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Combustion [Available for pre-order~Will be Taken Down on 12/24/19] by Jyvur_Entropy
Combustion [Available for pre-orde...by Jyvur_Entropy
Rachel lives in constant fear that she will burst into flames. She can feel the heat building in her gut. She keeps buckets of water under the bed. She keeps them to fen...
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Pain Suffering Love | Vkook by AntiqueRedRoses
Pain Suffering Love | Vkookby bangtan rose
Broken, Taehyung's parents moved him to a new city for a new start. The shy, fragile boy, lucky enough to have made three friends, suffered judging from his classmates d...
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Talk Me Down - Mr Tattoo - Oneshot by thesaltysticks
Talk Me Down - Mr Tattoo - Oneshotby thesaltysticks
Oneshot inspired by Enamour Me, the sequel to Mr Tattoo, both by NoPressureJustBoxers. Set two to three years into the future from Chapter 8. I wrote this piece to be a...
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The Dreamland System  by dreamlandofmaddness
The Dreamland System by 🌹ᵞᴼᵁᴿˢᵀᴿᵁᴸᵞ🌹
this will contain alter intros, inner world stuff and debunking multiplicity segments!! -hugs and kisses, The Dreamland System
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Control {English} by Lotttee
Control {English}by Lotte
What if you were abused by your uncle, sexualy abused? You can't tell anyone because that will ruin everything. This is the story of Laura, who was sexually abused by he...
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Layla Majnun by jaaneghazal
Layla Majnunby ana
"I die in love." | She sends him texts long after he stops returning them.
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Drib Drabs (boyxboy) (girlxgirl) by DustAddsCharacter
Drib Drabs (boyxboy) (girlxgirl)by Kat
Random one-shots dedicated to my favourite authors, as a show of appreciation for all their hard work. Enjoy! =)
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No Control - Camren fic by LMjaureguiii96
No Control - Camren ficby Sam
It's 2012 when Lauren Jauregui really notices the missing hours of the day. It starts as a child where she'd forget what she had for breakfast or what TV show she would...
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Closer and Farther: is this poetry? by Katarra3599
Closer and Farther: is this poetry?by Katarra3599
I've meant to do this for a while. Maybe this will let you know just how I feel when I don't speak. Can this be seen as poetry?
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BURUAN by Mizuki_Anazuki
BURUANby Mizuki Anazuki
Ayuni Amalina Azmi telah bertemu dengan seorang lelaki bernama Razali Rezky ketika dia belajar di Universiti Malaya. Ketika ini, Ayuni sudah masuk tahun kedua dalam bida...
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The Hopeful Sisterhood - Life with DID by AllTogetherMPD
The Hopeful Sisterhood - Life with...by The Hopeful Sisterhood System
This is the story of myself, Hope, and my 20 + alters in my DID System (Dissociative Identity Disorder). I started a book a while ago, but, because of a painful occurren...
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And Then We Lost Our Minds (Cracked!GerIta) by orangelife
And Then We Lost Our Minds (Cracke...by orangelife
Cracked!GerIta. Not everyone makes it out of the war with their sanity. Two one-shots on cracked!GerIta, one written for each character. Picture not mine, APH not mine...
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I MORPHED TO SOMEONE ELSE /(Twenty One Pilots)  by FallenAngel_Aly
I MORPHED TO SOMEONE ELSE /(Twenty...by FallenAngel_Aly
It's like when you sit in the car but you can't choose where you sit. Like a driver, next to the driver, on the rear seats or in the back? Well, it doesn't matter becaus...
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H̶i̶s̶  Our Journey by DontMessWithAsher
H̶i̶s̶ Our Journeyby DontMessWithAsher
This is my story. I won't be writing like most do about their lives. This is more of just my rant space. I may occasionally do a more usual update about how my life is b...
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Mind Of My Own by Eggs_are_nicE
Mind Of My Ownby Eggs_are_nicE
Sana, an immigrant from Japan, has a secret she has never told anyone. After going to Canada to pursue her studies, she found it difficult to speak English and had hardl...
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The girl by Merezeh
The girlby Merezeh
An original poem
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i want to keep remembering by CuddlyCookie1360
i want to keep rememberingby El
He thinks about storms a lot.
liability | thoughts ⛈ by yikesrae
liability | thoughts ⛈by raelee 🌦
a trip through my mind is one of a kind - a mental health journal
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The Cosmonaut  by diecosmonaut
The Cosmonaut by diecosmonaut
There is a saying that a cosmonaut orbits the moon every year, alone.
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Surviving Myself  by ChloeTigerHoran
Surviving Myself by ChloeTigerHoran
My body was screaming at me, for me To stop. And this evidence is telling me why I had to listen. It seems you can't beat your body, Ever, but especially not when it's f...
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