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Switched by PhinbellaFerbnessa
Switchedby PhinbellaFerbnessa
*COMPLETE* Ferb accidentally mixes up the blueprints again for Doofenshmirtz's new inator which shoots Phineas and Isabella who switch bodies. ...just in time for high s...
Phinabella Oneshots by Toon_lover
Phinabella Oneshotsby Toon_lover
this is just a book of phinabella •Mostly cute stuff •May include some dark stuff but there will be warnings •Phinabella with other ships •Most of them quite long! •I...
Happy Birthday, Isabella extended: A Phinbella Story by ThePlayingBlu
Happy Birthday, Isabella Ale Yalesveva
This story is the extended version of "Happy Birthday, Isabella" from Phineas and Ferb. What will happen to them? Will they become a couple? Find out in Happy...
phineas and ferb are gonna do it all. LEMON (This contains yaoi, so don't like DON'T READ) LOWERCASE INTENDED TWO DIFFERENT WRITING STYLES (BY P AND J) (ongoing and no...
Platypus To Human by PhinbellaFerbnessa
Platypus To Humanby PhinbellaFerbnessa
*COMPLETE* Perry thought it was just gonna be another normal day. Sneak away from his family and beat up an evil scientist. Get in and get out. That is, until one of Dr...
Ferb x phineas 🥺😩 by shreksdookiediapers
Ferb x phineas 🥺😩by shreksdookiediapers
super duper amazing sexy uttys A story about how Phineas is a uwu sussy little soft boy and ferb hates him because he is stinky and a red head😩😩😩😍😍😍 ⚠️SATIRE⚠️ I...
The hurricane (Phinbella) complete by Phinbella4eva
The hurricane (Phinbella) completeby Phinbella4eva
Phineas and Isabella haven't seen each other since highschool. What happens when she ends up stuck at his apartment with him during a hurricane? Disclaimer I don't own p...
The Hellhound's Return by Twix3780
The Hellhound's Returnby Felicity Giles
[BOOK ONE] Something old and powerful lives in the woods surrounding the small town of Briarwood. Something that is bound to eighteen-year-old Kali Briar by both fate an...
Everything Is Better With Her (Milo Murphy X Reader) by KaylaCasas
Everything Is Better With Her ( Infinity Girl🌌
"That's the L/N's Law for ya" "L/N's law?" "Basically everything that can go right will go right" "She's your opposite dude!"...
Snapshots: Take Two by LigerCat
Snapshots: Take Twoby Michelle
A continuation of my Snapshots oneshot collection.
The Secret Life Of A Platypus (Perry The Platypus X Reader) by JanSimps
The Secret Life Of A Platypus ( unknown
Perry The Platypus was accidentally zapped by Doofenshmirtz's Reverse-Inator and turned Perry the Platypus into a human. Until Perry met (Y/N) that will help her find th...
Out There- Phineas and Ferb by RainbowDash120120
Out There- Phineas and Ferbby RainbowDash120120
Phineas was Kidnapped at a young age for unknown reasons by Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. When no one could find the Flynn kid, they assumed him dead and had to continue with...
Phineas and Ferb Short Story Collection by yourfavefelixsimp
Phineas and Ferb Short Story felinette stan
Here's some one(and two) shots I make over my lunch break! Mostly Phinabella and Ferbma! These have your classic episode rewrites, new ideas, oneshots based off of songs...
Snapshots by LigerCat
Snapshotsby Michelle
Short stories, oneshots, and the like for Phineas and Ferb that I needed to stick somewhere because they were spread all throughout my saved drafts. Might be based on...
Losing Hope: Phineas and Isabella Fanfic by ynstant_noodles
Losing Hope: Phineas and gravity girl
Isabella and Phineas are best friends but Isabella started to like him more than that. She dropped hints but Phineas never noticed. He was just to oblivious to notice. ...
The Matchmaker Patch by yourfavefelixsimp
The Matchmaker Patchby felinette stan
The Fireside Girls are prepared for any situation, or so they think. When a new member of Troop 46321 moves to Danville, they pick up on a few signals of affection towar...
Canderemy redux: Phinbella by PhinbellaFerbnessa
Canderemy redux: Phinbellaby PhinbellaFerbnessa
*COMPLETE* This is what happened after the "Canderemy" episode. Except Phineas and Ferb never got stuck together. Instead, it's Phineas and Isabella's hands th...
You Belong With Me || A Phinabella Story ✔️ by zym_writes
You Belong With Me || A ✨ʜᴀʟᴇʏ✨
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro has had a huge crush on her best friend, Phineas Flynn, ever since they were little, but he has been too oblivious to notice. Isabella was beginn...
That One Summer (Phineas and Ferb X Reader) by JanSimps
That One Summer (Phineas and unknown
Part 2 of "That Summer" Series After confessing your feelings to Phineas, seems like Destiny is pulling you far away from Phineas. You only meet every summer...