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Mob Talker x Male Reader: Corruption by R34IsSin
Mob Talker x Male Reader: SHSL Psycho
What happens when you're forced to live in your least favorite game that's slowly becoming an empty void. Bad things will definitely happen, but you never know what will...
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Ye Olde Mob Talker Mod Fan Fiction by GalacticFedMarine
Ye Olde Mob Talker Mod Fan Fictionby GalacticFedMarine
I was sick, and bored. Then, this came from it. Enjoy!
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Minecraft: The Quest of the M.T (Rewritten) by TurboCharger97
Minecraft: The Quest of the M.T ( Vince Jyrel
Steve, an ordinary Minecraftian who had worked on his own. He chopped down the trees, he mined the minerals on the cave and killing mobs at night. One day, his life was...
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The Conqueror ( A Minecraft  X Male Reader Story ) by Creeper_Corporation
The Conqueror ( A Minecraft X Krystal 『©』
∆Completed∆ ∆Book 1∆ A Minecraft Mob Talker girls X Reader Story. there is something going on to the Minecraft Universe. Y/N, an ordinary Miner has encountered a Strange...
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First Multiverse/Other World Traveler Nathaniel  (REMAKE again i hate myself) by NathanielPerez1
First Multiverse/Other World Falchion[|27|]
The First Human/God to ever travel another universe without being invited by another god or being reincarnated in another world but rather using technology and his UNKNO...
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Minecraft Mob Talker Girls x Male Reader by Lunar_Legend
Minecraft Mob Talker Girls x Lunar_Legend
Here we go everyone, hope you enjoy this Insert
War For Minecraft (Book 1) by Koonsly
War For Minecraft (Book 1)by Jayson
When wrongfully Steve is cast out from the only human kingdom in Minecraftia, rather than taking revenge-- he chooses to live out the rest of his life peacefully within...
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ender man reader x rwby by sketchmaster64
ender man reader x rwbyby Xavier Masters
whilst wandering in the end waiting for your friend Alex to show up and slay the ender dragon and free your kind you decide to visit her and teleport to the over world b...
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My Experience with the Mob talker mod (Heroinebrine edition) by NotEvenOverHere
My Experience with the Mob Dat Boy
Lan is your normal 15 year old guy, who enjoys playing minecraft, until his life changes when he tells us his experience with the new mod he added to his game.
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Endergirl (OC x Endergirl) by Shuxi13
Endergirl (OC x Endergirl)by Shuxi
Jack is just a normal kid living a semi-normal life, obsessed with gaming and writing. His life is usually pretty boring, until one day...
War for Minecraft (Book 2) by Koonsly
War for Minecraft (Book 2)by Jayson
Andr has been busy. Looking for Steve almost none stop, since the death of Blazette. It's taken long enough for her to get back to Steve's home with the small group of m...
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No breaks at home. (Soldier X Minecraft mob talker mob) by bielby3847
No breaks at home. (Soldier X bielby3847
I know you all may have seen other versions of this story, but I haven't seen anything like this. A young British soldier returns home from Afghanistan, as his tour has...
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Mob Talker - An EnderDragon for a Girlfriend!? by Vision120
Mob Talker - An EnderDragon for Just a Weebo
Kyle Cole was just living a normal life, having a blast playing games with his best friend, goes to school, spent time with his family and stuff. But he just missing one...
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The Conqueror: Portal to the Underworld by Creeper_Corporation
The Conqueror: Portal to the Krystal 『©』
Book 2! a Minecraft Mob talker X Male Reader story! prioritization: ⭐ [warning: do not read this if you haven't finish reading the book 1. so you can understand the stor...
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Friends Lost In Minecraft by Therealgoku9000
Friends Lost In Minecraftby Charlie Pride
A warrior from another world and his allies join him in a world of there favorite game minecraft from a legendary monster as hero brine to various creatures and ghouls w...
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I love Cupa (A Minecraft Romance Fan Fiction) by Galileo_Gallifrey
I love Cupa (A Minecraft Romance Galileo_Gallifrey
Romance fantasy stories of Minecraft's Mob-Talker-Mod.
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A Whole New World by Lazy_Artist13
A Whole New Worldby LazyArtist
Leon was just your usual 18 year old collage student. Every time school is over, he would play the addicting game called 'Minecraft' which was introduced to him by his f...
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Mob Talker story V.2 by Vision120
Mob Talker story V.2by Just a Weebo
Ok this is the 3rd time I changed this storys description, Lol here it goes. Evan, a 16 year old guy, who isn't a serious type of person, even in life and death situatio...
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The Tale of Mobs and Steve by NotEvenOverHere
The Tale of Mobs and Steveby Dat Boy
In a world where one block man will have to survive many challenges like trying to get back his memories or fight the greatest evil that the Aether doesn't want and for...
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Minecraft Mob Talker: A New Remade World by kingubersandvich
Minecraft Mob Talker: A New King Uber Sandvich
I didn't like how the old book read, so I'm recreating it with my more modernized style. This will be more of a practice than an actual attempt for a full blown book. Al...
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