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A New World. (Herobrine x Reader) by AngelHeartSunGoddess
A New World. (Herobrine x Reader)by AngelHeart
You spawn in a new world, not knowing where you are, all you know is your name, (y/n). You meet a new friend, defeat some monsters and get creeped out by the two white...
Herobrine x Reader: The Lover with Fire in His Eyes by Wildpath
Herobrine x Reader: The Lover with...by Into Countryhumans Now
This story has over 80k reads so far and over 3k Votes. I'm so happy. :3 Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! (P.S. This is the first book in my HxR series. The second is HxR: F...
Daddy!Herobrine x Child! Reader by Hoodini_Baby
Daddy!Herobrine x Child! Readerby [MOVED]Hoodini_Baby
This story is Herobrine as your daddy! I put child because i don't want to be sexist and put daughter. This story WILL be like Minecraft. Like you can only hold one swor...
Herobrine X Reader by JordanSlick1987
Herobrine X Readerby Jordan Slick
You get captured by the infamous Herobrine. Will he kill you? Or will he love you? Do you feel the same towards him? Read the story to find out!
Herobrine x reader but it's chaotic evil by EmberDarkwood120
Herobrine x reader but it's chaoti...by EmberDarkwood120
Ooh you guys are in for a treat "Treat" This book is gonna be quality sh*tposting
Herobrine x muted!Reader -Unmute-  by TwilightSpake
Herobrine x muted!Reader -Unmute- by ~•Ridofukuto•~
- DISCONTINUE - You live in a city where everyone worship notch. But you. You didn't. Everyday you would make an excuse to get out of the city. But. You were spotted and...
Herobrine One Shots (NSFW aka LEMON) (Herobrine x Reader) by Bug_xoxo
Herobrine One Shots (NSFW aka LEMO...by Hayley
Each Chapter is a new story art was made by glytchwolf
Herobrine X Fem!Reader by MrSatreece
Herobrine X Fem!Readerby Kole
You were just a normal player in the world of minecraft who happen to run into one of the most evil beings in the land... But maybe he isn't as bad as you initially thou...
Herobrine X reader by AScarletRose
Herobrine X readerby AScarletRose
It says it in the title ;) The awesome art is done by: VoxelArch : http://voxelarch.deviantart.com/ C-ALAXY: http://c-alaxy.deviantart.com/
In Love With A Myth | A Herobrine X Reader by TheUndeadLich
In Love With A Myth | A Herobrine...by Lizard Lich
You, an 16 year-old girl, was an absolute fangirl of the Minecraft myth, Herobrine. You drew Him all the time. But lately, strange dreams and feelings in the middle of t...
Herobrine X Reader. (COMPLETED) by BlueberriMufin
Herobrine X Reader. (COMPLETED)by Willow
You are a minecraft Assassin Rules 1: Dont get caught 2: Get the job done. that's it. What happens when you fail that and go elsewhere to find an reward? Well I'll giv...
Eyes that Glow | Herobrine X Reader (COMPLETED) by Waffle_Muggler
Eyes that Glow | Herobrine X Reade...by bread
This is my first story on Wattpad. Sorry in advance if there are any mistakes or inconsistencies to the plotline. I hope you like my story!☺☺
Herobrine X Reader - Love's Wither Rose (COMPLETE) by Rex-Vex
Herobrine X Reader - Love's Wither...by Rex-Vex
WARNING: CONTAINS STRONG VIOLENCE AND SOME SWEARS An impulsive act of helping became a mission to retrieve a personal item, which then became a close friendship. Maybe...
•~The Calling~• - Herobrine x Reader by AllyC45
•~The Calling~• - Herobrine x Read...by Fanfic Writer
Answers. That was all you wanted. Answers for the part of you that only brought mystery. Why is there mystery here? You were born differently from other people. You ha...
The 'Good' Are Built Off Lies... (Herobrine x reader)  by xxALM2xx
The 'Good' Are Built Off Lies... (...by xxALM2xx
Y/n was kidnapped at the age of 10 trapped and was used for her powers. She had no way out. When freedom finally came she stumbled into someone she never thought she'd m...
Fallen Love by VanaTheDevilishAngel
Fallen Loveby Vana The Devilish Angel
This a Herobrine x Reader story where the Reader is an Angel but turns to a Fallen Angel when - hang on, I can't spoil the story like this! Read the book to see what hap...
Herobrine x Reader: Failure is Not an Option by Wildpath
Herobrine x Reader: Failure is Not...by Into Countryhumans Now
This is the second book! 'Cause the first one was really long. And I wanted to be mean. :3 Anyway, I love all ya guys who love my stories and thank you to the ones who f...
Star Eyes A Herobrine x Reader Story by DragonChampion4
Star Eyes A Herobrine x Reader Sto...by Dragon Champion
Y/N is a gamer she likes Minecraft. She is a nice girl but has a secret she has a crush. Who is it? What would happen if B/N (bully name) found out? We will have to se...