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Ronin (Ongoing) by sashaxdee
Ronin (Ongoing)by Sasha
Cheyenne "Chey" Dawn has always lived her life under rules and regulations. She comes off as quirky to almost anyone she ever meets. Derek was supposed to be t...
I'm no Hero [Yandere!Harem x O.P!Ronin!Tatsumi] by RedNightRaider
I'm no Hero [Yandere!Harem x O.P! RedNightRaider
Tatsumi has lost everything. His parents his village his friend's and much much more. after joining a clan of samurai he is eventually disgraced and take's the path of a...
Opposites Attract // (Ninjago x Reader) by Yukiko2248
Opposites Attract // (Ninjago x Kai2248
My definition of a relaxed weekend always was to stay up late, play video games and binge watch everything I could get my hands on. But, well, here's the thing. If someo...
Ronin reader x RWBY by Ghost-Samurai99
Ronin reader x RWBYby Ghost-Samurai99
I'm a fighter with no home, no family, no friends, and a burning hatred for the white fang, the people that murdered my mother the only family I had left. Now I will mak...
STAY by hearthstoneblitz
STAYby I'm kinda sus tho
This is a reader insert where you are thrown into the Land of Epic and get to meet Ronin and many of the other characters. This is my first Fanfic so please be nice, but...
Ronin (A Marvel Fan pitch) by tommy420
Ronin (A Marvel Fan pitch)by Tommy Callaghan
Charlie tries to live a normal life, aside from the fact he used to be a warrior whose slain terrible people alongside a former avenger. When the fang clan plans to unle...
Love in the Dark  by Alexaaneli
Love in the Dark by Alexa aneli
Ongoing Currently #2! for #steverogerssmut Dark Steve Rogers Toxic relationship Warnings ⚠️ swearing, jealousy, violence, and smut eventually. 18+ "I can't do thi...
Morro's Wish by Master-of-Chaos
Morro's Wishby Master-of-Chaos
A Young Morro wishes for his hearts desire to be apart of Sensei Wu's family. Meanwhile (Y/N) stops a robbery at Wu's tea shop resulting in her being sent back in time...
Born for this [Kiba Inuzuka Love Story] by hammockbabe
Born for this [Kiba Inuzuka Love hammockbabe
Sayuri has a lot of questions. Being the last surviving female of her clan, can she re-establish the clan that was once so powerful and master the ultimate Jutsu of her...
Arc Kombat by Crowknight13
Arc Kombatby NightCr0w13
Jaune is betrayed by his friends and family and is transported to the MK universe, now it's up to him to save the realms while dealing with something inside him Jaune x...
NINJAGO ONESHOTS by _Lila_Loomsdown_
The title says it all! I hope you enjoy!
The Princess & The Thief by gramaye
The Princess & The Thiefby Gra-MayeDIY
Once upon a time, in a world when the grass is green and the sky is blue. Ninjago is ruled by the five royal families with great fortunes, but this one particular prince...
The first Pilot ( Male reader x Star Wars rebels ) by Chris2kzombiekil
The first Pilot ( Male reader x Superior_Cosmic_Fear
I decided to make this story of two very similar universes. Ive never seen a story like this so I took the challenge. Im going to try my absolute best to give you the be...
The Bird and the Demon by SashaTuggle
The Bird and the Demonby Sasha Tuggle
"Damian has been missing for over two month now and we are no closer at finding him." Tim ranted as he passed back and forth. "Hello Beloved." Talia...
Ninja Family by DisneyQueen0625
Ninja Familyby DisneyQueen0625
Jay and Nya have a surprise for everyone that will change everyone's lives! Lloyd has a secret! The ninja start thinking about their future. What will happen when tha...
Theme by AuroreDoyon15
Themeby Turtlepower12
"You own a magical piano. When you play the theme song of a TV show or movie on it, it transports you into that world. After transporting yourself into a different...
revolution | ninjago au by alirxi
revolution | ninjago auby predebut han
"It's a suicide mission! You wouldn't last!" "He's gonna turn everyone against him, in good time." Based off Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2 In a corrupt dy...
Christmas In The Never realm (lloykita story) by ninjagofan389
Christmas In The Never realm ( angelo
after lloyd and his team left the never realm and it's been about a year since lloyd has seen akita he want to see her again and akita really wants to see him again. so...
NinjaGo Boyfriend Scenarios by GhostNinjaWrayth
NinjaGo Boyfriend Scenariosby Literally Giratina
NinjaGo boyfriend scenarios like no other! The three character of these stories are Soul Archer, Ronin, and Morro! I thought it would be cool and interesting to do this...