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Legendary Pokemon/Gijinka Boyfriend Scenarios (ON HIATUS) by TheLazyCaiman
Legendary Pokemon/Gijinka Strifeoo
What if a legendary Pokémon loved you? With all of their heart?
Pokehuman One-shots by dratiinii
Pokehuman One-shotsby brave man
Just a bunch of random one shots that involves Gijinka, aka Pokéhumans, and the reader.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons One-Shots by Woeful_Wordsmith
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Morbid Conagher
(ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, READ MOST RECENT CHAPTER) Animal Crossing: New Horizons one-shots. We write gijinka and normal one-shots. Collaboration between two author...
N x Pokemon Reader by ElectricDust
N x Pokemon Readerby ElectricDust
This is my first story. i hope that you will enjoy it. Reader isn't an actual Pokemon. They just have 2 forms, human and Pokemon one. I won't spoil you anything so you w...
Pokemon Gijinka x reader: oneshots,limes,and lemons by Sam_uwu_HEYO
Pokemon Gijinka x reader: Sam_uwu_HEYO
hey y'all this my first book/story on wattpad. please feel free to request! I'll try making these oneshots pleasant to read!!! You've grown with your pokemon as you...
Lost in a World Alone(Gijinka!Meta Knight x Reader) by NicoleKaiba3
Lost in a World Alone(Gijinka! Nicole Ramos
You have never fit in on Earth an outcast a reject you name it. One day you mysteriously appear on a planet similar to Earth yet you are still least for now...
Pokemon Eeveelution Gijinka x Reader by ifartartistics
Pokemon Eeveelution Gijinka x ifartartistics
(I do not claim ownership of artwork,images,and Pokemon.) Of course,just by reading the title of this story,you know what you're getting yourself into.Some pretty hot...
 動物森林| 𝗔𝗡𝗜𝗠𝗔𝗟 𝗖𝗥𝗢𝗦𝗦𝗜𝗡𝗚 by heromasaru
|我可以看看你的護照嗎? GIJINKA ANIMAL CROSSING X READER STARTED • 26 MAY 2020 ENDED • 27 OCTOBER 2020 | 條目已被拒絕
Boredom: Pokémon edition by JustACasual69
Boredom: Pokémon editionby IcyKanabis
Pokémon legendaries shitpost. Mainly Tao trio. May update whenever I want to. Whatever pops up in my mind about these guys may end up here. If you stay here long enough...
Kirby and Velby, Heroes Of The Universe by EpicPotato2000
Kirby and Velby, Heroes Of The EpicPotato
Years ago, two babies emerged from the ground in Pupupu Village, near Parm Manor. The Parm family adopted the children, and after naming them they became Kirby and Velby...
animal crossing: new horizons oneshots by dodoairlines
animal crossing: new horizons dodoairlines
oneshots with different characters from animal crossing: new horizons !
A Protector ~Lucario Gijinka x Female Reader~ by Kolohegirl
A Protector ~Lucario Gijinka x Kolo
Lucario is a protector of all. He saves and helps everyone with wanting nothing in return. He is a true hero since he is a wild Pokémon. He loves and protects all. Y/N...
Legend of Velvet: Four Minccino by dreamycarnival
Legend of Velvet: Four Minccinoby Hime
Velvet Clotilde is a spunky (and not very bright) girl bent on beating Link at... pretty much anything. But when a humilation attempt goes wrong, she ends up with the le...
[G!Galacta Knight x Reader | Comfort✨⭐️] by Fallen_Egg
[G!Galacta Knight x Reader | egg
Oh wowie another unfinished gala x reader oop
Godzilla Warriors 9: Cloverfield by captaintaco2345
Godzilla Warriors 9: Cloverfieldby Captaintaco2345
An epidemic threatens the world, spread by parasitic creatures controlled by a strange new Kaiju. When even Rodan's life is threatened, Godzilla and the others team up w...
Fire and Flame by 8Cyber8
Fire and Flameby Ya Boi Cyber
Three ancient gods, each able to control a different element, have returned. The Supernatural shall learn to fear the raw power of nature once again.
Mechanical Minds by PoecilotheriaKrow
Mechanical Mindsby Poecilotheria
To improve the Halberd's defenses, Meta Knight is forced to seek out somebody he never wished to see again.
Godzilla Warriors 4: The Forgotten by captaintaco2345
Godzilla Warriors 4: The Forgottenby Captaintaco2345
The ancient deity of evil, Bagan, is back from his imprisonment, thanks to the help of Dogolas, an alien mastermind. While this duo appears invincible, three more warrio...
Reincarnated to the Moe World (Various Gijinka females X Male Reader) by Creeper_Corporation
Reincarnated to the Moe World ( Krystal 『©』
Y/N L/N, is a young man that lives in the West. a smart kid that loves video games and laze around his home. his parents are working hard for his little sister, which is...
Commander (Girls Frontline X Male Soldier Reader) by Creeper_Corporation
Commander (Girls Frontline X Krystal 『©』
an Army Soldier Reader X Girls Frontline Gun Tactical Dolls harem! Prioritization: ⭐ You are a soldier serving the country. Your father is a high ranked soldier and you'...