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The Perv Squad Returns (LeoxDonniexRaphxMikey) by XxCyberBunnyxX
The Perv Squad Returns ( Anime is gay
Crack and tcest Welcome back to this fan service fanfiction! (Third segment of the 'The perv series')
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Where did my pervs go?  (TMNT) -complete- by XxCyberBunnyxX
Where did my pervs go? (TMNT) Anime is gay
sequel to ' mikey!, target of the pervs ' Mikey feels strange, and he can't help what he says..... or dose XD Warning: pure crack, no seriousness whatsever.... oh, and i...
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Light x Reader x L (Lemon) by PandaCuprcake
Light x Reader x L (Lemon)by JJ Kyoko
This is a lemon!! ENJOY ;)
P0rn by TheUnatural
P0rnby TheUnatural
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Sasusaku Lemon (Karmi Fanfiction) by SakuraHarunoCha
Sasusaku Lemon (Karmi Fanfiction)by Cherry Blossoms
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Nalu lemons by Bailey_N_McCoy
Nalu lemonsby Bailey_N_McCoy
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--The Opposite Side of the Mirror-- by OpalEssense
--The Opposite Side of the Mirror--by Sketcher
Smash mansion has many amazing heros and some awesome villains, but what happens when the other side of the mirror gets accessed? Our main, secret Werewolf Alexa and her...
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The Bad Ass And Nerd? by Lost__Soul__
The Bad Ass And Nerd?by Lost__Soul__
Skylar is your everyday nerd/rocker girl. She only has her friend liley but what happens when a certain family moves next door? Skylars life flips upside down and her da...
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The army's dirty secret. by susana_15
The army's dirty susana_15
What happens when a black-op teen, gets thrown into a impromptu high school life, so to speak. Well, training didn't prepare her for: divas-, creepers and annoying jocks...
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The Remix Of You And Me by Pxnkhoodxes
The Remix Of You And Meby Pxnkhoodxes
Shane had never been really fond of Charlie, as he has been the most popular guy in college, he also had claimed the role "most chugger." She had assumed that...
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With This Ring by rosewildwood
With This Ringby rosewildwood
Nat Thomas is tired of her perv boss putting the moves on her. He's threatened her career if she files any sexual harassment suits against him. Her best friend creates h...
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Their favourite  by nevermind325
Their favourite by nevermind325
"Heyyyy Alisha!" The cocky boy hollers "Leave me alone." She mumbles, walking down the corridor, staring at her faded vans. "Awh Alisha we just...
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the geek, gay, psychopath, and the pervy jock by author-chan02
the geek, gay, psychopath, and Author-Chan02
What do you do when you are confronted by your geeky best friend, your gay friend from middle school, your friend that everyone thinks is a psychopath. And or the pervy...
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You Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Intro by zombiecatninja
You Just Haven't had Myke
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4 dreadful years by alyssadirectioner
4 dreadful yearsby alyssadirectioner
You only have a few friends this year. You are starting high school in a few weeks and you feel like you won't be accepted. You want to put yourself out there. You succe...
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The group chat by peppa_21612
The group chatby Goblin
Idc if anyone will read this or not, it's just a book with all the things I want to say about these awesome people I met in a group chat
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The Hidden Girl by smileyrilie11
The Hidden Girlby Rilie❤️
Annabella lives an awful tragic life with no friends and a family who could care less. This all changes when she goes to see the school bully in the park she witnesses h...
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