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the vlive || KNJ by SvnReads
the vlive || KNJby SvnReads
One day you get a notification that Namjoon has gone live! But you seem to be the only one watching? Maybe it is just a glitch... or love at first viewer? RANKS: 🥇#jhop...
One Hour Switch  by Walrus66
One Hour Switch by Walrus (:3 っ)っ
On your 21st birthday, for 1 month, every day, for 1 hour, you and your soul mate switch bodies. This is a Kim NamJoon fan fic and all the events that take place in thi...
I trusted you Namjoon [TEXT BTS] by athinaayline
I trusted you Namjoon [TEXT BTS]by A Carat with some🍪
What happens when RM from BTS wants to know more about ARMY? Answer: he chats with army with fake identity as a new ARMY who wants to get to know BTS more? "You,you...
Love (Kim Namjoon x reader) by Mono_l1sa
Love (Kim Namjoon x reader)by Lisa
This is literally the most cheesy story you will ever read from me. I was feeling really stressed one time so I wrote a very low-key and low stake story for you all to f...
The Bouquet by Deepdarkdelights
The Bouquetby Deepdarkdelights
⚠Warning: This story contains dark and heavy themes, read the warnings beforehand and take care of your mental health⚠ A boy with a high school crush, a flirty CEO, a do...
|| She was never Mine || KNJ by YoonminSlaysus
|| She was never Mine || KNJby Meira
[ COMPLETED ] " Why don't you tell her about your feelings ?" " You don't understand. I can never love someone who was never mine." _______________...
V for Vampire || kth. ✅ by someonepassingby
V for Vampire || kth. ✅by Potaeto
''so, want my bites or hickeys?'' ©2018-2019
Stolen (Kim Namjoon/RM X Reader) by Otakujessie
Stolen (Kim Namjoon/RM X Reader)by Otakujessie
You grew up with Kim Namjoon. He's been your best friend ever since you can remember. And once he formed the Bangtan Boys, you gained six other best friends for life. Yo...
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Yandere!BTSxReader by OtakuArmy2018
Yandere!BTSxReaderby OtakuArmy2018
This book contains one shot stories about BTS Yandere!memberxreaderxmember Requests are open,also this is my first book ever,hope you like it!😊
Falling For The Single Dad | Kim Namjoon by indigo_shades
Falling For The Single Dad | Kim aera🌙✨
Kim Namjoon, a 25 year old successful businessman finds himself being helpless when his daughter Kim Jiihye goes missing. But soon enough he is reunited with his daughte...
Hold Me Tight | Namjoon X Reader | by XrystaChan
Hold Me Tight | Namjoon X Reader |by ✿하늘✿
You are park y/n you were a smart,kind hearted and a beautiful girl but you were broken inside. you study in Seoul high. people were jealous and always bully you. then y...
Home (Kim Namjoon x Reader) by Mono_l1sa
Home (Kim Namjoon x Reader)by Lisa
RM! They all shouted. To them, that name meant the handsome rapper and one of the members of Cypher, Korea's hottest hip-hop group. To you, that name meant a childhood h...
Love is Blind | Namjoon x Reader | Short Story✔ by TundraFox
Love is Blind | Namjoon x Reader | Tundra Fox ~가비
"Hi!" the girl said cheerily. "Hello, what's your name?" Namjoon replied politely. "I'm Y/N," she giggled. "Ah, your name is...
The Stylist Noona ||Namjoon FF||✓ by ShineDreamSmile05
The Stylist Noona ||Namjoon FF||✓by Abhipsa
Why does everyone hate me so much? Am I not talented enough to deserve love - Namjoon . . . Thank you so much for teaching me to love myself Namjoon. Now let me teach yo...
Wolf Allergic ✔ | Kim Namjoon x Reader by mociminji
Wolf Allergic ✔ | Kim Namjoon x mociminji
Completed ✔ I- *sneeze* Fckin- *sneeze* Allergic- *sneeze* To Dogs- *scratch* - In which, Kim Namjoon, an alpha who finally found his mate, a human, you. But the bad new...
i'm his father | KNJ by bangtan1306m
i'm his father | KNJby full name.
everything was fine for her until they meet again. 19/11/18 ©mqlrml
𝓢𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓷 𝓡𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼 by kookie_dough97
𝓢𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓷 𝓡𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼by N|E|C|K|S|L|A|P|S
Y/N is the princess of the thriving country of Kohan, along with her sisters she peacefully and happily rules the throne, Marriage isn't something on her mind, but that...
✔ || Ticking (Namjoon x Reader Soulmate AU) by QueenRamsia
✔ || Ticking (Namjoon x Reader QueenRamsia
[[COMPLETED]] Soulmate au where everyone has a timer that counts down to when they meet their soulmate. Yours finally says that today's the day, but you have an awful mo...
The School's Pervert | Namjoon x Reader by jjoonsdimpless
The School's Pervert | Namjoon x ♡stay gold!♡
"Saying a word to him will ruin your reputation, y/n.".... "You're exaggerating." As you read the school's newspaper, you retract your previous state...
Call to the wild (Hybrid! Namjoon x reader) by Mariana_Riddle007
Call to the wild (Hybrid! Mariana_Riddle007
In which human Y/N finds herself running with her hybrid family and is ambushed by a hybrid wolf pack.