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Abomination - Enoch O'Connor  by Catlove3321
Abomination - Enoch O'Connor by Catlove3321
she's stubborn. she hates being touched and she doesn't like many people. her hair is nearly as black as the heart she wants the world to think she has. in the eyes of...
SNOW WHITE, enoch o'connor (rewriting) by janesives
SNOW WHITE, enoch o'connor ( ℒ
lips red as rose. hair black as ebony. skin white as snow, they call her snow white enoch o'connor x fem!oc miss. peregrines home for peculiar children ©janesives;2016
My soul mate- Gallavich one shot :) by Adi_blum09
My soul mate- Gallavich one shot :)by Adi Blum ;)
Just some random Gallavich one shots I had in mind in the middle of the night or in the middle of day. Contains: it's Gallavich so what you expect will be there ;) ...
MILKOVICH PART 2 by fadedinthedark
SEQUEL TO MILKOVICH After Hannah left, she thought that things would get better. As it turns out, they were only getting worse. Hannah and Kate quickly realize that they...
Unexpected Love by Amber_Sweets
Unexpected Loveby Amber_Sweets
Julia Barron is the one and only daughter of Barron. She never liked her father, would have done anything to leave him sooner, but the day she finally gets to leave she...
New beginnings by lilpeepsjuulpod
New beginningsby 🤹🏻
You just moved to the south side of Chicago with your abusive dad. Your mom died when you were five or six; never knew her much. You meet your neighbors and start to bef...
That's Just The Beginning by istolethecookiez
That's Just The Beginningby istolethecookiez
Fiona Harper is an angel in nearly everyone's eyes. But there is more to this good girl; she'd rather ditch class than stay up all night to finish a project. She'd rathe...
gallavich oneshots  by Mickeymilkovich66
gallavich oneshots by Mickeymilkovich66
Mickey and ian being cute
Lip Gallagher Imagines by sydneyisneckdeep
Lip Gallagher Imaginesby 🌜Sydney🌛
Imagines about my boy Lip❤️ SLOW UPDATES
Alone Together (Gallavich) by freshlinmonade
Alone Together (Gallavich)by end game gallavich
"Ian Gallagher, you better shut the fuck up before I rip your tongue out of your fucking mouth." When Ian gets an unexpected visit from one of the neighborhood...
Shameless Oneshots by dr0_0dr
Shameless Oneshotsby 𝖉𝖗0_0𝖉𝖗
Short stories about Y/n x Shameless boys The Oneshots are ongoing because I'm still working on new stories... :)
Limerence ➪ Enoch O'Connor [mphfpc] by celestialcalista
Limerence ➪ Enoch O'Connor [mphfpc]by cosmic sans*~” * ; .
Limerence » lim·er·ence - ˈlimərəns/ : (n) the state of being infatuated with another person. - Juliet Blackwood. Juliet Blackwood is the reason Enoch is the way he is...
<~| Can't Get Away • Shameless Fic |~> by Fandom_Monarch
by Rae
What happens when positive, loving, vibrant, but unlucky Parker Gallagher. Falls in love with the ruffest, meanest, badass Southsider in Chicago? What will happen when s...
alive ••• enoch o'connor✔ by clubdoom
alive ••• enoch o'connor✔by mari
a life-giver and a dead-riser what could go wrong? ▪▪▪ [ an Enoch × O.C, i do not own Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children ]
A letter to A boy who is not a boy(Completed) by ThomasFionaMo
A letter to A boy who is not a Fiona
စာတစ်စောင်ရောက်တယ်တဲ့။ ယောကျ်ားလေးတွေချည်းနေတဲ့အိမ်ကို ကောင်လေးမဟုတ်တဲ့ ကောင်လေးဆိုတဲ့နာမည်နဲ့။ " ...... " စာတစ္ေစာင္ေရာက္တယ္တဲ့။ ေယာက်္ားေလးေတြခ်ည္းေနတဲ့အိမ္က...
Rather Ordinary by Amber_Sweets
Rather Ordinaryby Amber_Sweets
COMPLETED When y/n y/l/n stumbles upon Miss Alma Peregrines loop, her ordinary life seems to get it's perks. But will a voice in her head cause her to leave the loop? Or...
Pigment (Millard Nullings X Reader) by cult-dionysia
Pigment (Millard Nullings X Reader)by francis
What did I think about my life? It's cool, it's great, and I loved living in a tiny house with no air conditioning in London with my very sweet, very sarcastic cousin. W...
As it was (Abel Heilon) by JustCallMeLeanne
As it was (Abel Heilon)by Fake Slacker
To you who is reading this damn diary other than Abel Heilon. How rude, you're invading my privacy. Get lost. - Genius beautiful owner. (First name)(Lastname).
Mphfpc x Reader Imagines CLOSED by AreyouSiriusBlack
Mphfpc x Reader Imagines CLOSEDby Find Me :)
~Requests Closed~ First time doing imagines. -I don't own Mphfpc or any of the characters-
soft serve || carl gallagher/shameless by pvachy
soft serve || carl gallagher/ aidan
*i wrote this in 2015.. it's very bad and for some reason there are a couple missing chapters :/* [ COMPLETED ] [ © PVACHY ON WATTPAD ]