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A Little Star  by 0themoonknight0
A Little Star by Moon
Hello peeps! This is my first fanfic so it probably won't be that good. Well try to update as frequently as possible. A little pink puffball named Kirby as done many he...
random magolor stuff because I kinnie him by Lizzy13334
random magolor stuff because I These robots GAY
MAGOLOR (none of the art is mine unless I say so) Cover art by daily magolor on Tumblr
PEACEFUL LIFE[kirby various x reader] by _CYRA_CHAN_
PEACEFUL LIFE[kirby various x CYRA
"is this a dream?"she said looking down at a small pink alien. "poyo!"he squeaked with happiness Started:1/12/2019 Finished:???
(Y/N): Right Back At Ya! A Meta Knight x Reader Book by lumiiberry01
(Y/N): Right Back At Ya! A Meta lumiiberry01
This fanfic was heavily inspired by "My Spanish Star Warrior" by @Olivia200312 so be sure to check that out! (Y/N) was an ordinary human with an ordinary life...
Meta Knight x FTM! reader  by Nero_nuna_luna
Meta Knight x FTM! reader by Nero_nuna_luna
Hey! I hope the story will turn out good.. Uh.. Anyways your Pre-t and you have short hair but you're not out to your parents. But when you told them that you're a Trans...
Gijinka!Kirby Mini-series⭐ by Peachmangopie323
Gijinka!Kirby Mini-series⭐by Kumo_zd🍰
yes it's all pictures, you're welcome. the comics aren't made in chronological order but I am planning to make a full fledged novel based on its exact story and setting...
Slime & Star Warrior (Reincarnated as a Slime x Male/OC Kirby Reader) by Sparky824
Slime & Star Warrior ( Khiry Cleveland
Khiry LOVES Kirby games. When the new Kirby game came out, he & his girlfriend went to get it. But, his life was now taken. Now reincarnated as Kirby, Kirby Tempest, alo...
Kirby: Right Back at the World! by Kirby_SuperrStar
Kirby: Right Back at the World!by Kirby_SuperrStar
Kirby and meta knight get telaported to other animes. What will they do? im not doing human kirby andmeta no sorry i dont update consistantly but i will update itZ!
Royal court's contained love (Meta-knight x reader) DISCONTINUED by Anniebanny112
Royal court's contained love ( Rusty rule breaker
You are just a simple court entertainer in love with a hot knight, who is thoughtful and wise, but a mystery. Will you finally have the courage to ask him out? Btw I do...
Through these forgotten lands (human Meta knight x reader ) by Loviedove_
Through these forgotten lands ( Lovie
⚠️Kirby and the Forgotten Lands spoilers!⚠️ You, a civilian of a once peaceful dream land have been sucked into unfamiliar lands. You don't seem to be finding much, unti...
Meta knight x reader by hannathecartoonlover
Meta knight x readerby hannathecartoonlover
I've always loved meta knight he is such an amazing character anyways this fanfic takes place in Kirby right back at ya one of the show's closest to me and my heart enjo...
Of The Stars by KazzMcSass
Of The Starsby KazzMcSass
Based on the anime, this story goes through the time when Meta Knight first arrived in Dreamland. Chasing after a monster named Miroarge, he must save the people of Capp...
Kirby: Right Back at Ya! x Powerful! Reader by Account_is_Abandoned
Kirby: Right Back at Ya! x Abandoned
I haven't written anything in a while so I decided to take a gander at one of my favorite shows to watch as a child. Hopefully I won't mess up in the grammar area as muc...
Meta Knight x Reader One-Shots by SmuggleMuffin
Meta Knight x Reader One-Shotsby Bee
Assorted one-shot Meta Knight x Reader stories. I made this cause I ran out of Meta Knight x readers to read so I'm making my own now. (Also I did the art on the cover) ...
Incorrect Kirby's quotes by Fluffy--Prince
Incorrect Kirby's quotesby Every day is Magolor's day
Magolor came out of my wii and called me a bitch
Kirby x Meta Knight  -  human girl Kirby!! With lots of 𝓻𝓸𝓶𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓮  by wiccawiccawoo69
Kirby x Meta Knight - human Wicca
Have you been looking for a story that follows the love story of human Meta Knight and girl Kirby? Well your in luck!! This fan fic tells the story of how Meta and Kirb...
Game Kirby and Anime Kirby react to stuff and meet each other by hackerboiii
Game Kirby and Anime Kirby react Nia Nwafor élève
(Long Title I Know) My brain wouldn't let concentrate in school until I made this so here it is! I'll try my best for the Anime Character but for the Game Characters it...
"Kirby's Trust Issues" - A Kirby Story by GattanoInk
"Kirby's Trust Issues" - A Kirby Gattano "Gat" "Caje" Ink
My first story! Cool. The protagonists are going to be the guys of Wave 3 in Star Allies (specially Magolor), Magolor from Kirby: Return to Dreamland, Susie from Kirby:...
The Last Star ( Meta knight/Mother reader/ Kirby)  by aceblaze01
The Last Star ( Meta knight/ Acie
Long ago there was a knight who was far stronger than any one in the galaxy. That knight was fear by her enemies just by seeing her even nightmare is scared of her. Now...
Kirby and co. gets a group chat by Ocelot-WOF
Kirby and co. gets a group chatby JD ❤
i show people my shit ideas also theres alot of ships? im throwing everyone in this shit!