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Howling at the Moons by txdramalover
Howling at the Moonsby txdramalover
Yo is a young werewolf who wants nothing more than to experience life. To live, laugh, and love beyond the restrictions he has always known. Will college be his chance t...
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He Was Mine by AuthornimJRose
He Was Mineby JRose
This takes place in the werewolf universe. At the age of eight, Arthit was forcefully removed from his mate via ritual. "Two men cannot be together." Forced ap...
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P'Pha's Glasses Kink 2 by Sakura_KitKat
P'Pha's Glasses Kink 2by Kitianna Katt
Part 2 of P'Pha's Glasses Kink. Picks up where the first part left off. ;) Enjoy!
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A Forth Beam story by Aru126
A Forth Beam storyby NaruHina
Forth x Beam now does this couple needs a summary but oh well Forth and beam have fallen for each other and even after hearing a confession from forth, beam is st...
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2moons One Shots (Texts) & More by Nahjay13
2moons One Shots (Texts) & Moreby Maya
One shots of our favorite 2moons couple Text messages and much more Pha-Yo Ming-Kit Forth-Beam Start date (9-20-17)
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An Ever Fix'ed Mark: A 2 Moons/2 Moons 2 Ming/Kit Story by deeheartsdramas
An Ever Fix'ed Mark: A 2 Moons/2 M...by Deeheartsdramas
"Shiya, Ming, why the hell did you kiss Kit's mark?" It was the same question I had been asking myself since it happened. And so far, I'd only been able to com...
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Love Or War - The Alter Universe by ChinitoBlanco
Love Or War - The Alter Universeby ChinitoBlanco
My name is Type Traipipattanapong. When I was in college, I met a gay roommate named Tharn. I used to hate gays but Tharn changed that mindset in me. He showed me that...
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Bet On Love (PhanaWayo) by AnaisNaiim
Bet On Love (PhanaWayo)by Anais Na'im
Phana and Wayo have never gotten along. While attending the same high school, if they weren't avoiding each other, then they were arguing. And now that they have ended u...
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I Think I'm Addicted To You by deebamanja
I Think I'm Addicted To Youby Deebamanja
ForthBeam's love story
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Two Moons The Series - Eng. Tran. Book 1 by ChinitoBlanco
Two Moons The Series - Eng. Tran...by ChinitoBlanco
Wayo is a college boy who's secretly in love with his senior Phana since they were in High School. His love for him led the innocent young man to go after this guy in t...
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Love Or War - A 2 Moons Fanfic Series by ChinitoBlanco
Love Or War - A 2 Moons Fanfic Ser...by ChinitoBlanco
Wayo Panichayasawad is in love with his senior, the badass high school heartthrob Phana Kongthanin. Born with a face fit to match the beauty of the gods, the shy, timid...
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Two Moons The Series - Eng. Tran Book 3 by ChinitoBlanco
Two Moons The Series - Eng. Tran B...by ChinitoBlanco
This is the third installment of Chiffon_Cake's Thai BL Book entitled: เดือนเกี้ยวเดือน. All names of characters are based on the original story. No changes in location...
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My Crush Love by Pinky141087
My Crush Loveby Pinky141087
It's a Taetee story. Hope you enjoy it.
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Its too Much for Me. by banana_TOP
Its too Much for Me.by banana_TOP
Dome And Pavel are both huge flirts as everyone on campus knows, but now that they are together their isn't really anyone willing to come between them. To celebrate bei...
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Just By Chance (ForthBeam) by AnaisNaiim
Just By Chance (ForthBeam)by Anais Na'im
Beam has had a crush on Forth since their freshman year when they met during the Moon and Star pageant, but stern and stoic Forth has never noticed. Now sophomores, thin...
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2 Moons The Series - Eng. Book 2 by ChinitoBlanco
2 Moons The Series - Eng. Book 2by ChinitoBlanco
This is an English translation of the 2nd Book written by Chiffon_cake based on her second original book เดือนเกี้ยวเดือน. All names of characters are based from the or...
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Follow Your Feeling by NotFoxyTale
Follow Your Feelingby NotFoxyTale
It's start with wrong email address between the fresher from cooking club with the president of swimming club. They start to chat as if they know each other. But what ha...
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Take My Hand ( ForthBeam ) by celesbunbun
Take My Hand ( ForthBeam )by celesbunbun
Hi, This story is an english translation of the original Burmese fanfic by awesome author @PerayaZuz and I am translating with her permission. I've posted a part in my p...
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2 Moons The Series - Special Edition Chapters by ChinitoBlanco
2 Moons The Series - Special Editi...by ChinitoBlanco
When the love of these six boys encounters obstacles along the way... Will the relationship continue? Phana: I'm happy... Phana: I think whatever's between us will no lo...
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[COMPLETED] 2Moons Love Destiny by maeyingkarakade
[COMPLETED] 2Moons Love Destinyby karakade
"please make a good deed with my body , and make them believe that Baramee is also a good person" said beam from the past to 'beam' from the future inspired fr...
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