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Ranking: #12 JIMINXREADER #70 YN #14BTSWEREWOLF #8 FANFICTION #736 JAEHYUN BTS Jimin X Reader: Unsuspecting Y/N doesn't realize that the college she transferred to, is...
Her Beta ✔ by _bangtan_bunny_
Her Beta ✔by _bangtan_bunny_
This pack isn't the usual wolf pack. "Hello miss, may I talk to your alpha?" "Your talking to her" Park Jimin x character also includes other BTS mem...
The Last Lycans by RoxNotRocks
The Last Lycansby RoxNotRocks
Sometimes, a fateful encounter takes the form of a bullet through the head... After years of living as a wolf, alone in the wild, Yu has no memory of her past and no ide...
My Mate Is Too Shy {Jiminxreader} by Elvenmuggle
My Mate Is Too Shy {Jiminxreader}by Elvenmuggle
Suffering from extreme social anxiety and just the wrong amount of depression, what she wanted in life was to be left alone and to live quietly. However, she didn't take...
Run away boy by _yoongles_x
Run away boyby Ash
Jungkook, a teen boy ran from his foster home as he began to experience different things with himself.. changes, but not the changes a usual human being would expect. Hi...
Butterscotch | Yoonmin✔️ by Mai_Spring
Butterscotch | Yoonmin✔️by Mai
Min Yoongi is a werewolf who lives a normal human life, but he suddenly gets a whiff of a certain human in a candy shop and he finds himself going there a lot more than...
Where U At // BTS Rap Monster Fanic by Purple_Alfonzo
Where U At // BTS Rap Monster Fanicby Holly / Jin's Laugh / Window...
Who said humans belong in the werewolf world? 'Where U at, where U at baby?"
Elemental Werewolf |•| A Jikook Story by ChimmyGigi95
Elemental Werewolf |•| A Jikook ChimmyGigi95
Jimin lived alone in the mountains since his parents died there. He hasn't seen or talked to anyone in years. But he was happy, he had food,books, etc. But the one thing...
Bts Jk Ff Supernatural  Powers  And Werewolf  Feat Taehyung  And Jimin by science2007
Bts Jk Ff Supernatural Powers science2007
Y/N : what was that i have powers?
Jimin's Mate Book 2: #58 JiminXreader Strange dreams is all Y/N has left to giving her clues. Between Xelan's domination and a new enemy emerging, finding answers has be...
Alpha's Mate (second) by _payal__official___
Alpha's Mate (second)by bts_ff
hey guys! this is my first story hope you like it.. And don't forget to check my readlist, it contains best of the stories written by diffrent authors... If you want y...
Locomotive 🚉 BTS AU | Park Jimin (On Hold) by ModronBearerOfLight
Locomotive 🚉 BTS AU | Park Modron Melled
You spent much of your childhood in the company of your grandparents, however, it was now time for you to leave their care. Your father came to pick you up, but somewher...
Indifferent Pack Member || Vkook by taetiniiiiie
Indifferent Pack Member || Vkookby taetiniiiiie
Jeon Jungkook son of the head alpha and the next head alpha and Taehyung the indifferent pack member. Jungkook and he's friends always TRY to bully Taehyung but the late...
Midnight Bound || BTS JUNGKOOK WEREWOLF AU by tinyjkookie
Midnight Bound || BTS JUNGKOOK tinyjkookie
Things aren't always what they appear to be on the surface... Y/n takes pride in the quiet unassuming life she has made for herself as an underground author. What she do...
midnight eyes  [] by sexifiedpjm
midnight eyes []by 嫌い
❀ ; i shouldnt have gotten you into this mess, and now youre not the girl that i used to know. ↠werewolf ff ↠swearing;soft smut ↠triggering [15+]
Ocean  by sushihina
Ocean by 𝕛ꫀꪀꪀⅈꫀ
When jimin meets a wolf in the forest Top Yoongi Bottom Jimin Started:March 22 2019 Ended:-
The moon's precious children by ohdandysandy
The moon's precious childrenby ohdandysandy
BTS are 7 Alpha werewolves in charge of the strongest pack in the world. Lead by Namjoon, these fearce men hold the submission of all the supernatural world in the palm...
Hartfull Of Love by WolfyLuna0927
Hartfull Of Loveby Wolfy Luna
A werewolf going through the heat without a mate. ...Or maybe not
The Mystery of the Shadow by ALCASSINI1
The Mystery of the Shadowby A.L.Cassini
Once upon a time in a distant and picturesque city, fairway back as I can remember, the terror control everything in this Kingdom. Like songs, religions, differences, mu...