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Object Shows x Reader Oneshots (SLOW UPDATES) (REQUESTS: CLOSED) by rustycaik
Object Shows x Reader Oneshots (SL...by mama
I make x reader oneshots of objects. requests are CLOSED. i am beginner writer. like said in title, slow updates. 6/19/23 - #1 in battlefordreamisland 9/29/23 - #2 in ob...
Object Show Oneshots (also xReaders) by Queraa-ProbablyLost
Object Show Oneshots (also xReader...by Queraa
Have you ever wanted to befriend an object? Play Cupid and pair them together, or even date them for reasons unbeknownst to anyone but yourself? Probably not, but if you...
(discontinued) ASK YIN-YANG !!! by bluespitter
(discontinued) ASK YIN-YANG !!!by 𖦹
[Discontinued , Asks are forever closed] ask a series of questions to us, yin-yang!! dont be overly sexual or threatening <-- [[COVER ART BY ☆// xue .#8938]] (as of o...
Object Shows x Reader [ HIATUS ] by g0n3_CR4ZYzz
Object Shows x Reader [ HIATUS ]by 6️⃣ K4t ☆
Decided to make one, since I love these types, but I can barely find one anymore... And this may be bad, this is my first time. Please don't judge. Also, taking requests...
[ANIMATIC BATTLE] x [READER] ONESHOTZ : ) by wheatleyapologist
[ANIMATIC BATTLE] x [READER] ONESH...by inky / animatic
Object Show Oneshots! [SLOW UPDATES!] by leafyisinyourkitchen
Object Show Oneshots! [SLOW UPDATE...by leafsterr!!☆
hello humans!! THERE WILL NOT BE ANY NSFW OR SMUT IN THIS! I will be adding art inside of this book as well! Feel free to recommend any ships, I'll gladly do them and I...
-[ ' THE MULTIVERSE ' ]- (OBJECT S...by 🔥 𝓜𝓲𝓴𝓮𝓧𝓓 🔥
After BFB ended, Firey and Leafy went to a new island, where they stumbled upon a strange cave.. Where they'll find a.. machine? What is this strange machine? Will Firey...
Really Hecking Terrible BFDI Stories by MeeyersPrezz
Really Hecking Terrible BFDI Stori...by Coochie?
This book was a mistake. Really Hecking Terrible BFDI Stories is just your average "crackbook" filled with poorly made Microsoft Paint comics and chapters that...
Osc x Reader Oneshots (REQS BACK OPEN) by RocketCake2341
Osc x Reader Oneshots (REQS BACK O...by Soup
Osc characters kiss eachother? Osc characters kiss you? You can make it happen here, just req a ship and if it follows my guidelines then I'll write a cute lil story abt...
Ask or Dare for a BFDI by InrealDude-
Ask or Dare for a BFDIby Inreal
After a long hiatus Four announces they're restarting BFB, and with a twist: The readers will be able to vote, ask, dare, and challenge the contestants! 64 people, one p...
Object Shows x reader || ONESHOTS || by FennecFics
Object Shows x reader || ONESHOTS...by FennecFics
REQUEST BOX CLOSED Just some oneshots bro- - Inanimate Insanity - BFB / BFDI / TPOT - Paper Puppets (Take 2) - Animated Inanimate Battle - Modern Objects - The Race Of C...
BFDI Pic I Stole From Four by Tu_Naranja_69
BFDI Pic I Stole From Fourby Tu Naranja
here's some pics I stole from Four when he wasn't looking, quickly look at them before he com-
Yandere BFB/TPOT x reader by treeisbby
Yandere BFB/TPOT x readerby melikepotatoandtomato
so I have moved from hazbin hotel to...BFDI yippie. I just love the show and I will also be making one for inanimate insanity as well.
An unfamiliar world (BFB x Male Reader) by SlideGrocery
An unfamiliar world (BFB x Male Re...by Mazeo
You've heard rumors about there being some old ruins deep within the forest of your hometown. You decided to investigate to see if the rumors are true or not. Inspired o...
OSC Crossover AU (School) by domeyshaco
OSC Crossover AU (School)by dom
This AU events are developing in the 90s and early 2000s. Reupload\repost ONLY with my permission. Object shows included: - BFDI - Excellent Entities - Inanimate Insanit...
Tearing Under Pressure (A PayJay Comic) by HowSourFizz
Tearing Under Pressure (A PayJay C...by Fizz
*ONGOING* Hi! Thanks for reading! This is gonna take place during the events of Inanimate Insanity Invitational before and after Oj's elimination, but alot will be expl...
Inanimate Insanity memes by MysticFoxesBoi
Inanimate Insanity memesby Hazel ☆
I'm bored, just bunch of memes I guess? 🤷‍♀️
friends⎮bfb groupchat au by https-honei
friends⎮bfb groupchat auby tree fucker
A groupchat with BFB characters. Includes -Weird Ships -Stupid Drama -Gelatin being a little troublemaker -Donut and Barf Bag being the best parents ever