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Protective Bros on Tour by Gracexoxo2000
Protective Bros on Tourby Gracexoxo2000
Bonnie Masters is five years old. She's the youngest, cutest, littlest person of the Masters family. Her older siblings are the well known band, Beats Unlimited, who ha...
The Army Of Chaos (Perzoë) by -chongyunsyangenergy
The Army Of Chaos (Perzoë)by -ɪɴᴄᴏɴsɪsᴛᴇɴᴛ-
Percy Jackson, hero of Olympus, was cast out of his own home. His half brother would Spread lies about him and managed to turn all of his friends against him. He didn't...
Girls do it better by Philangeofvenice
Girls do it betterby Leah
Some girl×girl smut If not interested go away
Fairy Tail Girls Night Out by Primaryrose
Fairy Tail Girls Night Outby Primmy
Mira and Erza suggests to have a girls' night out just to relieve some stress. The boys are curious on what they are up to. Will the girls'plan be a success? Or will...
It's a Teen Thing... by KaylaEwa
It's a Teen Kekayo Ewa
"So you're finally a teenager Tay" Kassie smiled "welcome to the club" ------------------ I'm Taylor, not Taylor Swift or Taylor Launter, but Taylor...
Artemis: The Hunters by Ravendoor27
Artemis: The Huntersby Charlie
Hunters of Artemis are my kind of people. Join us for a boy free tomorrow!
Sunflower girlxgirl  by gjmay2005
Sunflower girlxgirl by gjmay2005
Sunflower has never really seen much in any of the guys at her school but she tries to fit in be 'normal' but someone keeps grabbing her attention.
Big Kids by 0switch0bitch0
Big Kidsby 0switch0bitch0
A coming of age story about a couple of small town kids finding themselves and learning how to grow.
Devils undercover  by sammythebabyrat
Devils undercover by sammythebabyrat
Kelly Ender was the most hard working child to ever live... her younger sister was- not so much. Despite this her sister was always the favourite and everyone believed h...
PERIODS👏🏻ARE👏🏻NORMAL👏🏻AND👏🏻NOT👏🏻DIRTY👏🏻 Here are my rants/personal experience about Periods. Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments \(^o^)/ ...
Girl Problems (Girls Only) by TheCutieMonster
Girl Problems (Girls Only)by Bish find out ;)
This is a book of problems girls have.
Girls ONLY! by RosabelleTheDramatic
Girls ONLY!by RosabelleTheDramatic
No trespassing. This won't have too much ranting, not a big fan of that (might to a few little thing though). Nothing bad is in it. This is a club, it's called, cute clu...
finding joy by nightinshiningarmour
finding joyby arushi
"hello, this is helping hotline, how may i help you?" "i think i'm depressed." ••• in which a girl unknowingly calls...
Wrecking the pops by kapitch345
Wrecking the popsby kapitch345
Kate is a normal girl, her Family was rich but Kate keep it a secret.Kate goes to schoool acts like a normal girl but shes being teased by popular willl she get revenge...
Herkes Gibi by run0ck7y
Herkes Gibiby run0ck7y
Nedir ki karşılıksız aşık olmak? Dinlediğiniz klasik hikayeleri kafanızdan atın :) Okumaya başlayın 🙃
the star by dudebabe
the starby dudebabe
a girl who is finding life quite hard
Vampire Moon Academy! by bettercallsalvulcano
Vampire Moon Academy!by neekaps yo!
Michelle Gabriel is going to a new school where people are separate. The Pastels and Darks have been at it for years at the Academy and the fights ended up getting the P...
Run with it by Slurpslurp12344
Run with itby Slurpslurp12344
"On your marks!" I walk up to the line under number 6. Two foot step. Knee lined with the middle of my right foot, check. Right foot flat, check. Lastly, hands...