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Titans little by Littlebeansminx
Titans littleby Littlebeansminx
In a world run by titans Edith gets chosen to be send to littles academy. *Inspired by "The kings little princess" I can't find the book anymore or who wrote...
Getting Used to Having a Mommy and Daddy  by Patradon
Getting Used to Having a Mommy Patron
A girl who is in a happy DDLG relationship must adjust to not just having a Daddy but then having a Mommy as well. (Sexual content. BDSM elements.)
Kidnapping Mia (DDLG) by little_Honey_bxby
Kidnapping Mia (DDLG)by little_Honey_bxby
Mia, a girl who does not even know what DDLG is but her stalker catches her walking alone at night, what happens when he makes her be a little. start- 11/15/22 end- 12/1...
I'm not going to hurt you baby by ebradley8
I'm not going to hurt you babyby ebradley8
22 year old Camryn is a little who is in an abusive relationship can someone help her before she gets hurt. 27 year old Katharine is a mommy with no little girl and she...
Mommy's Subbi3 by NotheLiar
Mommy's Subbi3by Nothe Liar
18 plus this is mainly smut
Experiences Mixed With Fantasy by Jaguars1997
Experiences Mixed With Fantasyby Jaguars1997
*NSFW* Not really a story, but bits of experiences and fun times I've had with mommy, sometimes stretched a bit for a better post. I wanna write them down so I remember...
Her Royal Highness. by Cendrillon1996
Her Royal Cinderella
Amber and Oscar are the next in line to be the queen and king of the dragon species. They are gifted an angel after their engagement. Oscar had the big rule of not acc...
My new life with Mummy (GL) by YurinBl00m
My new life with Mummy (GL)by Alice
Sammy has been a hidden mdlg for almost a year now, into mommy doms and still a virgin at 19 she tries her best to hide it. one day while looking at plushies she meets a...
Izuku the Midnight Star(MDLB) by Staristyping
Izuku the Midnight Star(MDLB)by Star
Izuku needed someone, and had plans to meet his mommy. But after his mother reveals that he is adopted he's sent to meet his biological mother. Nerumi Kayama the pro her...
Their little Mermaid by _Gantrick_
Their little Mermaidby _Gantrick_
Edward and Bella are on their honeymoon when Ariel washed up on Isle Esme. What happens when Alice calls telling him to come back early and bring Ariel with him? Who doe...
The Beginning by Arc2016
The Beginningby Arc2016
The Beginning of the Trio meetings and Their Journey. Kelly, Steph and Adeline!
Little Diaper Boy by BabyBoyBryce123
Little Diaper Boyby BabyBoyBryce123
In this world, people are classified under three different terms caregiver and littles. Caregivers want to take care of littles and switches. littles are people who act...
Little Wolf, Retold. (On Hold!) by _Gantrick_
Little Wolf, Retold. (On Hold!)by _Gantrick_
Read the warning page. Fin Swan, Bella's younger twin brother. When Bella decides for the both of them, they are moving to Forks Washington how will Fin's life change wi...
Slashers DD/lg imagines by RaevynEden
Slashers DD/lg imaginesby Baybfayce
You and the slashers in DD/lg style relationships.
Madison's Little Adventure by AlyssaMarieLeVesque
Madison's Little Adventureby Alyssa Marie M. LeVesque
"I looked away from the grouchy desk lady in front of me to find the most gorgeous human beings in the world. The man was extremely tall and muscular with blue eyes...
Her Little Mafia Boy by littlebunnylovesu
Her Little Mafia Boyby Little Ghost Boy
What do you think about when you hear Mafia Boss? tall, dark, handsome, and terrifying right? A man in a clean black and white suit? Smoking a cigar? Thats what you thin...
The Cyanide Angel by BoyIncubi
The Cyanide Angelby Bitch Boy <3
Femdom x male sub. Yes, they were roommates :)
Confessions of a Domme by Mirages2001
Confessions of a Dommeby Wisteria
Domme thoughts and confessions from my diary.
Rain Clouds by puppymonach
Rain Cloudsby 𝕽𝖎𝖆𝖍
Zac always loved him, so he moved to America, guns, drugs and gangs flood his life, can he change? . . . . Femdom/mdlb, Bdsm, puppyplay, agere and diaper themes in this...
cotton candy ; myg by plusjei
cotton candy ; mygby j
❀ he loves cotton candies and i love making him happy, so i deliver them free to his house for as long as he wants ❀