Sabrina is my name,

Things I love:

read, and write.
music, I am always listening to it while I type or read. that might be why sometimes my writing doesn't come out right.
Taking pictures

I am a shy girl when we first meet but after talking to you for a awhile I am not as shy.
I never show my true colors right up front.
I love all my friends and family and I love being with them.
I hide alot, and I don't tell alot of people about myself right off the bat.
I love to swim and to be in the water period.
I used to play sports but when I played with my crappy messed up school I hurt myself.
I am very virbale in my head, and I never say anything out loud.

I belive that is all I can thank of, please read my stories . Comment and vote, thank you :)
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