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Touch Me  (One Shot) by MinYeorum
Touch Me (One Shot)by Min Yeo-rum
Alpha Female X Omega male Omegaverse Jimin X Y/N - This ver. is a Romantic one, if you wanna the +18, let me know and I'll do it and post ASAP
A guide to omegaverse by Vhopes_eomma
A guide to omegaverseby vhopefanfics
Just a basic guide to understand mostly omegaverse books on Wattpad, specially mine~
My Possesive Female Alpha by Diablo_Blood_Heart
My Possesive Female Alphaby Diablo
Mike thought he is alone a werewolf. His parents died in accident..... Living on his own,doing his daily works surbiving another day and defeating rogues. Simple Life...
Lady of the Gang Leader [Female A, Male O] (ChatGPT Translated) by UnePetiteFleurNoire
Lady of the Gang Leader [Female UnePetiteFleurNoire
Yu Shuang was dragged by her roommate to play games during her leisure time. She joined a gang without much thought and accidentally formed a romantic relationship with...
Contaminated by your pheromones (female A, male O) ChaptGPT by peach_soda8089
Contaminated by your pheromones ( HW
Alpha and Omega Worldview Setting High-quality alphas possess a certain resistance to omega pheromones, and the purer the omega's pheromones, the harder it is to resist...
The Princess... || Alicia Loves Gacha!  by Alicia--Diluc
The Princess... || Alicia Loves Diluc
The princess is a half wolf half human. Her parents are trying to find her a prince but she has scared away all the other Princes except one. Will he be the match for he...
The She-Wolf(currently under major editing) by faIIoutboyfan
The She-Wolf(currently under IM A SKITTLE
Read to find out!Promise it's not clichè:P
THE POPSTAR'S HUMAN MATEby judith pelaez
Ciana Hollingsworth is a teenage singer who wants nothing more than to be successful, but how can someone like her be successful when her past is full of traumatic even...
Short Stories By Eros by Xeon-Writing-Trash
Short Stories By Erosby Xeon
A medley of Short stories that are too short to make into an actual book but too long to not post. I'll add tags accordingly and put CW on stuff that may be triggering! ...
Destiny  by Readingagain2023
Destiny by Patrick
Thunder was crashing as the lightning touched the ground of the pack land entrance, the darkness was met with yellow eyes, snarls were heard, as the Beta of the Blackros...
Rich Woman Got Male Artist O Pregnant (Female A, Male O) by IceJasmine
Rich Woman Got Male Artist O KilltheVillainess
Note: This is NOT mine, JUST a READER. ○Ended article female A male O "raising children" "Strategy paranoid milk O" update article: "Beautiful f...
Clear Sake, Sweet Grapes [Female A, Male O] (ChatGPT Translated) by UnePetiteFleurNoire
Clear Sake, Sweet Grapes [Female UnePetiteFleurNoire
At 1 a.m., after completing an urgent surgery, Bai Xi, concerned about her cat, dragged her exhausted body back home. However, just as she reached the entrance of the re...
He calls me daddy || Yoonmin FF 13+ by TheBlindedAuthor
He calls me daddy || Yoonmin FF 13+by 🌿The Blinded Author🌿
"I'm sorry Kook... " ________________ Disclaimer This story contains • language • b x b • sexual context • BDSM • yoonmin and other many ships • mixed ship...
Thrown to a different universe as an Alpha Werewolf by cherrytomabisc
Thrown to a different universe Shanen Re
#3 in omegamale An eccentric teen thrown into another universe. When she wakes up, she's the Alpha of the most notorious werewolf pack. And who's her mate? A pathetic...
jaune arc the archer  by ZaydenBlaze7
jaune arc the archer by Zayden Blaze
in this omegaverse version of Rwby jaune was barred from becoming a hunter at the age of 12 because of his presentation as an omega so he runs away and finds his way to...
My Mate (discontinued) by Luv_Jun_
My Mate (discontinued)by Luv_Jun_
What happens when Rai Lang an alpha meets his Mate Jin-soo during the last months of school but doesn't seem very interested. What do you think will happen to Rai and Ji...