The Conqueror ( A Minecraft  X Male Reader Story )

The Conqueror ( A Minecraft X Male Reader Story )

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A Minecraft Mob Talker girls X Reader Story.

there is something going on to the Minecraft Universe.

Y/N, an ordinary Miner has encountered a Strange Mob. rather than being a Monster, this one seems in Female Human Form where most of its Kinds are following and protecting it.

due to this, many Minecrafters are hurt. some are died.

these Female Human Mobs are called Mob Princesses. no one has ever killed a Mob Princess before. 

For example:  Y/N was searching for a rare Ore called Diamonds, he met a Mob Princess in a cave. the Mob Princess seems to be in pain. an arrow hit her left leg and her right arm. 

would you kill a Mob Princess? Slave her? put her in a Cage? or Help her?

your decisions will decide how the story goes.

Also, the World is influenced by powerful Items called "Modification Items". 

Disclaimer: i do not own Minecraft and the cover. All Image inside of this story aren't ours. They belong to their respective owners

Attention! The female anime mobs came from the MOD of AT2; the Mob Talker Mod!

[the very first fan fiction story made by the Team. now we are trying to put it here at wattpad and show it to everyone. all Creep Corp staffs helps each other to create a fine chapter of this Fan fiction. hope you like it]

February 11, 2018 - April 25, 2018

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