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Agape II Santana Lopez x OC by NatNat1005972
Agape II Santana Lopez x OCby WandaNat5972
Agape / a. ga. pe. /noun/ The highest form of love. Selfless, sacrificial, and unconditional love; persists no matter the circumstance New girl Maddison Hughes transfer...
Back To You €Mike Chang by olismyname17
Back To You €Mike Changby melodie
in which no matter what stands in their way, Mickey Hummel and Mike Chang always find their way back to each other Or Mickey 'Mouse' Hummel the younger Hummel brother...
Come Home (A Jacob Black Story) by MazeRunnerObsessed0G
Come Home (A Jacob Black Story)by AddyTheGlader
I turned and ran towards the forest. I phased halfway there but kept running. As the others phased I could hear them yelling in my head but I blocked them out and kept r...
အရိပ်ဝေး  by user10001812
အရိပ်ဝေး by Wun
This fiction is totally intended for Girl Love with simply and lovely feelings . It can be said like my very first attempt in approaching language writing for LGBTQ. Yur...
The Big Book of Mary Sues (NEW SUES WEEKLY) by TheMarySue
The Big Book of Mary Sues (NEW The Mary Sue
Mary Sue: (noun) an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character with little to no flaws. "Mary Sues" is a book chock-full of those characters we love t...
Emily Under The Weather by nervouswriter09
Emily Under The Weatherby nervouswriter09
So this story takes place in season 1 of Dickinson, during episode 6. Emily fakes being ill, but after a midnight swim in the lake with Ben, it becomes the truth. Also...
President Council in Love  (English Translation) by hanaayukii_
President Council in Love ( HanaYuki
Original tittle : ไอ้เสือร้ายของนายประธาน Author : Aiden N English Translator : Hana Yuki
The Storm Ignites || Johnny Storm by X-Lisa-Anne-X
The Storm Ignites || Johnny Stormby Lisa Anne
Two years have gone by. Reed and Sue are getting married, Ben and Alisha are still happily together. As for June and Johnny; they were at their happiest - together and...
A marca de Leah Clearwater ( Twilight) - tradução by AuroraPotterBlack
A marca de Leah Clearwater ( Aurora Black Potter
A família Clearwater sempre foi a família de Zoey Swan, desde que Charlie a adotou, quando seus pais morreram. Harry como seu segundo pai sonhe como a mãe dela Seth como...
Cleo Uley: Twilight by BiancaEvans2
Cleo Uley: Twilightby LegolasG5*
This story is about Seth, Jacob and Leah's cousin. The one they never knew existed until her parents (Emmie Black and Lucas Uley) died. Cleo is nineteen years old and kn...
Sam's Little Sister by AlexisEnsley
Sam's Little Sisterby Alexis Ensley
Hermione Jean Granger is actually Hermione Lyra Rose Uley. She is Sam's little sister that he didn't know he had.(I know it's has 2 names but I always liked Lyra and Ro...
The Flames of Friendship (Natsu's Sister Fanfic) by SueDragneel
The Flames of Friendship (Natsu' SueDragneel
We all love Natsu Dragneel, the loud-mouthed idiot dragonslayer, but we soon find out that he has a sister! Live the crazy adventures with the odd duo in "The Flame...
One More Night (Klaine/Glee) by MyLifeLivesHere
One More Night (Klaine/Glee)by Mercedes Wilson
~COMPLETED~ Blaine Devon Anderson had it all. He was popular and dating the hottest girl in the school. However, not everything was as it seemed. Meanwhile, Kurt Hummel...
A New Teacher, But An Old Love (Will Schuester x reader) Glee Fanfiction by BandGeek2263
A New Teacher, But An Old Love ( Megan Stevens
You start working at William McKinley High School and you start co-directing the school's Glee club. When you find out who the director of the Glee club is, you start fa...
in another world as a spirit (iawwms x female reader) by nines321
in another world as a spirit ( tempest demon
a girl dies by god and is given a second chance what will she do?
Mary Sues [OC Reviews CLOSED] by Space-Mom
Mary Sues [OC Reviews CLOSED]by space mother
Mary Sues are some of the most hated creatures on Wattpad, or any other story-sharing website out there, but what is it that makes them so bad? Get ready to laugh, facep...
My Name is Charlie Swan: I'm a Vampire by emukid96
My Name is Charlie Swan: I'm a Hailey LaDonna
Charlie Swan, the chief of police and Bella's father, has been changed into a vampire less than a year after his own daughter was changed. Now he and Harry, the one who...
𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙩 𝙦𝙪𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙨, EMISUE by ElysianSkies529
𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙩 𝙦𝙪𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙨, elysianskies
!!very chaotic!! !!very gay!! !!very messed up!! don't say i didn't warn ya~~
The Loud House: The Loudest Mystery by MightySuperNoob9998
The Loud House: The Loudest Mysteryby Richie Osborn
When Lincoln suddenly vanishes, Lori and her family and friends must search for him. This was made by Zachary Coelho on Instagram!