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Tokyo Terrors by tomsdelusional__
Tokyo Terrorsby tomsdelusional__
hey guys this is a new story and it is inspired by my living nightmare, I tried to do the same concept, so I hope you guys enjoy! TW BTW trying to post often :) ib- wint...
I hate you kaulitz. by snowingnightz
I hate you ana listing
You are a 19 year old girl named Alexandra. You moved from Moldova to Berlin. You have Hazel with brunette hair. (I dunno how to explain my bad.)
Eternal Souls by eraseandreset
Eternal Soulsby
A young 17 year old German model visits her old friend Yumi in Tokyo to look for work. But when she arrives, no one is home. Things in the house are moved around and lig...
Dont say I didn't warn you. by nveragainn
Dont say I didn't warn >_<
This story is inspired by My living Nightmare by Winternightzz, Its basically a replica of her story but the storyline is very different! The characters names will chang...
He owns me... || by Opalekltz || by opalekltz
He owns me... || by Opalekltz ||by Opalekltz
⚠️TW ⚠️ SH, ABU$€, RAP€, ALCOHOL, DRUGS, BAD WORDS, PHYSICAL HARASSMENT, ANNEX AND PANIC ATTACKS, EATING DISORDERS⚠️ Your name is y/n ( your name ), Your father is dead...
devil in disguise bill kaulitz story by smilemoreslag12
devil in disguise bill kaulitz smilemoreslag12
you run into the kaulitz twins gang read now
My Kidnapper-Tokio Hotel- by TokioxHotel12
My Kidnapper-Tokio Hotel-by TokioxHotel12
This is a fan book! Nova is a 17 year old girl from L.A. She is happy and is really good in school, though they think. She wasn't that known. Until she gets kidnapped by...
My Forced Husband|| Tom Kaulitz by Marlene_Kaulitz
My Forced Husband|| Tom Kaulitzby Tara Kaulitz
You were forced into a marriage with Tom Kaulitz. Tom kaulitz is in a gang with his Brother Bill kaulitz and two of his friends, Georg and Gustav.
a continued continued a beautiful lie by 444xmrskaulitz
a continued continued a ich liebe TK
I loved my living nightmare and a beautiful lie so much I read a continued a beautiful lie by @intomkaulitzwetrust which was so fuckin good so I decided to continue the...
I hate you kaulitz. | Part 2 by snowingnightz
I hate you kaulitz. | Part 2by ana listing
TW: DRUGS, SMUT, ALCHOOL, MURDERER, SELF HARM AND MENTIONS OF SUICIDE. Tom goes to Belgium after 2 months of recovery. Till he finds a beautiful girl with Hazel mixed wi...
My boy 🙈 -Bill kaulitz  by Aleshaxbillxo
My boy 🙈 -Bill kaulitz by Alesha💋
You live in Germany in 2007 And you are 17. Your best friends / neighbours with the kaulitz twins , but you have your eye on bill 🤭
My Therapist by rubyyxtokiohotell
My Therapistby rubyyxtokiohotell
I pick my nails as I sit in the waiting room for my new therapist, then walks out a guy. He's beautiful.. his light brown eyes are gorgeous, his lips and lip piercing lo...
The mysterious mission..  by Tomxzq
The mysterious mission.. by Tomxzq
Your dad has sent you off to a "mysterious mission" to find the "Tom kaulitz" he was mafia leader and so was your father, apparently Tom has somethin...
Bills Dream Come True.. by AleniseMartinez
Bills Dream Come Alenise Martinez
It's a very nice rp (DISCLAIMER: this is not real just doing it for fun all of it is fake ⚠️⚠️) It's almost like My living nightmare about Tom kaulitz, but just Yk. Ther...
The Good Girl by blowfours
The Good Girlby blowfours
I hate it here. I hate him. I hate mom. I hate dad. I hate germany. I have mason. I hate everything! Description: this book is about a 18 year old named Tracy Freeland...
My Living Nightmare//pt3// by Heidi9226
My Living Nightmare//pt3//by Heidi9226
My Darling Inez - Tom Kaulitz  by Ayesha703802
My Darling Inez - Tom Kaulitz by Ayesha703802
This story is somewhat inspired by "My Living Nightmare" by Winternightz but some things have been changed
Gone Gone Kins by dreamykenzie
Gone Gone Kinsby Kenzie
Kins, a irregular teen girl with a big mental health illness. She needs someone to comfort her, telling her she'll be okay, she'll last. That shes not a weirdo. One day...
Intoxicated Love  by raisinloves
Intoxicated Love by kiara
its 2010, Juliette is trying to find a way get her mom back from a this mystery man, it takes a while but georg is in her way and distracting her, juliette only a 16 yea...