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Return of The Evil God (High school DxD X Male Reader) DISCONTINUED by MrJustiFaiz
Return of The Evil God (High schoo...by CoffeeGuy
Ore wa namai wa Yamata No Orochi *Weeb Mode On!!! XD*
One Punch Man: Stronger Enemies by Rajatava77
One Punch Man: Stronger Enemiesby Rajatava77
This story of the Caped Baldy takes place after the events of The Dark Matter Band and their leader, Boros, who obliterated a city and spread havoc among humanity. After...
Connection With You by Sarakurenai547
Connection With Youby Sara ^ ^
Shu Kurenai finally got accepted into his dream school. Not having any friends before this he tried putting on a more cheerful and talkative nature hoping to make some f...
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onmyoji  reader oneshots ( Very very slow updates) by nightshadow13557
onmyoji reader oneshots ( Very ve...by sierrakoi
shuten doji, ibaraki doji, seimei, kuro seimei, otengu, yoto hime and many more boyxboy, boyxgirl, girlxboy, girlxgirl none of the art is mine unless i say it is non...
(EDITING) -» Beyblade Burst One-Shots «- by Jinxiety
(EDITING) -» Beyblade Burst One-Sh...by ♛ sanity’s quarrel ♛
{This book contains characters from the Beyblade Burst series, from all seasons.} Obviously, there will short stories and one-shots of the characters, some may follow t...
The Lost Light  by yourdefender
The Lost Light by Kyo Kurenai
Valt Aoi has turned into Eclipse, a flirty, psychotic, suicidal, and extremely powerful maniac of a blader that is the leader of a powerful team called The Dark Stars. W...
BFDI the war: Orochi's Revenge by MayankThePro
BFDI the war: Orochi's Revengeby Neha Krishna
This is Based on BFDI the War but this time it's with Okami Characters like Okami Amaterasu, Orochi an Eight-headed serpent, Issun Amaterasu's guide and more. And Give a...
Two Philippine Navy Frigates Goes to Azur Lane by AwesomeNinja1027
Two Philippine Navy Frigates Goes...by Wilfredo M. Fernandez
Partly Tagalog and English story. Especially dialogue between Jose and Antonio. Story inspired by the Philippine Navy Frigates. The Philippines recently acquired two bra...
Beyblade Burst Oneshots by Im_The_Eigth_Sin
Beyblade Burst Oneshotsby Artemis Wolf Sin of Insecurity
Says it all in the title. These are all Beyblade Burst scenarios. It's Valt, Shu, Honcho, Wakiya, Daigo, Ken, Orochi, Free, Lui, Xander, Ukyo, Yugo, and Quon 'x' reader...
For honor male peacekeeper.  by gokugunslinger
For honor male peacekeeper. by gokugunslinger
a Peacekeeper who is devoted to the Blackstone Legion, more specifically, Apollyon .
Forgotten Legends by ZactheSunrise
Forgotten Legendsby Zac the Sunrise
A member of the Supreme Four, this story is about Zac, a legendary blader who was the rising sun of the beyblade world. Is he still remembered among his fans and all bla...
BeyBlade by wordlessboy
BeyBladeby starboy noel !!
∩        \\        /  ) ⊂\_/ ̄ ̄ ̄  /  \_/ ° ͜ʖ ° (    )    /⌒\   /  ___/⌒\⊃  (  /   \\ U
〔 Tổng 〕 Hôm nay bị đánh sao? - A Hắc by HnTuyt736
〔 Tổng 〕 Hôm nay bị đánh sao? - A...by Dazai Kyuyou
Thể loại: Diễn sinh, Đam mỹ, Hiện đại, HE, Manga anime,Chủ công, Đao kiếm loạn vũ, Âm Dương Sư Ta, tám kỳ đại xà. Mỗi ngày hằng ngày là ở cố định ngự hồn phó bản bị các...
The Dragon Master's Wish (CURRENTLY GOING UNDER SERIOUS EDITING) by CryingCat17
The Dragon Master's Wish (CURRENTL...by Shardstorm
Tweleve years ago, Venoct was a girl who used to belong to the Dragon Clan. The Dragon Clan is now wiped out and the sole survivors are Venoct and her brother, Orochi. T...
Orochi X Reader by KimberKelley
Orochi X Readerby Kerindia Tategami
This story win, it might go bad, sorry.
Venoct's Snack Time by braveryshadows12
Venoct's Snack Timeby BraveryShadows
Warning: This story includes VORE! If you don't like this subject the back button is right there.
A Frosty Romance❄ by DemonSpawn123
A Frosty Romance❄by EmmyBananaArt
There is a festival going on in Springdale and Blizzaria, accompanied by her sister Demona, decide to go. When they get there they find that the other yo-kai have joined...
Magically Quirkless (Witchcraft Deku AU) by WeirdLookingCat
Magically Quirkless (Witchcraft De...by WeirdLookingCat
When Midoriya Izuku was younger he was told he was quirkless. This broke the young boys heart and after his parents got divorced he became a bit of a loner, the bullying...
One who protects by MattPrewitt9
One who protectsby Matt Prewitt Wagener
The lands have grown quiet. Lords no longer feud and no demons or spirits have been recorded in some time. The clans having long slaughtered one another in pursuit of th...