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Pennywise x Reader by NeerooreeN
Pennywise x Readerby Neero
Living in the town of Derry hasn't always been easy. Constant bullying from popular kids who don't know how to back off, random children disappearing, and your family al...
(On Hiatus - We'll Be Back) I will give up my heart for you - Pennywise x Reader by itachiuchihaforever
(On Hiatus - We'll Be Back) I itachiuchihaforever
That day changed her life forever. That day a little 8 years old girl lost her father, her worst nightmare. That day she found a friend. That day she found love. (Warnin...
Pennywise X Reader (A Night To Never Forget)  by strawberry_sadist
Pennywise X Reader (A Night To strawberry_sadist
Warning!!! Smut!!! Lots of it haha. I hope you guys enjoy this story!!! Thanks for reading!!!
Pennywise x Reader by Mikaraccoon
Pennywise x Readerby Mikaraccoon
You wake up in an unfamiliar place. Your cold, confused and scared. What you didn't know was that someone else has caught onto you, and is hungry for you. As much as you...
Pain, Pleasure, and Fear (Pennywise X Reader) by ineffablekris
Pain, Pleasure, and Fear ( ineffablekris
You're the head librarian at the Derry Library. You've just gotten off of an 8 hour shift at work. When you walk inside, something evil, but lovely, waits for you. The...
I Remember You from Long Ago (Pennywise x Female!Reader) by pennywisefloats
I Remember You from Long Ago ( ⚔️Emily⚔️
Night after night, the dream haunts you. ⠀ IT haunts you. ⠀ However, as he keeps coming, you grow a sense of familiarity and odd comfort around this creature. ⠀ Not to...
The Queen Of Derry  by The_Khaleesi_
The Queen Of Derry by The_Khaleesi_
«You attended Derry Highschool, it was an annoying school but you had to go. You had little friends but that didn't bother you, you'd always been by yourself. That's why...
The Lion Queen in IT by ShadowLioness20
The Lion Queen in ITby The Shadow Lioness
A origin story of how IT Universe Lion Queen came to Derry, fall in love with Pennywise, befriend the Losers Club and even be a part of one big family (Lion Queen is me...
{ - Human-IT-y - } by MissHoll-E-Socks
{ - Human-IT-y - }by MissHoll-E-Socks
'Something struck him suddenly, a guttural surge that made his eyes flicker. Need... need- NEED-!! A vice-like grip snatched your arm, bringing your frightened (e/c) gaz...
Pennywise X Reader by saladfingersbride
Pennywise X Readerby Tori Cook
This book is mainly for individual scenes, more or less random scenarios. Some are primarily what-ifs, fluff, but some are a bit heated.
You'll Float Too by Tsheole_the_01
You'll Float Tooby Junior Tsheole
You are a college student living with your girl best friend who you have a crush on. Life seems good until you encounter an old "friend" from your childhood...
LOSERS [ it characters x reader ] by elliesjournal
LOSERS [ it characters x reader ]by kam!!! <3
" y/n, want a balloon? " fear - ˈfir/Submit noun an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a...
Sexy Pennywise x Reader by soupslilbitch69
Sexy Pennywise x Readerby I can't find my urethra
That's right, I'm looking for clout now. Why else would I put the time and effort into writing a Pennywise x reader? Note: This story takes place before the events of t...
Lurking in the Waters by boobutter
Lurking in the Watersby boo butters
IT's back. After 27 years of peace, the town of Derry Maine is once again terrorized by the psychotic, murderous clown, Pennywise. Blaire Kurkshaw and the 2013 losers cl...
IT Loves You (Pennywise x Reader) by FakeMichaelMyers
IT Loves You (Pennywise x Reader)by Mr. Myers
Not to be that person, but Pennywise is kinda hot. So here's a fun story for you guys
Friends with a murderer by OakySmokyBish
Friends with a murdererby CathyCado
god dammit another Pennywise x reader I must be going crazy or somethin
IT'S come back to play~ (pennywise x reader) by AbbyGenty
IT'S come back to play~ ( Abby Genty
(begins during IT movie 2) After 27 years long rest IT surfaces once again to feast on the town's people's fears and flesh. IT'S first meal in year's wasn't filling enou...