My Plus Sized Life (Major Editing in the Fall) by BeautyBaeMeka
My Plus Sized Life (Major Temeka McCoy
A story of a plus-sized woman named Chanelle Nicole Maxwell. She struggles with a learning disability, depression, bipolar, anxiety and panic disorder. Every day is a ba...
  • babies
  • depression
  • bipolardisorder
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Tender Mind | Yandere Geralt of Rivia x Reader by Koogl001
Tender Mind | Yandere Geralt of Koogl001
Tender Mind | Yandere Geralt of Rivia x Reader When they first met, he didn't feel anything special, nor did she. They were just strangers, not really interested in...
  • mentalillness
  • geraltxreader
  • paranoia
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anxiety. by lucidsoulz
#3 lucidsoulz
she had anxiety. it was plain and simple. nothing had led scarlett westfield to be so anxious all the time, other than her birth, of course. she had anxiety for as long...
  • romance
  • teenromance
  • medicine
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Thoughts for those who wish to know by PsychoDragon128
Thoughts for those who wish to knowby PsychoDragon
  • lonelines
  • anxietyattacks
  • panicdisorder
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Blooming Love [SLOW UPDATES] by jaztale13
Blooming Love [SLOW UPDATES]by Jaz Bunten
Annabeth cheats on Percy and leaves the camp to find herself. Percy is distraught and finds comfort in the only person who is reluctant to give it to him, Nico. But Nico...
  • depression
  • jeo
  • percyjackson
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sad boys - phan by bbynight
sad boys - phanby ˗ˏˋ emma ˎˊ˗
(crossdressing!phil) phil is insecure, has anxiety, and has selfharm tendencies. (anorexia!dan) dan just wants to be thin. (trigger warning, selfharm/suicidal thoughts...
  • crossdressing
  • love
  • youtube
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The Best Mistake I've Ever Made - Monsta X FF by pukmans
The Best Mistake I've Ever Rachel Krale
Summer has finally arrived! Your parents wanted to go on a romantic cruise together, but instead of staying home alone you decided to spend the summer with your four ste...
  • mentalhealth
  • fluff
  • shownu
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Depression  by Esperanza5404
Depression by Cheryl |Ciel(Dallas)
This will be a description of depression and the different kind of disorders, symptoms, how to get help, quotes, rants, and it will also include stuff about suicide, eat...
  • excercisebuilimia
  • ptsd
  • suicidalthoughts
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Stomach Tied In Knots by RoseCarter501
Stomach Tied In Knotsby Rose Carter
Jess Williams is a sixteen year old girl with a secret. She has something eating away inside of her that nobody knows about. Day in a life of a teen with generalized an...
  • panicdisorder
  • panicattacks
  • freementalillnesswp
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ilysb || Tyde Levi by xtrevorsbeatx
ilysb || Tyde Leviby xtrevorsbeatx
i love you so bad ... In case you didnt know, ilysb is a song by the band LANY Also disclaimer, updates are gonna be kinda slow, it's just that I want to get you the b...
  • lany
  • youtube
  • ilysb
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Until I Met You (girlxgirl) by AdventurouSoul
Until I Met You (girlxgirl)by AdventurouSoul
Irregular Updates Rose is a take no shit kind of girl. Born at the end of the Wizarding War, she grew up in a new era of magic. She's the definition of a Slytherin. Sh...
  • taygetsthegay
  • gxg
  • panicdisorder
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Requisites Of Life by treadlightlychild
Requisites Of Lifeby Trinity Anne
In which two friends discover their roots, learn about the people they came from, and challenge themselves to learn how to forgive. (Sequel to Maybe Then...) [ranked #1...
  • comingofage
  • romance
  • thingsnottalkedabout
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Mental - HinaYachi by thepuddingcatswife
Mental - HinaYachiby t i r e d
Yachi is struggling for several years of her life because of a mental illness. Can she overcome this illness or not? Disclaimer: Haikyuu!! and the characters in it are n...
  • hinayachi
  • psychological
  • mentalillness
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Uber Love (BxB) #WATTYS2018 by theboywholivered
Uber Love (BxB) #WATTYS2018by Keifer Duncan
Oliver is an 18-year-old high schooler and aspiring poetry writer with agoraphobia. He hasn't left his house in years. And he is in love with Finn, a guy who lives 2,23...
  • boyxboy
  • adventure
  • romance
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For Those Who Keep Falling #Wattys2018 by Hannah_Janine
For Those Who Keep Falling Janine
told in vignettes & poems for you the weirdo, the underestimated, the overworked and the tired. i hope this little book makes you smile and laugh and cry and scream an...
  • panicdisorder
  • loyal
  • bestfriends
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Emotionally Incorrect {Bbh X Pcy} by ChanyBaeky
Emotionally Incorrect {Bbh X Pcy}by ChanyBaeky
His family,his doctors,all the people that used to be around him, Though that he was having mental illness. That he was crazy,or possessed by some evil spirit. But Baekh...
  • imagination
  • baekhyun
  • emotions
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One Year Deal || BoyxBoy || by HumbleKpopper
One Year Deal || BoyxBoy ||by Min Young-Jin
Kim Tae-Won has 11 months to earn Lee Sang-Chul's love but how will he do that when Sangchul is not only just as broken as he is but also the most troubled kid society h...
  • boyxboy
  • depression
  • anxiety
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His Eyes (BoyxMan) by crazy_banana217
His Eyes (BoyxMan)by D'4nna Garrett
Tyler is a 16 year old boy who lives in an alley. He was abused by his father when his mother moved away because of an accident that changed Tyler's life and the way peo...
  • bxmlove
  • claustrophobia
  • maturelanguage
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The New, Gay, Emo Kid (Sanders Sides Logicality & Prinxiety Fanfic) by InLoveWithAWaterMage
The New, Gay, Emo Kid (Sanders PrinxietyProblem
Takes place in a High School AU where everyone (not really) is gay. ----------------------------- Virgil transfers to a new school for his Sophomore year. It's not the...
  • prinxiety
  • gay
  • homophobia
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living with social anxiety by vixxxxenn
living with social anxietyby vixen
This book is just a bunch of stories about my life with Social Anxiety. I hope it helps others relate and we can go through this together. Walking down the hallway, hea...
  • attack
  • anxiety
  • freementalillness
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