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The Guy She Never Met by Miss_whts_her_name
The Guy She Never Metby Shelley
'where do u live?'. I text him and wait for a couple of seconds. reply. Nevermind. I change into my usual uniform and was about to put my dress in the locker wh...
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Texting Joel Pimentel by itzxlo
Texting Joel Pimentelby ♤
New message Stranger - What color is best black or purple? Me - Who is this? BUT PURPLE ALL THE WAY Started {Probably June 17, 2016 Finished July 2, 2017} Highest Rank ...
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Period -Daniel Seavey by YviGray
Period -Daniel Seaveyby YviGray
Amaya Mom I need a new box of pads. The one from 'always' soft as a feather and sour patch kids thank you. Unknown number lol I'm not a mom or at a store. Started [23...
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Wait, Who Dis? || Corbyn Besson by XoThaliaoX
Wait, Who Dis? || Corbyn Bessonby ♡
"New phone, who dis?" "Wait, who dis" • In which a boy texts the wrong number, and ends up in a tornado of feelings . corbyn besson didn't know any...
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♚ Send Nudes || VKook/TaeKook Texts by taetae-71
♚ Send Nudes || VKook/TaeKook Textsby 민~
a story in which jungkook accidentally sends a nude to taehyung. - *turkish translation - kaiftjimin *balkan translation - jiminovbiceps *PL translation - X1oooooo compl...
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Texting | Justin Bieber by honeybabies-
Texting | Justin Bieberby w i n t e r
Unknown: are you coming over or what ;) Me: who is this? Unknown: crap - All Rights Reserved © Justin Bieber FF
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Sexting ✓ by ankomia
Sexting ✓by dolly
❝Call me. Let's have a movie date.❞ One day Lucy Holt recieves a text from a random number belonging to sweet talking charmer, Nathan Daniels. He can't help but to drive...
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✉ He's kinda hot 》Hemmings✔ by YourLittleBoo
✉ He's kinda hot 》Hemmings✔by boo.
ja: Nie zaczarujesz mnie swoją gadką, love. Jestem na to odporna. Luke: Jesteś lesbijką? ja: Jestem twoim ocaleniem. Luke: Myślę, że jesteś trochę gorąca. ja:...
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Knowing Keith by novarlington
Knowing Keithby Nova Arlington
• ρ • "Hi." "Um, who is this?" "Baby, it's me." "Who is 'me' exactly?" "The love of your life." Alex 'Keith' Locke and...
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A story of romance,comedy and teen life...what you need to relax you're mind? It all appears to be a love story until...
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teacher ( kth+jjk ) by chanyeol-yand
teacher ( kth+jjk )by kUrOkO
-Do u want me to punish u ,jeongguk ? The rule is waiting for u . -a little spanking will not hurt u , believe me. TAE TOP ...
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Midnight Messages (Connected #2) by Chloe_Kaydee_x
Midnight Messages (Connected #2)by Chloe Kaydee
THIS IS A SEQUEL! BUT CAN BE READ AS A Standalone! ♥️ | Highest Rank: #103 Random, #418 Fiction, #230 Funny| Elicia - Ellie - Wilson is a University student who lives a...
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Instagram Message Book 1 by FloresLupef
Instagram Message Book 1by FloresLupef
Anna never thought that one message from her favorite model would change her life forever.
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Discord ✔ by magickshoppe
Discord ✔by Kioharu
"You win I'll get you in to meet Bangtan. I win you go on at least three dates with me." "What makes you think I'll want more than that?" "I alr...
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new message • kth  by _tryhard_aesthetic_
new message • kth by 🥺🥰
•in which a kim taehyung receives a new message from an unknown number• •🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕• ...
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The Ultimate Fangirl by Pampeii
The Ultimate Fangirlby Pamela Dimen Soriano
Nina's life revolves around Parker McCall. Complete with posters, fan shirts, and his sports memorabilia, Nina is the ultimate fangirl of The Great Warrior and golden bo...
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sarcastically | hs [COMPLETED] by niallyr
sarcastically | hs [COMPLETED]by n i c
Julia: This account is no longer active. Harry: Julia Julia: This account is no linger active. Harry: ha typo Julia: damn Julia: OMG WHOEVER YOU ARE YOU HAVE THE WEO...
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Wattpad Facts { ON HOLD } by cheekycocktail
Wattpad Facts { ON HOLD }by M
These are the common and acceptable things that happen in our own little Wattpad nation. Wattpad Facts is an enjoyable read meant for all - the newbies, the middle-Watt...
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Krishna joins wattpad (Ongoing) by Krishnavishta
Krishna joins wattpad (Ongoing)by Jaya Krishna Varshney
This story is my satirical take on how atmosphere of social media is degrading. what will happen when Lord Krishna decides to interact with his devotees and join wattpad...
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SnapChat. [KTH] by taetaebabee
SnapChat. [KTH]by taetaebabee
Kim Taehyung, Who?
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