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Everything Is Better With Her (Milo Murphy X Reader) by KaylaCasas
Everything Is Better With Her (Mil...by Infinity Girl🌌
"That's the L/N's Law for ya" "L/N's law?" "Basically everything that can go right will go right" "She's your opposite dude!"...
Out With The Old, In With The New by yourfavefelixsimp
Out With The Old, In With The Newby felinette stan
When a new friend moves into the neighborhood, Isabella befriends her and they become really close. Isabella is trying to get over Phineas, while Phineas is in a state o...
Summer 104 (Coming Late May 2024) by TheNoxusGrandWriter
Summer 104 (Coming Late May 2024)by Noxus of the Awoken
There's only a 104 days of Summer Vacation. That means 104 chances to have the best Summer ever. For Y/n Flynn and his two brothers and Y/n's girlfriend Bronya Zaychick...
Into The Mysterious Force by AiswaryaLakshmi5
Into The Mysterious Forceby NaLu_Crazy_Fan
School year was over and a new summer is here. Phineas and Ferb can't wait to make the best of it. But the appearance of some DVD's has put their plans on hold. What old...
Phineas and Ferb Season 1 by NaomiSutalo
Phineas and Ferb Season 1by naomi.flynn
All the PnF episodes and I always imagined Phineas, Ferb and Candace having a little sister. I am going to do it by seasons.
You Belong With Me || A Phinabella Story ✔️ by zym_writes
You Belong With Me || A Phinabella...by ✨ʜᴀʟᴇʏ✨
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro has had a huge crush on her best friend, Phineas Flynn, ever since they were little, but he has been too oblivious to notice. Isabella was beginn...
Canderemy redux: Phinbella by PhinbellaFerbnessa
Canderemy redux: Phinbellaby PhinbellaFerbnessa
*COMPLETE* This is what happened after the "Canderemy" episode. Except Phineas and Ferb never got stuck together. Instead, it's Phineas and Isabella's hands th...
Oh, Brothers (Ferbella) by TheFanFictionGoddess
Oh, Brothers (Ferbella)by TheFanFictionGoddess
Isabella has lived across the way from the Flynn-Fletcher boys for years. She knows them better than anyone, maybe even better than she knows herself. She also has ca...
Just friends...?(ferb x reader) [Discontinued]  by Fnfsimp01
Just friends...?(ferb x reader) [D...by 28 stab wounds
Welcome to my shitty ass fanfic before you read it it is cringe so consider it before reading it 😍 (as of 2/4/2022 i'm discontinuing this book sorry) i don't own th...
phineas and ferb harem x male shy neko brother oc by CallanAdamDobbieFras
phineas and ferb harem x male shy...by Callan-Adam Dobbie-Fraser
Callan is the adopted brother of phineas and ferb he and his brothers always make the coolest Inventions what kind of adventures wait for Callan and what kind of new Inv...
A Reverse Love Story by mouseketeerelizabeth
A Reverse Love Storyby Elizabeth Leddin
This story is mainly focused on moments in the show where Phineas and Isabella have more in-depth romantic moments. When it says "_____'s House", the view goes...
Phinabella Oneshots by Toon_lover
Phinabella Oneshotsby Toon_lover
this is just a book of phinabella •Mostly cute stuff •May include some dark stuff but there will be warnings •Phinabella with other ships •Most of them quite long! •I...
Unforgettable Love - A Phinabella Story by yourfavefelixsimp
Unforgettable Love - A Phinabella...by felinette stan
Taking place after the events of Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension, this story shows Phineas Flynn trying to figure out why he remembers a single clip from a ti...
Phineas and Ferb One-Shots by MeMyselfandI2008
Phineas and Ferb One-Shotsby Mint (or Pepper)
This is a book with various one-shots pertaining to various ships and some reader inserts. I also take requests. PLEASE NOTE!: This book is strictly fluff; ranging from...
Ferbnessa-Thirteen by PhinbellaFerbnessa
Ferbnessa-Thirteenby PhinbellaFerbnessa
*COMPLETE* Sixteen year old Vanessa Doofenshimrtz is looking for a part time job just so she can be away from her Dad and his evil inators. She's running out of options...
Phineas X Ferb one shots by OmegaLilPupEzra
Phineas X Ferb one shotsby OmegaLilPupEzra
Just a bunch of Phineas X Ferb stories if you would like to help me with this let me know.
The Power Within ~ A Phineas And Ferb Fanfiction by PhinFiction
The Power Within ~ A Phineas And F...by PnF Fanfics
While searching for their missing pet Platypus, Phineas and Ferb find themselves at the mercy of a rising supervillain. Will they all get out alive? Will Perry be able t...
Kidnapped-A PHINABELLA story by Pitbullsareimportant
Kidnapped-A PHINABELLA storyby Finecia
Issabella has been kidnapped by a eco maniac lover. It is up to Phineas to save her. Does Phineas love her? Will He save her in time? Find out in this Fanfic
Out There- Phineas and Ferb by RainbowDash120120
Out There- Phineas and Ferbby RainbowDash120120
Phineas was Kidnapped at a young age for unknown reasons by Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. When no one could find the Flynn kid, they assumed him dead and had to continue with...
Endless (Phinbella) Complete! by Phinbella4eva
Endless (Phinbella) Complete!by Phinbella4eva
Isabella and Phineas have been married for two years. what happens when Phineas messes up majorly and Isabella is left on her own. will Phineas ever be able to make it u...