by im_just_a_boy
Callum meets Mrs Mia Johnson and absolutely falls for her. Will she feel the same once she learns all of his secrets? (This is a non-sexual cgl story)
Face My Fears (Keigo Takami) by Tearsonlyknow
Face My Fears (Keigo Takami)by Magnus
Breath, should I take a deep? Faith, should I take a leap? Taste, what a bittersweet All my life. Let me face my fears
Who's your cook? || Spongebob X Emoji lady Enemies to Lovers, slow burn|| by UnderworldThings
Who's your cook? || Spongebob X UnderworldThings
Spongebob has met his true match. His only enemy who is able to make just as good krabby patties as he does. Could his only enemy become his lover? Will one prove to be...
SFW MDLB Short Stories  by PoutySwitch99
SFW MDLB Short Stories by None Ya Business
cute, short stories about MDLB (Mommy domme little boy) relationship.
drp request by kateisherself
drp requestby kateisherself
status- open message me in my wattpad DMs
Little Wolf, Retold.°On Hold° by _Gantrick_
Little Wolf, Retold.°On Hold°by _Gantrick_
Read the warning page. Fin Swan, Bella's younger twin brother. When Bella decides for the both of them, they are moving to Forks Washington how will Fin's life change wi...
My Sweet Girl by AuthoroftheShadows
My Sweet Girlby AuthoroftheShadows
Lilith Blake raised her small business into one of the leading tech development companies in the world all while hiding a secret. Lilith is a mommy. Bella Smith has work...