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Seducing Mayor Alarcon by yourandeng_
Seducing Mayor Alarconby Miss A
Mayor Archie Alarcon is a fined man, son of the CEO of Alarcon's Publishing Company and Nephew of the President of the Philippines. He fell inlove with someone in the pa...
  • bedscene
  • spg
  • mayor
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Stuck To A Kidnaper by Dandanya_13
Stuck To A Kidnaperby Davf
Siya si Kaylie De Guzman. Ang pangalawang anak ni mayor Kyland De guzman, isa lang siyang simpleng babae na hangad makapag-model sa ibang bansa. Pero dahil ayaw nang kan...
  • model
  • mayor
  • deadthreats
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The Mayor Of Pontybridge by frankenwhine
The Mayor Of Pontybridgeby frankenwhine
In which Flo Parker teams up with Harper Hatley, radio host and notorious opponent of Clement Hessenheffer, to try and get her Dad into office before he gives up on his...
  • mayor
  • politics
  • thegreattakeover
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The Secret by DylanDailyVideos
The Secretby Dylan Daily Videos
Gary bordoux's ex wife is suddenly missing after the court hearing in the town of seltic. And amateur detective Simon Cole doesn't know what he is letting him self in for
  • reporter
  • mayor
  • missing
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Adventures of Ivy Fleur: The Election of Liquidation by Greek_Beauty
Adventures of Ivy Fleur: The Elect...by Annabeth Chase
In the town of Burlington, the murder of mayor candidate Robert Hamilton rocked the town. The other candidates - stricken with fear - revoke their ballots until three el...
  • complicatedrelationships
  • autism
  • ewa2018
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Elemental Orbs by ScottToberman
Elemental Orbsby Scott Toberman
An epic fantasy story of 3 mighty elemental animal heros who must defeat the evil society known as The Black Crows. With the power of the Orbs can our heros defeat them...
  • new
  • elementals
  • elemental
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GTA Tales by lexioreads
GTA Talesby lexioreads
Crazy-butt stories from Daquan in the ghetto.
  • mixtape
  • life
  • food
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The Raven's Song by KshipraSawant
The Raven's Songby Kshipra Sawant
This enchanting tale is about a traveling sorcerer named Aaron with a tragic past and has been given a mission by the Raven; the Raven being the Keeper of Souls. Aaron's...
  • sword
  • accensas
  • novel
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WazAbi ¤ New Leaf by Splatink
WazAbi ¤ New Leafby Splatink
  • acnl
  • villagers
  • cute
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Smoky Mountain Wolf (completed) by AngelGailRose
Smoky Mountain Wolf (completed)by Angel Gail Rose
Areena Luxor is seventeen and alone, a new transplant to The Great Smoky Mountains. It’s Christmas time and her one wish is to not be alone. She gets more than she barga...
  • evidence
  • beautiful
  • mesh
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In 1826, a year later, the Village of Carnavan in London town, have been overrun by a hoarde of ravenous, blood-thirsty Vampires whose anger cannot be killed off by norm...
  • fight
  • windows
  • stake
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imposible by dasd54
imposibleby dasd54
una chica rica pero humilde se va de vaciones a su rancho en tres meses le pasaran cosas que nunca le habian pasado
  • odio
  • rica
  • obligación
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Who killed Markiplier? by Stella-Quinn
Who killed Markiplier?by Stella Quinn
Friendship, Heartbreak, love, drama, murder. Everything goes wrong when Mark invites Stella, Luna and the rest of his childhood friends to his manor for a get together b...
  • chef
  • celine
  • friendship
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Don't Trust Them by KoraBell
Don't Trust Themby KoraBell
When mysterious deaths occur every time two friends are sent to the headteacher's office, they get suspicious. But things aren't always as they seem. Who, or what, coul...
  • grandparents
  • grandma
  • grandpa
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The Tolling Bell by HotChocolateFanatic
The Tolling Bellby DG
Adam lives in a city surrounded by walls to protect him and his people from the devastation that lurks outside. It's a society that calls for order and perfection; food...
  • ya
  • council
  • order
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