falke [sara lance] by ayrpluto72
falke [sara lance]by Kirsty
A sudden loss changed their lives forever. Little did they know, something much more shocking was coming. [sequel to falcon][sara lance x oc]
  • merlyn
  • nateheywood
  • oliverqueen
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Accidental Avatar 2-RocknRoll by SashaL
Accidental Avatar 2-RocknRollby Sasha L
Again, Like the last one, I blame Caitlin/Amaya for most of it. Sorry, but this is gonna be slow updates cause we still haven't finished it. We own only ourselves and A...
  • earth
  • aang
  • katara
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Always By Your Side (Thranduil Fanfiction) by judgerl
Always By Your Side (Thranduil Judgerl
Tormented by the memories of the past, the King of Mirkwood have turned his heart into icy cold stone. The memories he have when he lost everyone dear to him, his father...
  • secretlove
  • thehobbit
  • middleearth
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Feline Love  by Whitefox_cx
Feline Love by 😗NO_REGRETS😈
There's a new villain in town and he's quite a sneaker. Will the PJ masks be able to capture this new villain or will this new villain catch a certain cat's heart? Join...
  • greg
  • fluffandsmut
  • connor
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Prehistoric Woman (Ray Palmer/ATOM x OC) by Picklesperry
Prehistoric Woman (Ray Palmer/ Jessica
It all starts when Rip scatters the legends throughout time. As we all know, Ray Palmer (also known as the ATOM) is thrown back to the dinosaur age. What if he wasn't al...
  • jeffersonjackson
  • firestorm
  • wattys2018
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Halal Tale Of Love (prequel of: An Act Of Love) by RubabAsif
Halal Tale Of Love (prequel of: OyeRuba
halal tale of love is a journey from the first meet to marriage. its a story of a girl amaya and her dream being married by her parents choice its a story on how her dre...
  • hussain
  • halallove
  • missiondesi
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Deity 2.0 ༺❣︎༻ Anime Graphic Shop.  by AmayaGoddessOfStars
Deity 2.0 ༺❣︎༻ Anime Graphic Shop. by 『Goddess Amaya』
єℓℓσ welcome to my graphics shop! This is where my covers, icons, banners, stickers, and bios are born. 2.0 OF DEITY GRAPHICS SHOP! To pay me? None needed! เƭร ƒ૨εε. ı...
  • graphicshop
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Zari and Amaya by CFCPD6181321
Zari and Amayaby CFCPD6181321
A bunch of prompts about Zari and Amaya in a relationship. Some prompts are ones I've made up myself and others are ones people have commented or messaged to me. Check i...
  • legendsoftomorrow
  • avalance
  • amaya
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Accidental Avatar 3: Totally Lit by SashaL
Accidental Avatar 3: Totally Litby Sasha L
Previously, disaster struck, resulting in a lot of stuff. You should check out the other stories, if you want some back story. More importantly, things are starting to...
  • amaya
  • avatar
  • fire
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[SakxSya] Anh Đào Tuyết by MooreChrlote6
[SakxSya] Anh Đào Tuyếtby Yến Thanh
"...Nhưng trên đời Nếu như nhiều lắm, mà chuyện quay ngược quá khứ thì chả bao giờ có" Họ gặp nhau khi cả hai đều đang lâm vào tình cảnh chật vật nhất, thầm lặ...
  • tsubasachronicle
  • clamp
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RarePair [Arrowverse] by MultifandomKyd
RarePair [Arrowverse]by lol why
This a book full of oneshots of the rarest parings you'll see in the arrowverse. Fun fact people actually ship them. Some one shots will be of common ships ☹️. Sooooo My...
  • caitlin
  • kara
  • rarepair
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Pj masks Truth or Dare (Lemon, Extreme and Kinda like everything version)  by DaxVisionStudios
Pj masks Truth or Dare (Lemon, DaxVision Studios
Truth or Dare by me!!! My characters are in the story too. Plus, Oc's included. Please refer to the second page of my story IF you want to sennf your Oc. (I'm not the...
  • titlesays
  • greg
  • amaya
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Accidental Avatar 2 - RocknRoll Intensified by SashaL
Accidental Avatar 2 - RocknRoll Sasha L
So this is a continuation of the previous RocknRoll since we ran out of space on the last one and there are still a few chapters for Book 2. Again, credit goes to both m...
  • muteki
  • zuko
  • aang
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A Pj Masks Fanfiction [Discontinued] (MIGHT RECONTINUE) by pjmasks4evrluv
A Pj Masks Fanfiction [ Kylie
The title says it all, well, mostly. And as you see from the cover, it's also a CatLette/ConMaya (Catboy X Owlette/Connor X Amaya) love (kind of) story! *fangirls like c...
  • greg
  • owlette
  • catboy
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PJ Masks:  A New PJ Mask by KaohenBrookstone
PJ Masks: A New PJ Maskby Kaohen Brookstone
The PJ Masks go on many adventures together and they always save the day. But one of the Night Time Villains makes a Master Plan to take care of the PJ Masks once and fo...
  • violence
  • adventure
  • connor
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Nightingale (A legends of tomorrow x reader fanfic) by Selenator1967
Nightingale (A legends of Salty Sista
After having her family violently murdered by two non human killers, (y/n) (l/n) becomes the center of attention. Later, she gets adopted by a famous basketball player w...
  • love
  • tomorrow
  • lance
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OC Book  by CrazyWhovian10
OC Book by Castiel Winchester
It's just a standard oc book
  • characters
  • book
  • amaya
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The Mission to Love You by rockyecofriend
The Mission to Love Youby BonnieOToy
Greg and Connor, two boys... one with brown hair and the other blond, one taller and one shorter, one cat and one reptile. There are so many differences. But two things...
  • gregonnor
  • romeo
  • greg
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arrowverse high  by aye_239
arrowverse high by aye_239
its the arrow, flash, Supergirl, and the lot character in their teenage years in high school all of them are in the same grade except for thea, roy, barry, caitlin, feli...
  • kids
  • caitlin
  • kara
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The Crepuscule  Congress by marvelme212
The Crepuscule Congressby Aumika Chowdhary
Who would think that a girl would go running off into the woods at almost sundown? But there we have her- Amaya. Read The Crepuscule Congress to know what happens when s...
  • royals
  • fantasy
  • flint
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