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Love Hurts by hashey000
Love Hurtsby hashey000
I was given the chance no one thought they could ever have, although many were given the chance..... Stuck in Minecraft Ramirez is one of the many teens sucked into the...
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Minecraft: The Quest of the M.T (Rewritten) by TurboCharger97
Minecraft: The Quest of the M.T ( Vince Jyrel
Steve, an ordinary Minecraftian who had worked on his own. He chopped down the trees, he mined the minerals on the cave and killing mobs at night. One day, his life was...
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War For Minecraft (Book 1) by Koonsly
War For Minecraft (Book 1)by Jayson
When wrongfully Steve is cast out from the only human kingdom in Minecraftia, rather than taking revenge-- he chooses to live out the rest of his life peacefully within...
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Your New Life (A Minecaft x Male Reader Lovestory) by TheKid5000
Your New Life (A Minecaft x Male TheKid5000
Let's just say. You get girlfriend. They are mobs, they are girls, if you want an example, a creeper girl is on the cover photo and will be one of the girls in this stor...
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Cupa back in diapers  by itsfunney
Cupa back in diapers by Itsfunney
Found in the woods of minecraft by youtubers
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Cupa The Creeper by JulyDyeart
Cupa The Creeperby JulyDyeart
Our "hero" woke up in Minecraft wordl! He starts by punching a tree not too long after doing so, he notices a house hidden near where he was punching the tree...
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Minecraft: Into The Unknown (A Mob Talker Fanfic) by CrimsonSnowden
Minecraft: Into The Unknown (A Ryan Zeffrey
Long ago, the New World had not been discovered until the kingdom of Britannia became the first to step on foot on the New World. Soon, kingdoms around the world took th...
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No breaks at home. (Soldier X Minecraft mob talker mob) by bielby3847
No breaks at home. (Soldier X bielby3847
I know you all may have seen other versions of this story, but I haven't seen anything like this. A young British soldier returns home from Afghanistan, as his tour has...
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War for Minecraft (Book 2) by Koonsly
War for Minecraft (Book 2)by Jayson
Andr has been busy. Looking for Steve almost none stop, since the death of Blazette. It's taken long enough for her to get back to Steve's home with the small group of m...
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my friend is a creeper by JoeyBrown554
my friend is a creeperby Joey Brown
Minecraft is a big place to travel a lot, you built lots of houses, and never seem to find anyone to be friends with. After a new part is around a week I'll make a anthe...
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Dream Come True? by pab101
Dream Come True?by Alexander And The No Good Ver...
Timothy, a pc gamer, finds himself awake in a strange new land, Minecraft. See his Journeys with him and his new found friends on the epic story Dream "Come True?&q...
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 Cupa the creeper And the wear wolf ABDL by itsfunney
Cupa the creeper And the wear Itsfunney
This story contains diapers age play and more if that's not your thing then turn away.
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Minecraft Mob Talker: A New Remade World by kingubersandvich
Minecraft Mob Talker: A New King Uber Sandvich
I didn't like how the old book read, so I'm recreating it with my more modernized style. This will be more of a practice than an actual attempt for a full blown book. Al...
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Mob talker rp by Magenta_Moon
Mob talker rpby Dell_Laptops
Rewrite #4...I don't know why I'm remaking some of these...but eh I've done so much...
Just Roleplay! Minecraft Mob Talker by Gray_The_Slime
Just Roleplay! Minecraft Mob Talkerby Joyful little slime(humanized)
in the name bro. 😝😝
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For the Ashflo lovers ONLY by seviasaifoloi
For the Ashflo lovers ONLYby seviasaifoloi
If you love Ashflo read this book now!!!!
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Hot Smut(for U My Bud;)) by thablucat
Hot Smut(for U My Bud;))by Quartz Lazulite(Under works)
Here is a little Minecraft smut for ya
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Friendly by LukeDryden
Friendlyby Luke Dryden
taking a break from all the military esc writting I'm doing, I'm finally writing something more focused on romance. Most of the Main Characters traits are mine. I will n...
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Creeper Girl by Endercore
Creeper Girlby Endercore
Minecraft Talk: A Pixel Boy Side story by Insanetoon
Minecraft Talk: A Pixel Boy Side TheLilDevil
Hey guys dude here.... . Awkward anyways this time is 100% legit side story. 100%,.... Please help me. Once again Own no Minecraft content. No copyright here.....Yep....
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