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Defining Hope ( Nagito x Reader ) by ivegotfandomsfordays
Defining Hope ( Nagito x Reader )by SHSL Fuckface
[Book 1 of the Despair Series] He thought he knew what hope was. He thought that he worshiped it as much as he could, and that no one could change his opinion on it. Th...
Bullet to the Heart (Nagisa Shiota X Reader) ON HOLD by Kyoko_Hirai
Bullet to the Heart (Nagisa •Hirai•
The story begins with a little girl, and a little boy. Later on, this girl is taken far away. She comes back, but she has changed. She got manipulated. Some things chang...
||Twin Destroyers||  (DISCONTINUED) by Maureen_78
||Twin Destroyers|| (DISCONTINUED)by Maureen
(Y/n) and (Yf/n) Yuki are twin sisters who are also very talented Assassins. They were hired to take the a mission that had to do with the moon being destroyed. They wer...
Inventing Love by AkiraMiyoko
Inventing Loveby AkiraMiyoko
Yandere Nagito X Reader X Hajime Sorry I have no have to put here except the 'Yandere Nagito X Reader X Hajime' Thingy. By the way enjoy this story this was my first sto...
The New Girl [Nagisa Shiota x Reader] by baby_shampoo
The New Girl [Nagisa Shiota x baby_shampoo
(Y/n) is a girl who was just transfered to the E-class (a.k.a the End Class). She befriends some of her classmates,but may she like one of them more than a friend? [DISC...
Second Place {Nagisa x Reader} by richies_gang
Second Place {Nagisa x Reader}by RichieC
All Y/n wants to do is confess to Nagisa...Why is that so hard for the universe to understand?? Failed attempt after failed attempt, Y/n's just about ready to throw in t...
Dead Last {Nagisa x Reader Pt.2} by richies_gang
Dead Last {Nagisa x Reader Pt.2}by RichieC
Now that Y/n's pesky confession was out of the way, Y/n thought it would be easy to get a Nagisa to fall for her. Turns out there's more to their relationship than she...
!!HIATUS!!Chasing Hope- Nagito x Reader by stardust330
!!HIATUS!!Chasing Hope- Nagito x Liva
!!!!!ON HIATUS!!!!!! heehoo, welcome to my Nagito x Reader. warning: might switch from second to first point of view accidentally 😔 also, you're bi. hope you don't mind...
It Had To Be You (Kirishima Ikuya X Reader) by IamAliciaSten
It Had To Be You (Kirishima AliciaSten
Makoto, Haruka and (Name) have just graduated from high school. Finally finding apartments in Tokyo, you're all ready to start your university days. What happens when yo...
Free! x Reader Oneshots by meisakamaki
Free! x Reader Oneshotsby Mei
(Formally known as Free!xReader Scenarios/Oneshots) These are random Oneshots and I have thought of >w< Or you guys! Requests are open!
Anime Oneshots |xReader| by AiYou2
Anime Oneshots |xReader|by tom.ato
All the photos are not mine and so are the characters (except for the made-up ones, like the friends of the reader, and the reader) All credit goes to the original artis...
My New Start (Nagisa X Male reader) by Flisin
My New Start (Nagisa X Male reader)by Flisin
Y/n (Age 18) is transferred to a new school, Mishima College! Due to his high grades and upper-class mannerisms instilled into him ever since he was a young boy, he land...
Assassination Classroom Boyfriend Scenarios and One-shots  by I_exist_UwU
Assassination Classroom Hello_peoples <3
This is a book of scenarios you could have with your boyfriend and how it would go with each of the following Assassination classroom characters. If you want me to add a...
Our Turning of Fate: Karmagisa (Yaoi/Smut) by KyreTia
Our Turning of Fate: Karmagisa ( KyreTia
*WARNING* This story contains boy x boy, smut, inappropriate language, and violence. ~ Description: Imagine if Assassination Classroom took place in high school. ~ Nag...
Assassination Classroom x Reader-Oneshots{COMPLETED} by ruruisded
Assassination Classroom x she's resting
Everything can happen in a FANFIC! Place your requests now!
Nagito Boyfriend Scenarios (Nagito x Reader) [DISCONTINUED] by getoffmyclouds
Nagito Boyfriend Scenarios ( ☕️
This is a huge collection of scenarios with you and Nagito Komaeda spending time together. It is full of scenarios which is full of fluff and sometimes some cheesy parts...
Daganronpa oneshots [FINISHED] by Stinkyfeet24
Daganronpa oneshots [FINISHED]by Stinkyfeet24
Requests: closed 5-Bruh 5-Toko Artist of cover-
~Formula~ [ A Nagito x Reader Story ] || Discontinued || by CharamelSwaps
~Formula~ [ A Nagito x Reader albinaa(charamelswaps)
This is the story of (Y/N) and Nagito falling in love with each other until one of them passed away because of the killing game manipulated by Monokuma. Who will die fi...
Danganshots! (Danganronpa Oneshots) by 3Sora25
Danganshots! (Danganronpa Oneshots)by Sorell!!
Cover done by Darnthatstrippy! Danganronpa oneshots (characterxcharacter and characterxreader) Please i beg you stop reading this i do art please i dont want to be known...
The Neighbor Next Door( Nagito X Reader) by Meli6452
The Neighbor Next Door( Nagito X Alice
It all starts when u move into your new home and u meet this hot new neighbor next door. He catches your eye that you become interested in him but little did you know he...