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★Kirby's Super Star Trial!★ (Gijinka AU) by Peachmangopie323
★Kirby's Super Star Trial!★ (Gijin...by Kumo_zd🍰
[Illusts in every chapter!] ✭The events of this story happens 2 years after Void Termina's defeat, where Kirby's dream friends continue to live with him on Dreamland in...
The Missing Ally by TheArtistEntertainer
The Missing Allyby 丅ᗩᗴ ᗪᖇᗩᗯᔕ✎
After 4 Years of Escargoon leaving Dreamland many things have changed. The people who live in town. Or some people's attitudes in general. But when the mollusk decides t...
Gijinka!Kirby Mini-series⭐ by Peachmangopie323
Gijinka!Kirby Mini-series⭐by Kumo_zd🍰
yes it's all pictures, you're welcome. the comics aren't made in chronological order but I am planning to make a full fledged novel based on its exact story and setting...
Kirby Headcanons by Doroken
Kirby Headcanonsby Bazinga
My Kirby headcanons. Most of these are present in my Kirby fanfics. Now, of course, none of these are actually confirmed or whatever in the Kirby franchise. These are si...
Meta Knight X Reader by GalacticWarriorSix
Meta Knight X Readerby GalacticWarriorSix
The first story I've ever written on this site. (Y/n)'s village is set alight by a fire breathing demon beast, and she races away to try surviving. When she's saved by...
Kirby x Meta Knight  -  human girl Kirby!! With lots of 𝓻𝓸𝓶𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓮  by wiccawiccawoo69
Kirby x Meta Knight - human girl...by Wicca
Have you been looking for a story that follows the love story of human Meta Knight and girl Kirby? Well your in luck!! This fan fic tells the story of how Meta and Kirb...
Mine by mizumi54
Mineby mizurai
Kirby moves and ends up in the same school as the cold, and supposedly cruel, Metallia Night. Soon after, trouble arises with the popular school bullies, and the two end...
Beyond Time and The Stars: Nightmare In Dreamland by JackofKnaves
Beyond Time and The Stars: Nightma...by JackofKnaves
What if Kirby and Meta Knight weren't the only Star Warriors to end up in Dreamland? Shortly after Kirby arrives in Cappy Town, a second Star Warrior hailing from the di...
A Fateful Encounter: A Susie x Magolor Fanfic by TheSxMWriter
A Fateful Encounter: A Susie x Mag...by TheSxMWriter
With Haltmann Works Corporation in ruins, Susie realizes that she has no where to go. Asking Kirby for help, Susie searches for a place to stay, quickly becoming dishear...
Kirby and friends x reader [Request Closed] by Kagami09910
Kirby and friends x reader [Reques...by Kag
Now your in dreamland with Kirby, King deded, Meta knight, Waddle dee, and all the others.
Kirby Roleplay (OCs Welcome) by Doroken
Kirby Roleplay (OCs Welcome)by Bazinga
Welcome to the Kirby roleplay. You should stop by sometime. We got memes. Despite the memes, serious roleplays happen here too. 2015 - 2017 was definitely the peak. Curr...
Heroes of Dreamland, Book 1: Kirby and the Monstrous Lightning (OLD) by ebearskittychan
Heroes of Dreamland, Book 1: Kirby...by Saturn Liz
A tale about an extraordinary Waddle Dee, a couple of Star Warriors, a penguin king and his adorable minions, the king's annoying right-hand snail, an evil monster made...
Kirby Headcanons that are Somewhat Close to Canon by warawarawarawara
Kirby Headcanons that are Somewhat...by mimi
These are just my Kirby (series) headcanons that I have that are, as the title implies, somewhat close to canon. Enjoy ^^ I also edited the pic myself >:)
The Battleship Halberd - Kirby by Crest_Studios
The Battleship Halberd - Kirbyby Elflock Crops
After Meta Knights attempt to take over Dream Land, the Battleship Halberd plummets from the sky and into the ocean. With all the crew still on it. (Kirby) (Meta Knigh...
[Unwanted Soulmate] - A Kirby Fanfiction by Another_N0
[Unwanted Soulmate] - A Kirby Fanf...by Another_N0
After the war against the Jambastion mages, Kirby finally comes home for a nice and long rest... Or so he thought. The day right after, a foreign spaceship comes crashin...
Kirby another dimension by Myart_Naddy
Kirby another dimensionby Naddy
WARNING- BAD SPELLING another peaceful day of Dreamland..and there's Kirby..walking happily and a happy smile on his face...until.. This is a crossover between Kirby g...
random magolor stuff because I kinnie him by Lizzy13334
random magolor stuff because I kin...by ᖴᗩᒪᔕE ᑭᗩᖇᗩᗪIᔕE
MAGOLOR (none of the art is mine unless I say so) Cover art by daily magolor on Tumblr
Kirby vs. MECHAKIRBY by EventGamer
Kirby vs. MECHAKIRBYby EventGamer
An Enemy That Kirby Has Never Faced Before. The Greatest Battle Begins.
One Liners by MacaroniGarbage
One Linersby kill me
Lmao memes Probably kirby memes idk
Kirby And The Ruby Moon by RottingExistence
Kirby And The Ruby Moonby ☆R♥︎tting☆
9-20-2022 Tuesday 7:47 PM Two best friends were taking a look at some designs for fan kirby god like bosses. They sumbled upon an interesting one and then one got an id...