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Are you sure?[Completed] by soumyamunda
Are you sure?[Completed]by soumyamunda
Forth had never cared about labels. And Phana had always been straight, Or so he thought.
Forever With You  (ForthBeam) by Thibha16
Forever With You (ForthBeam)by Thibha Suria Ravinthiran
Have you ever felt like you know more about certain things which are not your specialty? Have you ever had any phobia which you couldn't overcome no matter what? Have y...
One Moon by yaayeobooo
One Moonby Yaayeobooo
[BL] This is a story about Phana and Mingkwan.
Just By Chance by AnaisNaiim
Just By Chanceby Anais Na'im
Beam has had a crush on Forth since their freshman year when they met during the Moon and Star pageant, but stern and stoic Forth has never noticed. Now sophomores, thin...
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DATING the cold HEAD HAZER by Varshu29
DATING the cold HEAD HAZERby Varshu29😍
💛COMPLETE 💛 Forth Jaturapoom is a cold Head Hazer rules whole engineering under his finger. People call him cold prince. But that doesn't mean he don't have admirers b...
Crumbled dreams ( forthbeam) [Completed] by caseylove01
Crumbled dreams ( forthbeam) [ caseylove01
he was standing beside his husband, in the altar. Trying best to contain his tears as guest were congratulating him and his now husband, about their marriage. He didn't...
Wrapped  by Urmi08
Wrapped by Urmi08
King may rule the kingdom but Queen rules the King *** Beam takes a drastic step that leads Forth to a mess. But Beam is Beam. Who can stop him from winning? 😉 *** A F...
Addicted to doctor forth ✔ by Luckyhari_9294
Addicted to doctor forth ✔by Luckyhari
forth loves beam at young age but he got rejected once, now he is a cardiac surgeon where he meets beam as an intern again.
My Crusher by Fireball0192
My Crusherby Fluffy
"who has CRUSH on who????🤔🤔" Forth is a popular celebrity married Beam, a doctor whom he loved for a longtime. The story revolves around their love life, ma...
THe LOST soUL   by Varshu29
THe LOST soUL by Varshu29😍
💝(Complete)💝 lets just say there is something in Beam that makes everyone at least have a glance of him once. But what will happened when the kind Beam encountered...
Queen Of Engineering  by Roslinelveeramontero
Queen Of Engineering by Roseline elveera Monteiro
Forth shake his head and said "No I'm sorry for yesterday " Beam said " Its okay. we are friends. I know you are drunk so it's okay" Beam said ag...
My Best Lover, is he? [Completed] by laydeeshannon
My Best Lover, is he? [Completed]by laydeeshannon
Another fan fiction on ParkxForth! I felt they have such sizzling chemistry, I had to see them again in another fan fiction. I'm so torn between him and Lam being a part...
Till death tear us apart{completed}✔ by lazyfujoshi
Till death tear us apart{ namjoons wife
Beam never wanted to fall in love again,but what if his dead lover returns... hello guys this is my first story so pls support me I will update on random days but regula...
Do You See Me?  [Completed] by laydeeshannon
Do You See Me? [Completed]by laydeeshannon
My 2nd ParkxArthit story in my collection. The first was Fluff & Tough as a birthday gift for a reader:) The 2nd would be this for a reader too as a request! I am defi...
(2moons Fanfiction) FORTHBEAM || THE PRICE OF ME by yongpd
(2moons Fanfiction) FORTHBEAM || zeahhaez
Beam fall in love first. They we're best of friends. Beam confessed, risking their friendship. Forth felt so disgusted. Beam was heartbroken. He became ruthless. ...
WHAT IS THIS? by sarahaiz
WHAT IS THIS?by sarahaiz
"Can I follow you move to the city phi Forr? I already packed my books. I want to follow you phi. I need you phi" Beam said sadly. This is my first fanfiction...
Silence  by George_1984
Silence by George_1984
One night, Forth got into accident and met Dr. Beam Baramee. Dr. Beam who is the most famous cardiothoratic surgeon in the country. Met the most disturbing person in his...
Disappear by George_1984
Disappearby George_1984
Beam is so in love to one engineering student. He thinks that Forth is the best thing that happened with him. He loves him and do everything to get his attention. Forth...
No Escape by xoxoharuhiko
No Escapeby Haruhiko
Beam learned to live in peace. He had dealt with the past and he had forgotten what's left of it. Forth made plans, he knew he had to use force to win Beam's heart again...
The Unloved | BeamForth by CrackerWrites
The Unloved | BeamForthby sunel
Being unloved for the whole life, Beam finds peace in his husband Forth... But what happen when he feel the betrayal.. "I was just using you" Forth "But...