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The Alpha And The Omega 3 by Superfruit_IsLife
The Alpha And The Omega 3by Mama Alpha
The third book of the series! And still going strong, with daily updates :) ALSO: Thank you @Kirstin_FanAcc for the cover!! :*
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Sugar Daddy by EmmyLuvs
Sugar Daddyby Emmy🖤
"Relationships are complicated and come with too many strings that I don't have the time to pull. I'm busy and won't have much time to always be around to provide a...
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In His Eyes by prince_lollipop
In His Eyesby Boop boop
"Don't look at me." The figure said, pulling his hood down his face to shield his looks. I ignore his warnings and pulls the black fabric back, his long eyelas...
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Milk by cheesecakewhisperer
Milkby cheesecakewhisperer
All he wanted was some milk. He didn't know it would change everything. - Mitch Grassi disappeared the summer before his senior year. It's time for him to come home. Wa...
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The Alpha And The Omega by Superfruit_IsLife
The Alpha And The Omegaby Mama Alpha
Completed :) -BUT- There is a second book... And a third... And um... A fourth xD
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You've been gone by EyEmiliaEyEyEy
You've been goneby EyEmilyEyEyEy
Mitch has been missing for eight years. Scott has been tirelessly searching for just as long. One day, the boy shows up outside of Scotts door, looking exactly the same...
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Yours by LinesOfBlack
Yoursby LinesOfBlack
In a world of overpopulation, each family is only allowed to have one child. Any children after that will be made slaves. Mitch Grassi was a second child. What happens w...
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Scott is lonely and looking for a soulmate. Avi is raped and abused by his father. Mitch is a sex slave for Avi's father. Kirstie has no Alpha to protect her. Kevin is q...
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The Alpha And The Omega 0 by Superfruit_IsLife
The Alpha And The Omega 0by Mama Alpha
We're going back to the origins, people! Where it all began ;) -Thank you so much @kirstin_fanacc for the cover ❤-
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Model by TalentlessTrash
Modelby •? ? ?•
Scott is an average guy with an average job. He's a photographer for a modelling company that only employs women. But when his sister-like best friend, convinces his bos...
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(strawberry) [NON AU TEXT FIC] {scömìche} by write_on_me_96
(strawberry) [NON AU TEXT FIC] { write_on_me_96
"This is real life, based on a true story" -S This contains exclusive content of the (strawberry) Coffe Table Book from Superfruit and a NON AU text fic based...
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Mitch Grassi x Reader [COMPLETED] by boomboxkid
Mitch Grassi x Reader [COMPLETED]by boomboxkid
Fem!reader You and Mitch were slight enemies in high school. There was just 1 problem. You had a crush on him. But you were friends with the same people. You left them a...
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Halo by Superfruit_IsLife
Haloby Mama Alpha
"Angels have no philosophy but love." -Terri Guillemets-
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Another World (Scömìche/Superfruit) by adventuresofabby
Another World (Scömìche/Superfruit)by adventuresofabby
Scott Hoying is a senior in high school and undoubtedly a jerk; a big one in fact. His parents are quite well known, and that is part of the reason why Scott is the way...
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Yellow by whatidk_
Yellowby whatidk_
Yellow was Mitch's favorite color before he was taken. - Loosely based on the movie, "Room"
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Scott, my alpha (scomiche) AU by AnaTaurus
Scott, my alpha (scomiche) AUby AnaTaurus
Mitch has been a rogue since he was 10. He is 19 now. One night he accidentally crosses the land of one of the biggest packs of the continent. Unfortunately for Mitch th...
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Your Biggest Fan [scomiche] by jaceistrash
Your Biggest Fan [scomiche]by Jace
Mitchell Coby Michael Grassi or as most people know him 'Mitch Grassi' is a world famous singer with three platinum albums, a Grammy, a documentary and a lot of fans. Sc...
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Incurable by Superfruit_IsLife
Incurableby Mama Alpha
"You're here because you can't sleep. Or won't let yourself eat. Maybe voices speak to you sometimes. Maybe... You don't know what's wrong. Whatever the reason, wha...
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The Alpha And The Omega 2 by Superfruit_IsLife
The Alpha And The Omega 2by Mama Alpha
Book 2 in the series!! It would be silly to read this one before the first one, so don't be silly.
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Small Stories by alyssamwarren
Small Storiesby alyssa w
A collection of one-shots written by @horsedancer123 and @alyssamwarren
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