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La Promesa Inmortal by AnnaBeBeauty8
La Promesa Inmortalby AnnaBeBeauty8
Después del fallecimiento de su madre, Nero promete que cuidara de su hermana recién nacida Shaun. Pero en el camino habrá obstáculos que querrán separarlos. ¿ La promes...
Sailor Saints  by user05360124
Sailor Saints by Silver~Chan
The Saints of Athena Protect Her Each Time when She is Reborn 200 years, to Prevent Evil from Dominanting The World, 88 Saints Protect Athena and like the Sailor Guardia...
A Saint's Love (Saint Seiya) by reganmf
A Saint's Love (Saint Seiya)by rayofsunshine
Mari's life was normal, until one day, everything changed. After making a wish one night, Mari wakes up in a world not her own, and she has changed alot in this new worl...
The Pisces Lost Canvas Story (Albafica x OC) by LadyViolet_212
The Pisces Lost Canvas Story (
Carrying destiny as a Pisces Gold Saint, in order to protect, Albafica was fated to inherit the Pisces blood from his Master and live in isolation among the poisonous ro...
Saint Seiya: Moon Arc by XtremeBlueTronic
Saint Seiya: Moon Arcby Taihei Doma
One month after the defeat of Hades,Saori the Earth Goddess gets herself kidnapped by the Moon Goddess Artemis,will the Bronze Boys be able to save Saori from Artemis. A...
RWBY X Neglected Abused Male Reader  by Alphamon52
RWBY X Neglected Abused Male ranger gamer
I know in the Saint seiya world athenas reincarnate after she dies but this one the title Athena is passed down so can be more than one at a time just for the sake of th...
Naruto Caballero  Dorado De Virgo by Rlallana84
Naruto Caballero Dorado De Virgoby Rlallana84
Un crosover entre dos de mis mas fantásticos fics Naruto y Caballeros del Zodiaco * Los padres vivos * Naruto tiene tres hermanos * no habrá masacre *Danzo Hiruzen y...
Sonhos dos Heróis - O Cálice de Licurgo by LuiRayson
Sonhos dos Heróis - O Cálice de Lui.Rayson
Fanfic de "Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco", franquia do autor Masami Kurumada. Com o santuário dividido, onde parte dos cavaleiros decidiram seguir Akadia por serem...
Me rechasaste  Saga X Tu  by JulioCesarBritezBar1
Me rechasaste Saga X Tu by Mikasa Ackerman
Tn___ brows fue rechazada a sus 16 años y ahora tiene 22 y ella juro que jamas volveria con su manada y con su familia ya que estos también la rechazaron Saga Geminia...
Remnants of Athena's saints by joshua1701b
Remnants of Athena's saintsby joshua1701b
after getting hit by saga's another demension attack seiya and friends along with the goddess Athena are thrust into another world and after seeing the new world Athena...
saint seiya Multiverse by spiderchief
saint seiya Multiverseby spiderchief
When Athena teleports the five bronze knights they appear in other universes that thay are connected to I need you the reader to help me to put shun or hyoga in a univer...
Saint Seiya: The Sailor Crystals by user05360124
Saint Seiya: The Sailor Crystalsby Silver~Chan
After the Battle of Hades, Seiya is put into a catatonic State when he is hit by the sword of Hades, while being cared for by Athena and the saints who are looking for...
A Ghost Rider's Journey Vol. 3: A Ride In Hell (x Saint Seiya) by DaniloCiak
A Ghost Rider's Journey Vol. 3: Danilo Ciak
It had to happen one day, but not in the way you thought. The lord of the Underwold, Hades, plans to destroy the Earth. Will the Ghost Rider be able to stop him with his...
Into Saint Seiya by KCTessa317
Into Saint Seiyaby KC de gimini🌌♊🌠
Galaxy,is a normal 16 y/o girl bulliedshe didn't have friends,nor parents or family,she was alone all her life,one of the things she wished was to went to the Saint Seiy...
The King of Sanctuary  by GoldenCosmo_
The King of Sanctuary by GoldenCosmo_
(Gold Saint of Leo male reader x Saint Seiya Females) This story takes place after Saint Seiya Omega season 2. After Pegasus Koga defeated Saturn and brought peace to ea...
To Defy Ones Fate( A Saint Seiya FanFiction) by Ashe_Hime
To Defy Ones Fate( A Saint Seiya Synclaire Battle
Readers Note: This story is an O.C and Pegasus Seiya love story. I hope you guys enjoy! She was a Saint who was wished into existence by a forgotten Goddess; who begs t...
Jump Force: The series (On Pause) by Gygan_9835
Jump Force: The series (On Pause)by Darakgears
Have you ever believed in the multiverse?, That you're not alone?, If heros exist?, If gods were real?. That you could possess chakra, magic, and many other abilities. W...
No me dejes ir by Flisslete
No me dejes irby FLISS_LETE
shun y hyoga por fin se han atrevido a declararse y a estar juntos y por alguna extraña razón ikki parece estar de acuerdo! hyoga no puede estar más feliz sin embargo el...
Sailor Saints Another Reality: Rise of The Black Moon  by user05360124
Sailor Saints Another Reality: Silver~Chan
Everything Seems to have gone back to Normal, The Saints and Sailor Guardians don't remember each other removing the sad memories of Death, like a distance dream, but th...
Naruto es Hades Dios del inframundo by QueteImportaC
Naruto es Hades Dios del inframundoby Que te Importa?
Que pasaría si Naruto era la reencarnación de Hades como cambiaria la historia