To Not Give In by StarzAboveMe
To Not Give Inby StarzAboveMe
"I'm scared of what I think might happen. It's your fault the monster escaped in the first place." I looked up. "Please take responsibility for it, and fi...
  • hijikata
  • saito
  • haradasanosuke
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The Form Switcher [Hakuouki Story] by nani_ynvr
The Form Switcher [Hakuouki Story]by • Nani •
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I am Ouchi Katsuo. I'm 19 years old and I live in the Edo era. I have referred myself as Shiraiwa...
  • amagiri
  • historical
  • hijikata
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Hakuouki  Demons of the Bleeding  Heart  by AtablewareotakuGirl
Hakuouki Demons of the Bleeding...by Arianna
A Chikage Kazama story For as long as she could remember Akazawa Kiyomi was raised as a human . "The Perfect house wife" thought her adoptive mother.However...
  • rasetsu
  • shinsengumi
  • romance
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Hakuouki x Reader oneshot (Request Closed) by VirgoGoddess88
Hakuouki x Reader oneshot (Request...by Mrs Nagakura
Request is closed but enjoy reading the oneshots. 💗 #1 Okita 💗 Date: ~12 May~
  • souji
  • heisuke
  • nagakura
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HAKUOUKI: Back in Time by Kim-YuBi
HAKUOUKI: Back in Timeby 김유비
Suzumori Haruna is a normal woman from modern Kyoto, Japan. She happens to travel through time approximately 200 years back into the Meiji era. There she crosses paths...
  • hakuouki
  • otomegame
  • fanfiction
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HAKUOUKI : Fox's Tale (Okita x OC) by bohemeterra
HAKUOUKI : Fox's Tale (Okita x OC)by the Wanderlust
*I don't own Hakuouki nor any of the existing characters. I only own the OC [Miyuki]* (MAY CONTAIN NUDITY, STRONG LANGUAGE AND VIOLENCE) Miyuki, a beautiful and mysterio...
  • demonofthesleetingblossom
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Fly Away by CynicalBat29
Fly Awayby Cynical Bat
Rin is your not so normal 18th century japanese woman. With no relatives and no memory of the first six years of her life, she lives mostly on the streets, some times vi...
  • hakuouki
Once upon a dream (Hakuouki fan-fic) (Hijikata x OC) by AthenaWatt4
Once upon a dream (Hakuouki fan-fi...by rvbfan2011
Victoria J Rose is an 18-year-old American girl currently serving her last year in high school as an exchange student in Japan. She's absolutely in love with the Japanes...
  • romance
  • hijikata
  • historicalfantasy
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Hakuouki: The Masked Cherry Blossoms by Chancere
Hakuouki: The Masked Cherry Blosso...by ...
A new and mysterious girl arrives with many amazing skills and talents but also with many secrets. For reasons yet unknown she has a strong devotion to the Shinsengumi a...
  • hakuouki
  • cherry
  • masked
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Hakuouki Alternate Universe by whiteribbon27
Hakuouki Alternate Universeby Sherin
  • amagiri
  • universe
  • sanosuke
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Hakuouki One-Shots by WizzyGameMaster
Hakuouki One-Shotsby Wizzy
Just a little collection of stories for our wonderful Hakuouki men. May contain Lemons or semi-mature content at some point. These are also posted on my Quotev.
  • kondou
  • amagiri
  • toshizo
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Time travel Hakuouki by NgJesslyn
Time travel Hakuoukiby Sakura
She resigned to her fate, fully accepting her own punishment. As her breathing slows down and eventually cease to exist, she... was woken up in edo with a slap on her fa...
  • love
  • heisuke
  • wattys2015
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HAKUOUKI: Scarlet Fate by Kim-YuBi
HAKUOUKI: Scarlet Fateby 김유비
Hatsushimo Kotone has not had an easy life. Abandoned, and an orphan, she was sold to a geisha house. Learning that she would be deflowered that night, she escaped her t...
  • meiji
  • kizunanotoki
  • hakuoki
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The Mysterious Samurai by Harukatsubaki
The Mysterious Samuraiby Haruka
At 7, Haruka Takashima washed up on the shores of Japan and was taken in by Sannan, of the Shinsengumi. She excelled in hand to hand combat and was accepted very soon...
  • harem
  • heisuke
  • reverse
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Hakuouki by Inoridragoneel
Hakuoukiby NerdReader
What if Chizuru father lived and her mother died. What if she was the most smartest girl on the planet and her grandfather wanted to use her brain for a experiment. What...
  • hakuouki
  • hakuoukissl
  • hijikataxchizuru
Hakuouki: Greek gods by Inoridragoneel
Hakuouki: Greek godsby NerdReader
What if Chizuru is Persephone and Hijikata was Hades. Persephone/Chizuru has known Hades/Hijikata since she was one. They were like...a couple but she doesn't know that...
  • hijikataxchizuru
  • hakuoukissl
  • mythology
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Remember the time I got Reincarnated into Hakuouki?!  by hiraethhomes18
Remember the time I got Reincarnat...by Chichi
The Shinsengumi's Greatest Operation yet! "WHY IS THE WHOLE WORLD AGAINST ME?!" Yulia's a total closeted otaku, but struggling to keep that to herself is the...
  • sanosuke
  • toudouhesiuke
  • shinsengumi
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Hakuouki x Reader One Shot 2 by VirgoGoddess88
Hakuouki x Reader One Shot 2by Mrs Nagakura
Hakuouki x reader book 1 (completed) Hakuouki x readers book 2 is ready to take in your requests. 💗 #10 Kyo Shiranui💗
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Demons (A Hakuouki fan-fic) by yamatocookie
Demons (A Hakuouki fan-fic)by yamatocookie
What if Chizuru wasn't the only girl in the Shinsegumi? What if that girl was a captain there? What if she was the sister of the blonde haired demon Chikage Kazama? Inte...
  • souji
  • sister
  • hakuouki
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Princess to warrior?!?! (Hakuouki) by Lunarwolves
Princess to warrior?!?! (Hakuouki)by Lunarwolves
Love writing for people who like reading my stuff 🤗🤗✌
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