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My Luna by Bluelove357
My Lunaby Blue love
OhmNon Omegaverse Story A/N: This story contains mxm and mpreg. PS:- None of the media belongs to me. Cr to the owner. Start: 12/7/2021 End: 1/11/2021
Threw My Eyes (Klance Au) by PhoenixFics
Threw My Eyes (Klance Au)by PhoenixFics
After waking from a 10,000 year sleep Lance and his sister Allura are the last of there people. Now they are tasked with leading the pladians of voltron to save the univ...
My Soft Mafia  by kalon26
My Soft Mafia by Hope
2021 WATTYS - NOT EDITED Synopsis- People say that being in a mafia group you should be cold, dark, and frightening, but what happens when the most feared mafia "M...
My world  by Niharikachintam
My world by Nitham
Gulf kanawut is a star actor in thailand. who doesn't love his career , he forcibly choose acting as a career because of his mother who want a luxurious life . Gulf is...
Arrogant Mafia and Baby Boss by sweetkitten17
Arrogant Mafia and Baby Bossby sweet kitten
this story revolves around two individuals...who are very different from each other one who believe in kindness and other who believe in tic for tac.... two different pe...
Healer and his Outlaw (MewGulf FF) by divikash
Healer and his Outlaw (MewGulf FF)by Divzz
Mew's aversion for gangsters, loan sharks ...or anyone who is anywhere associated with violence including the cops, has been strong since the time he lost his parents in...
Someone like you {MewGulf} *DISCONTINUED* by brokepotato__
Someone like you {MewGulf} * prettypotato
After two years, Mew finally moved on from his death, or does he think he is. After meeting someone who look exactly like him Mew has been questioning himself "Don'...
These Arms Will Keep You Warm✔️ by cuddlepilefics
These Arms Will Keep You Warm✔️by cuddlepilefics
Chan's train gets cancelled and he decides to walk home on a deserted road, leaving him to seek shelter in the middle of a storm. When he comes across a small shed, he r...
Taming Gulf: MewGulf by sadhappysoul
Taming Gulf: MewGulfby sadhappysoul
Gulf is wild, filthy and has a bitchy attitude. He lives each day as if it's his last. He is faced with a dilemma when he has to choose between love and happiness. #This...
The mafia King is inlove with me?  by carrienattarine
The mafia King is inlove with me? by Carrie Nattarine
This is my first time writting hope you guys would like it. Mew Suppasit Jongcheevevat a ruthless cold and unforgiving mafia leader specially if you hurt his baby and so...
Sweet Revenge  by sadhappysoul
Sweet Revenge by sadhappysoul
Gulf is set on taking revenge on the people who ruined his family. He has to fight blood and love to get satisfaction but will everything go his way?
LUCKY CHARM  by Neenasd
LUCKY CHARM by Mewgulf❤️ forever ❤️♾️
Mew suppasit a multi billionaire and politician ... Rich and hot man ... Who was searching for a surrogacy... Gulf Kanawut a young boy who studies first in first year co...
HUMAN by sadhappysoul
HUMANby sadhappysoul
Alpha J is faced with a hard decision of choosing between the tradition that has been kept in check for 40 years and his soon to be sworn son, Mew. Interim Alpha Mew not...
Loving The Big Bully (MewGulf) Complete by AngelBTS_army
Loving The Big Bully (MewGulf) Angel_wolf
what happened if the most kind and cute hearted guy on school fell in love wait the school biggest bully/play boy hewo here a new book is requested I hope you'll like it
When its you.. by shrutiworld
When its Shruti
I want to write TayNew ff again after a long time, really saying the story what I am going to write is still not clear to myself... it's just that I feel like writing ag...
Let Me Court You [MEWGULF FANFIC] by lettenicx
Let Me Court You [MEWGULF FANFIC]by lettenicx
Mew Suppasit is the most wanted man in the school. He is what the girls and boys called, "an all rounder". Mew got the looks, he is flawless in not just his lo...
THE MOON IS BEAUTIFUL, isn't it? by ellan23
THE MOON IS BEAUTIFUL, isn't it?by ellan23
Gulf as a arrogant rich spoiled brat who crosses path with gentle polite teaching assistant Mew. Mild and Boat as best friends.. are they really best friends??? Koklia...
One Direction M-preg Oneshots by WonderfulWorld09009
One Direction M-preg Oneshotsby If you want to know, just ask...
Here is a series of M-Pregs inspired by boys of One Direction.
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Broken Angel and The Healer {Slow Update} by sweetkitten17
Broken Angel and The Healer { sweet kitten
The story revolves around the gulf who was happily married for 5 years but in the eye of family and society, he has a loving husband who compiles his demand not in the n...