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Spectrum | ✐ by LadyMeringue
Spectrum | ✐by LadyMeringue
PO1 || ❝Because that's the best thing about the human mind - it's never a single emotion, but a spectrum of them waiting to define the person of worth you truly are. ❞ T...
Where is the Sun? by world_joy_
Where is the Sun?by World Joy
☼ I wished upon a star but realized it was night. The sun that I had wished upon, had left me forever blind☼ ► sporadic updates ► poetry book ► thank you for reading ©w...
🍁Aᴍᴀɪ Tᴏʀɪ Gɪʀʟ🍁 by ShuiXiulan
🍁Aᴍᴀɪ Tᴏʀɪ Gɪʀʟ🍁by ᴀʀ.ʀᴀᴍɪsʜᴀ🎐
"In the 1st century, I kept on standing at the peak of that fated glacier... Unable to sleep whether day or night... I watched as the snow-covered other mountains...
🌠~POEMS~🌠 by 2MysteriousGem
🌠~POEMS~🌠by Mysterious
These are just some poems that I made and continue to make.If it is already made by others or by you , I promise I didn't copy it. I also accept requests Hope you'll l...
Soft Poetry. by softpoetry_
Soft Ilhem .
Ranked #13 on short poems ❝ Short poems chosen from the colorful canvas of my mind, and the deepest bottom of my heart.❞ • All rights reserved. Copyright © 2019 | →
Consonants by euminnn
Consonantsby 🌺
HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENTS #1 in experience #1 in expressions #1 in expressyourself #1 in latenightthoughts #1 in reality #1 in thoughs and feelings #1 in poet #1 in expressi...
Save Me(Bonnie Bennett/Loki Laufeyson Fan Fiction) by Poison_Ivy99
Save Me(Bonnie Bennett/Loki ινу
Bonnie Bennett is a witch but not like any other witch,she has lost a lot in the past few years.First the lost of her Grams again and now her former boyfriend Jeremy Gil...
Take A Fall by TheGirlInTheMask181
Take A Fallby ѕ¢αяℓєтт
Hey there,Welcome. It's time to take a fall. For when we fall,we learn to fly.
Ups & Downs.  by softpoetry_
Ups & Downs. by Ilhem .
❝ If you can't talk about it, write about it ❞ • Few words from the heart, deep thoughts. You'll relate so much to the next content and I hope you'll get inspired. • Hi...
Lucid Dreams  by DerekMinor
Lucid Dreams by Derek Minor
Poetry as it is to me. Comments or thoughts are all welcome and please vote if you like it
Friendship Poems by KawaiiZoe123
Friendship Poemsby Zoë K. Regis
Highest ranking in poetry: #326 18/05/18 A poem book solely based on broken best friendships, friendships and other poems that I love based on friendships. (Some are wri...
spilled thoughts and crafted words by petranechor
spilled thoughts and crafted wordsby エラン
a collection of random thoughts, motivations and proses. [ ON-GOING ] Most Impressive Ranking - #65 out of 153k works in Poem - #2 out of 2.3k works in Expressions - #4...
Let Me Under Your Skin (LTM)  by IamRachelx
Let Me Under Your Skin (LTM) by Rae🌹
" He wanted her in the worst possible way. „ - Did you ever asked what was going to happen after the third season? Well, that's how I imagined it.
I have often wondered about the very curdled natures of our opinions so much so that the perch of imagination simply becomes a bystanding abstraction and real thoughts o...
Oblivion by peace_in_purplexity
Oblivionby yogaakeru
(under revisions) 💜Oblivion : the fact or condition of not remembering : a state marked by lack of awareness or consciousness. 💜A collection of random poems and refle...
𝓣𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓷𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓻𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓭 by seankinthos
𝓣𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓷𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓻𝓵𝓪� Seanry
Thoughts that I turn into poetry every 3 am -"to die would be an awfully big aventure"
Glee's Finest (A Puck Love Story. Or is it?) by mrspuckerman
Glee's Finest (A Puck Love mrspuckerman
Savannah Mason loves performing. But she also hates Noah 'Puck' Puckerman. But when an accident causes them to get stuck together could they come together over something...
A Twisted Fate by Author_Reedarh
A Twisted Fateby 🌹💕فريدة سامينغ💕🌹
(Editing) A Muslim love story. A rich and handsome emirati man spotted a beautiful British girl. He did what he must to get her. But when the two seemed to finally get...
Unknown, Unsaid, But Believable.  by 2702era
Unknown, Unsaid, But Believable. by ᴀ.ᴠ.
Charles Horton Cooley said, "Our individual lives cannot, generally, be works of art unless the social order is also." Nothing is too easy to understand, but l...