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~♥My Book 4♥~ by -_Ms_Bxnny_-
~♥My Book 4♥~by Seira (BunBun)
Ah, Part 4 of My Book of Arts and Randomness + MLBB randomness (And cringyness--) This Book is Matured Content because of Bad Words and dirty jokes (But not that much) I...
  • fangurl
  • fangirl
  • cringeoverload
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The Ribbon Campaign by dougmcquaid
The Ribbon Campaignby konnor
When Ellie Reinhart started the 'Ribbon Campaign' in support of her brother and his boyfriend, she didn't expect it to grow into what it is. But it does. And that's wher...
  • support
  • change
  • campaign
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Kirby memes by TheMaster_OfPuppetry
Kirby memesby Taranza
  • rick
  • daroach
  • memes
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Just sum art by lifeisgoodenough
Just sum artby Alexis
like the title says
  • alexisoriginal
  • max
  • crystal
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Sinful Stories (Girl on Girl) by WePlayToSin
Sinful Stories (Girl on Girl)by WePlayToSin
Sin as in, sexual favors~ We got girl on girl action here, with toys and ribbons~ PM me your storys of what you would like to do to me, I have DDD boobs, long brown hair...
  • toys
  • yuri
  • big
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Dizzying Heights (John Lennon X Fem Reader) by for_you_blue
Dizzying Heights (John Lennon X Fe...by sewer sappho
she found john. john left home. and home left john. #2 in #thebeatles !!! wtf ????!!! #4 in #johnlennon ! >:D and #4 in #ribbon somehow hahaha the first chapter's a...
  • lennon
  • carnival
  • romance
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Titan Highschool (fem!levi x eren x mikasa) by ereri4eternity
Titan Highschool (fem!levi x eren...by ereri4eternity
Levi and Mikasa are sisters, they enrolled into Titan Highschool after a recent house moving. There, they meet the handsome and charming Eren and falls for him. Will the...
  • eren
  • eremika
  • femlevi
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Blue Ribbon [Coming Soon] by pumpkinyara
Blue Ribbon [Coming Soon]by Howard Potts
Book #5 [Can be read as a stand-alone] What happens when you meet your soulmate? Oh wait, that's too easy, let me ask it again. What do you do when you meet your soul...
  • boundaries
  • lovestory
  • newstory
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Opéra Le Fantôme            {POTO Fanfiction} by KimberleyJem
Opéra Le Fantôme {POTO...by Kimberley Jemma
"When a woman has seen me, as you have, she belongs to me..." -Erik Destler, The Phantom of the Opera. Victoria Chandler's dream is to perform at the Opéra L...
  • singing
  • ribbon
  • gothic
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Kirby Star Allies: Dream Team! by GraciewritesFanfics
Kirby Star Allies: Dream Team!by GraciewritesFanfics
"Mario and Luigi: Dream team"? That sounds boring. Let's shake things up a bit. Anyway, Kirby and his team, the Star Allies, embark on the adventure of their...
  • antasma
  • adeleine
  • team
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Red Ribbon (Jumin Han x Reader) by thelemonsarecalling
Red Ribbon (Jumin Han x Reader)by thelemonsarecalling
//Based off Jumin Han's bad ending in the game Mystic Messenger// In his bad ending, Jumin becomes obsessive of MC, or in this case the reader. This fanfiction will foll...
  • bdsm
  • bad
  • ending
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Super Smash Bros La Mansión by Masternaito
Super Smash Bros La Mansiónby Master Meta Knight
¿que pasaría si los héroes y heroínas de muchos universos de los vídeo juegos vivieran en un mismo lugar? Pues lee esta Historia para saberlo
  • samus
  • lemon
  • supersmashbros
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Ribbons by Tylaniplier
Ribbonsby Tylaniplier
Short OC creepy pasta
  • ribbon
  • creepy
  • pasta
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Ask and dare Kirby and everyone! by lapislazuli8943
Ask and dare Kirby and everyone!by Shaelynn Chappell 8942
These characters are gijinka, and a lot of them are gay. Rules: no smut dares, nothing inappropriate, no gore or anything, and ask as many times as you want, just don't...
  • metadedede
  • adeline
  • fransisca
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Kirby Adventures Book 1: Kirby  Of The Stars by DimetioDeluxe
Kirby Adventures Book 1: Kirby Of...by DimentioDeluxe
Kirby And His Friends Go On Adventures To Protect Dreamland: Book Is PG-13 and Has Loads Of Swears
  • bandanadee
  • planetpopstar
  • metaknight
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Dream Friends! by SoupTimee
Dream Friends!by Soup
What happens when all the dream friends live together in one house?
  • zanpartizanne
  • taranza
  • bandanadee
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Pokemon Ultra Stars by Angel_Fanfiction
Pokemon Ultra Starsby Angel
  • saturne
  • saturnus
  • lucaria
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Away With the Faeries (A Completed Fairytale✔️) by loves_Loki
Away With the Faeries (A Completed...by Daisy Knighton
In a far away kingdom lives a young prince. He fits all the usual criteria; handsome brave and searching for a princess to marry. But with his father on his death-bed me...
  • wood
  • magical
  • sword
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I called this collection as such cos of the fear and possibly hatred I have for clowns. Ever since I can remember, this is the one fear thats been constant. When I write...
  • answers
  • pain
  • ode
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Lexi's Awesome Competition Book! by _dopegirl_
Lexi's Awesome Competition Book!by That Girl, Duh.
Just a book where I put all my competition entries. Nothing Much! p.s --- I made the cover. Do you like it? :D
  • contest
  • ribbon
  • kezzaandleelacontest
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