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Forgotten Love by blaewrites
Forgotten Loveby blae
From 1827 to 2016, will their love be forgotten as time passes in a blink of an eye? Started: November 5, 2016 Ended: November 24, 2016
The Monster's Heart-Park Bogum✅ by JAPOHz
The Monster's Heart-Park Bogum✅by ᴋᴛɴʀ
"Ah is this the girl you always talked about before Bogum? Ah.. she truly is beautiful." The girl's parents were monster killers and thought all monsters were...
"Sky,this is your new mission.But you have to go to that university as a student" "Okay" "But," "But what?" "They will be th...
Honeybee (Park Bogum / SBS Roommate Fanfic) by sujubo
Honeybee (Park Bogum / SBS sujubo
Honey has been depressed ever since that day. She keeps to her room and occupies herself with her novels, in which she writes under the pseudonym 'Leo Evans.' Her older...
My King by kook_tae_0143
My Kingby asi~
Where Prince Kim Taehyung rejects marriage proposal from King Jeon Jungkook without knowing that he is the one whom he fall in love with. What happens when they meet eac...
The Twins  by kook_tae_0143
The Twins by asi~
Where Jungkook is Gangster and Gguk is Mafia , both of them falls in love with Taehyung at the same time while Taehyung is confused with his feelings towards them. Both...
real love - vmin by kanikoniko
real love - vminby kaniko
Jimin falls in love with his brother's fiance. Also some gang au thrown in. Ranked 4th in vmin!
Those eyes (Lisrene) by _mandeukie
Those eyes (Lisrene)by mxxn
"Those eyes of yours are the most enticing depths I have ever seen..." LISRENE GXG ps. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES. CTTO.
In the Name of LOVE💕|🐰🐯|(Ongoing) by Denu_Nim
In the Name of LOVE💕|🐰🐯|( Denu_Nim
🐯I swear I didn't.Plz trust me. 🐰B-but it's all about u. it's so hard to trust u. 🐯In the name of love plz trust me. 🐰I can't understand.How did u do such things? 🐯...
Switched Lives {LisRene} by N_stle
Switched Lives {LisRene}by Chu
''I'm bored'' Seulgi said as she looked over at lisa ''Wanna switch lives?'' Lisa asked ____________ Highest rank Irenebae #1 Joohyun #1 Kangseulgi #1 Baechu #2 Kang #4 ...
The Best of Kdramas by iyoongination
The Best of Kdramasby 방탄
Anyeonghaseo! 안녕 Don't know what kdrama to watch next? Well you've met the best book! The contents of this book will definitely be able to help you and you'll be watchin...
Cahaya Jangan pergi [YoonMin] [park bogum] by RafiRia
Cahaya Jangan pergi [YoonMin] [ Rafi Ria
" siapa yang menyebarkan berita sampah seperti itu? Kau adiku, sampai kapanpun kau tetap adiku Min Jimin" Myg
My Luna ◇◇ Taekook(ON HOLD) by Bebomyself
My Luna ◇◇ Taekook(ON HOLD)by @Taekook_forever
Taehyung's first mate died due to the attack of rogues, but before dying he transformed all his powers to Taehyung and told him "Aceept your second mate" Jungk...
Korean One Shots Book 2 by sunshine5151
Korean One Shots Book 2by Sunshine
Book 2 of your Korean actors and K-Pop stars one shots! I add music in the background to set the mood as much as I could so please play it before you start reading. Enjo...
Hiraeth {A Reply 1988 story}  by Arethathedemon
Hiraeth {A Reply 1988 story} by Aretha
Hiraeth=longing for a home which you can't return to or one that was never yours. Not necessarily a house, but a homely feeling such as "LOVE" . -What if Ssang...
Good fortune and you by Zolatau
Good fortune and youby Zola Tau
Park Bo-gum is a rich, arrogant, and hot tempered bad boy who tries to please his grandfather to gain inheritance to his grandfather's herbal medicine company using any...
Forever Love by baepriya_29
Forever Loveby Limario
A girl came from a royal family and a girl came from kpop industry. What will happen if they meet? Should the both of the will work out?
99% Accuracy Of Falling In Love / park bogum (#8) by Doxaisme
99% Accuracy Of Falling In 주지나
I am Ha Na Mi, a 25-year-old woman working as a chef at a restaurant for the 2nd year now. I have a job, a pet, a family and the only thing that I need is to have a guy...
heavy rotation | jjk + kth by kthjjk
heavy rotation | jjk + kthby bug;
you got me on a heavy rotation ! ~ a taekook fic where they always seem to miss the fact that they love each other. ~ college/friends with benefits & crackhead au lowerc...