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Girl in the Office (Courtney x oc) by thebooknerd_chb
Girl in the Office (Courtney x oc)by thebooknerd_chb
When Danielle Grossman gets kicked out of the house by her ex-boyfriend, she is forced to go and live with her twin brother Noah. Noah works for a huge channel called Sm...
Talk to Me by itsmeforestt
Talk to Meby Forest(any pronouns)
what happens when 2 soulmates find each other because of where they work? How oblivious do they both have to be to not realize? damien haas x fem oc amazing editing by...
Damien Haas Imagines by FeistyLilThang
Damien Haas Imaginesby Stray
Collection of Damien Haas imagines. Reached #1 in Smosh
No One Else (Weezer) by gracecannotread
No One Else (Weezer)by greeble
Y/n is a struggling college grad (and a BIG Weezer fan LOLOL) who just wants to live a happy life. She works at her local movie theater in LA, and one day has a run in w...
as the record turns + spencer agnew  by supitsryland
as the record turns + spencer ry!
♪ ♫ ♪ she owns the record store and hosts a radio station - he loves music but he visits just to see her
Smosh Imagines by dumbfishbowl
Smosh Imaginesby Dumbfishbowl
REQUESTS OPEN!!! All of these imagines include Smosh, Smosh pit, and Smosh games male members. I didn't include the girls, but I still hope you enjoy them! Thank you so...
THIS LOVE | shayne topp by ellesgallery
THIS LOVE | shayne toppby elle
"My love for her is like no other." fem oc x shayne topp ongoing! started: 3/11/2024 ended: 4/28/2024
Kokoro (A Shourtney/Shartney Fanfic) by MrGiraffe76
Kokoro (A Shourtney/Shartney Kirinwritesthings
Smosh has begun their next step in their very own studio. It's the beginning of a new era for the channel and new adventures for the cast members, especially a certain s...
You're My Cinderella - Damien Haas X Reader - Smosh Summer Games Apocalypse by Doyle02
You're My Cinderella - Damien Doyle02
When the editor, Jayme, get's pulled into the Smosh Summer Games Apocalypse, she had no idea how it was going to go. Jayme, or Jay for short, has worked at Smosh since i...
Starting over {Damien Haas}  by SofiaroseGionomo
Starting over {Damien Haas} by Sofia-rose Gionomo
When Courtney's cousin and life long best friend Sydney finds herself in a bad relationship, she gets fed up and removes her from the situation. How will Sydney adapt to...
Saudade || Amangela || by Vyerismoq
Saudade || Amangela ||by Vyerismoq
An Amanda Lehan-Canto and Angela Giarratana love story. where it starts with two and ends with one. - - DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction, PURELY FICTIONAL. Names, c...
Need a hand? Shayne Topp x reader by Egibson42197
Need a hand? Shayne Topp x readerby E.G.
A tumble at the gym brings your attention to a handsome guy that comes to help. Would the embarrassment take over or something else?
Smosh Winter Games 2018! (Damien Haas x Reader) by MaeBelle3
Smosh Winter Games 2018! (Damien MaeBelle
You are a designer for the smosh crew, working for the graphics and designing all the merch and thumbnails. You've been working for the smosh squad specifically, for abo...
Quality Content ~Shayne x Reader~ by WallFlowerOutlet
Quality Content ~Shayne x Reader~by WallFlowerOutlet
You decide to drop everything and move LA to pursue your dream of acting. When you get a job at Smosh, you find yourself falling for Shayne Topp, and he might be falling...
Happier {Shourtney} by skeith001
Happier {Shourtney}by Domskie
Courtney Miller was about to move out of the country due to her ex-boyfriend. But her best friend, Olivia, convinced her to stay and audition for a comedy-Youtube channe...
shayne x reader. by ashleyyyyx
shayne x ashley 💗
your typical shayne love story i guess :))
back and forth (damien haas) by lucyisntokay
back and forth (damien haas)by Lu ⭐︎
(REPUBLISHED THIS!! OG WRITTEN IN 2019!!!) Damien and y/n know they love each other, but can't be together- why? y/n moves to La knowing she'd work at smosh with her be...
So Scarlett, it was Maroon - Spencer Agnew by alecisnotcool
So Scarlett, it was Maroon - Alec
Making this because my man needs more fanfics about him!!! Scarlett Aurora Carmine is a Twitch streamer who grew up in Florida. She grew up with her best friend, Tommy B...
Just Friends?•Damien Haas by Mythical_Taylor
Just Friends?•Damien Haasby Mythical_Taylor
[Book Full, Check out More Then Friends for the rest of the story] You're the new member of smosh, along with your Bestie F/N. What will happen? Will friendships blosso...
Together (SHOURTNEY) by MrGiraffe76
Together (SHOURTNEY)by Kirinwritesthings
Ever since the party, Courtney's views on Shayne shifted. She can't stop thinking about him and ends up falling for him all over again. When Shayne accidentally finds o...