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His Dark Materials: The Other Child by ShellMcB101
His Dark Materials: The Other Childby Michelle
This is the story of His Dark Materials, told through the eyes of Sarah Belacqua. A twelve-year-old witch child, who grew up with Lyra at Jordan College.
Delightfully Yours by shinjawrites
Delightfully Yoursby 𝒔𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒋𝒂
"I lost my bag, but why don't you have your ID?" "I don't carry it with me everywhere I go." "And you claim to possess a brain?" ❝In which...
mesmerizing  [ marvel's runaways ] by milaangg
mesmerizing [ marvel's runaways ]by mila
[ chase stein ] she needed a hero, so she became one. but on the way, she fell in love. ONGOING MARV...
Frozen Shorts by Teenwolf_4_life
Frozen Shortsby ATLA_Fan
"I don't remember meeting this side of your boyfriend." "Yea... Sometimes I forget he's half rock." Started: April 1, 2023 Ended: ? I don't own any o...
Prince of the Sun by Werecat
Prince of the Sunby Werecat
A romance curse hangs over the head of Prince Jace. The mythical world is becoming a treacherous place, alliances must be strengthened. Momoka from the Fujimura Pack i...
An Opus Alchymicum Vol 1: The Experimental Theologian's Apprentice by Th3Alch3mist
An Opus Alchymicum Vol 1: The Th3Alch3mist
Hermione Granger lives content with her animal dæmon in the Oxford of another world, and Harry Potter is kept hidden by his parents in a subterranean Muggle city. But bo...
Paint With Words by Thalassa_Brytaye
Paint With Wordsby Thalassa Brytaye
Various short-stories, from poetical descriptions to parables, to real-life idea-based works, and more! (cover art by @314Kelvin on WattPad)
Chasing Aurora: A FirstKhaotung Story by AllThingsFK
Chasing Aurora: A FirstKhaotung Gliza
First & Khaotung dreamt of chasing the northern lights together one day, preferably in Iceland. Together. In truth, it was Khaotung's dream for him and First to go and...
Another Winx (Winx Club Fanfiction) by aria_tress
Another Winx (Winx Club Fanfiction)by Aria
Book 1. Meet Nova. As a baby, Nova was abandoned by her mother because a war was happening. She was brought to Alfea and grew up as Faragonda's "grand-daughter.&quo...
Becoming Mrs. Coulter by IdaPersson0
Becoming Mrs. Coulterby Ida Persson
A fanmade prequal to the book The golden compass/Northern lights by Philip Pullman. This work was done by 5 people as a project in our creative writing course. This is a...
Northern Lights  by cathywritesromance
Northern Lights by cathywritesromance
Set of pictures of the Northern Lights Visible from WA state April 10, 2024 Do not steal my photos ©️Cathy Earls
Fire and Ice: An ATLA Fanficion by Kitty314
Fire and Ice: An ATLA Fanficionby Jay
The warmhearted Princess Kaori of the Selkie Trible always had her destiny laid out for her: forbidden to use her waterbending powers to fight due to her gender, she wou...
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Northern Lights  by marthenia13
Northern Lights by Marthenia
What if Credence, or Aurelius, Dumbledore from the Fantastic Beasts series had a daughter? Aurelia Dumbledore- A bright, young witch with a brave and kind heart.
Father's Daughter by yours_girl_ari
Father's Daughterby yourgirl_Ari
Lyra Was More Like Her Father Than They Both Knew.. The Tales of Asriel Belacqua and His Daughter, Lyra. Father's Daughter is a book which consists of the life of Lyra B...
The Lights That Bind Us by _Pixels_of_hope_
The Lights That Bind Usby _Pixels_of_hope_
A peculiar boy whom the universe whispers its secrets to meets a girl just trying to get answers. (Hi there :) this is a short story I wrote for my senior English class...
Quinn by Ukulaylay
Quinnby Vicky Kay
So, my school has been having a few snow days recently and instead of letting us stay home and enjoy our childhood, they decided to give us a creative writing homework :...
✧Aurora✧ by Cinematronix_Prime
✧Aurora✧by Cinematronix Prime
One who was born in war, doesn't know what it's like to live in peace.
The Northern Lights by Ayanzies
The Northern Lightsby Ayanzies
Aurora was born under the name of Aurora Borealis or, The Northern Lights. Aurora was also born under the Northern Lights. her mother, Adalwolfa, gave birth to her young...
Frozen Heart by awkweirdo
Frozen Heartby Awkweirdo
Can the northern lights bring color and warmth to the northern wind and frost? Can it thaw the frozen heart? Myriads #1