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The Peculiars by carlengzxc
The Peculiarsby ghinnie_pher
ON-GOING Started: October 29, 2018
  • revenge
  • love
  • friends
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Maxia Academy by NodusTollens8
Maxia Academyby paRo8
Hindi inaasahan ni Alyva na makakapasok siya sa Maxia Academy. Dahil ang taglay niyang magic ability ay itinuturing na peculiar at nabibilang sa Void magic. Ang mga taon...
  • fantasy-romance
  • fantasyadventure
  • schoolofmagic
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Tales of the Peculiar by lynnztheging
Tales of the Peculiarby Nobody
The day of the new kids arrival. Mason has a crush on Cassy, but she thinks of him as a brother or friend. Kat and Dom are still "crushing". Brooke and Eric pr...
  • younglove
  • reallife
  • missperegrineshomeforpeculiarchildren
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Blood Lineby ✨King Uniquecorn✨
I am not special, do I?
  • quirks
  • family
  • clan
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Midnight by SaoirseKatana
A forbidden love between a mortal and a peculiar. Will their love be a prodigy of strength?
  • sacrifice
  • love
  • drama
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The Elemential {A Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Story} by NevaRae1
The Elemential {A Miss Peregrine' ...
Briar Adwell always knew she was different, ever since she was young. As she got older, however, things changed; a war started. One day, Briar learns she is even more di...
  • enoch
  • hugh
  • claire
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My Ideal You by TiredBunny101
My Ideal Youby TiredBunny101
You don't need to wear make-up to look pretty. You don't need to not eat to become thin. You don't need to act dumb to be my idiot. You are yourself, you are charming in...
  • bro
  • friendship
  • peculiar
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The Necromancer and His Fire: An Enolive Fanfiction by Ravenclaw_llama
The Necromancer and His Fire: An Ravenclaw_llama
This is my first fanfiction. Its about Enoch and Olive while they're in the loop together. (Way before Jake comes.) It may be a little inaccurate here and there, for exa...
  • fanfiction
  • peculiar
  • olive
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Enigma ~ E.C. (MPHFPC) by CoralinePortman
Enigma ~ E.C. (MPHFPC)by CoralinePortman
Enigma /ɪˈnɪɡmə/ noun A person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand. synonyms: mystery, puzzle, riddle, paradox, problem [OC x Enoch O'Connor] Miss...
  • emma
  • fiona
  • millard
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Two worlds between us by xiamkyle111122
Two worlds between usby Xiam Kyle
Raine Carmela Yvonne Ramirez is a nerd high school girl. Ang Kuya lang niya ang lagi niyang kausap at kaisa-isang kaibigan na si Sisa. While, Justine Blythe Peters is a...
  • love
  • gods
  • twoworlds
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"Who's that?" Jacob asked as he and Emma walked through the backyard where all the other children played. "That's Raven." Emma stated. "She's...
  • peculiar
  • shapeshifter
  • enoch
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It Begins by DylanYamagata
It Beginsby DylanYamagata
  • odd
  • peculiar
  • weird
The Golden Compass ( Fan made story ) by Winged_Spirit
The Golden Compass ( Fan made .+*syndrigasti*+.
This will be based on the movie a TINY BIT . . . Maybe . . . IDK! Depends, because the full first chapter idea actually came from my dreams recently, then throughout sch...
  • roger
  • changelings
  • alethiometer
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Good Night Dreamland by stardustandpetrichor
Good Night Dreamlandby E. M. Weiss
Sleep. It's such an odd thing, isn't it? We lay our heads down, close our tired eyes and find our subconscious minds drifting away into those strange little hallucinati...
  • mysterious
  • strange
  • adventure
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Peculiar Katsudeku by _pockichi
Peculiar Katsudekuby pockichi
Peculiar /pi-ˈkyül-yər/ adjective :different from the usual :odd "Kacchan is my childhood friend" I answered, looking down. That "is" should be chang...
  • bkdk
  • peculiar
  • izuku
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Peculiar Happenings by slb_xo
Peculiar Happeningsby Sophie Louise
Autumn Stephenson is a 17 year old girl who, just over a year ago, had the most life changing experience. Her brother disappeared, and now, a year on, things are startin...
  • mystery
  • disappearance
  • peculiar
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Beyond the truth~ Hwang Hyunjin by SpicyHyunjins
Beyond the truth~ Hwang Hyunjinby ♡Alexa♡
Where a peculiar girl finds a peculiar boy and they go on an mission to save the world from The so called 'things'
  • straykids
  • drama
  • hhj
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The Peculiar Babe in the Woods by knightallion
The Peculiar Babe in the Woodsby knightallion
He met a girl in the woods... .whose mind is on strong roads... ..whose heart is like a white light that glows... ...whose heart is pure and chaste like a snow... ....w...
  • worthreading
  • mormongirl
  • eccentric
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EYES /// On-Going.... by AltheaFrance101
EYES /// Mysterious Ally
"We can't change the past, but we can definitely change the future." _____ He was once part of a loving and happy family. They took care of him for a long time...
  • peculiar
  • fight
  • abilities
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Secrets by emmn06
Secretsby Em Norrish
Secrets, Everyone has one. Usually they're only simple, But mine... is who I really am... All secrets get out eventually get out, It's just a matter of time before mine...
  • kidnapping
  • strange
  • investigation
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