Cousinly love is overrated (Being edited)

Cousinly love is overrated (Being edited)

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How would you feel if you fell in love with your cousin? 

then woke up one day to find out that you are pregnant with none other then your bad ass player cousin's baby?

 Read about Bethany Way, who has had it rough since she was little learn to adapt to her new life. Bethany moves in with her cousin Kyle while her dad is sent to Japan for a new job offer. Her cousin Kyle is the same age as her, after getting drunk one night she wakes to find her cousin in her bed and both of them butt nacked. two weeks later she finds out she is pregnant with her cousin's baby. frightened by this she runs away, and gives birth to them. Follow Bethany and Kyle as they go through a rough time with being cousin's to parents in a heart beat. Or will it change in a heart beat to find out that what she all thought was right was all wrong?

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-flowersanddeath -flowersanddeath Nov 01, 2017
Legit this is so atrociously awful but I’m laughing my ass off at it
bookineuse123 bookineuse123 Nov 18, 2013
I love this sort of story plot. Can you make some more Please? ??
_cryptic _cryptic May 14, 2011
is her cousin kyle.. :DD and how does this have so many reads but no comments unb leave able :33 I enjoyed it :))