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My Dracula (hotel transylvania fanfiction) by Grelly-chan
My Dracula (hotel transylvania Ratchet_waifu
Hi! I'm Amanda Summers and I'm 3,037 years old. I was born immortal and i just finished my school at Hogwarts! I traveled all over the world except Transylvania so I'm h...
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Two Halves Make One Whole by DreamingShapeShifter
Two Halves Make One Wholeby WeirdoInTheCorner
Count Dracula has a great family and great friends, making his afterlife pretty good. But, something- or rather, someone, is still missing. He may have found his first l...
  • family
  • adventure
  • romance
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A Zing. Love at First Sight (Dracula x Reader) by AleayaSkyy
A Zing. Love at First Sight ( Aleaya Angel
Y/N were mountain climbing with her friend Jonathan "Johnny" Loughran when Johnny slipped pulling her down with him. They went to a nearby cabin thing as a cou...
  • johnny
  • xreader
  • denis
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New Zing by Canadianbrokengirl19
New Zingby Northerngirl
Dracula's new Vampire Bride has arrived at the hotel. How will Mavis react to having a stepmother? How will Dennis react to having a grandmother?
  • vampire
  • hoteltransylvania
  • romance
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You're my zing (Male mavis x reader) by sugarskull1480
You're my zing (Male mavis x sugarskull1480
I don't own any of the characters or the movie Hotel Transylvania but this is an x reader and I will add the second movie into this to
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His Love(Hotel Transylvania): Dracula X Reader by Jeonnie_Winterz
His Love(Hotel Transylvania): Jeonnie_Winterz
Being on vacation was her only plan till she messed it all up and ended up in the Hotel for monsters known as Hotel Transylvania. Meeting different monsters there, she a...
  • romance
  • kisses
  • wayne
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Dracula's New Zing by aleywrites
Dracula's New Zingby aleywrites
Beth and her best friend Johnathan just wanted a week away from everything to travel the world and do new things and meet new people. But they didn't expect to find mons...
  • mavis
  • dracula
  • love
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hotel Transylvania the invisible man x reader by LunnyBunny12
hotel Transylvania the invisible LunnyBunny12
throughout your 218 years of life you have felt so alone, ignored and unwanted. That wad until you were invited to your Mavis's 118th birthday party. Read as you zing...
  • xreader
  • zing
  • hoteltransylvania
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Get back the Zing (Dracula x reader) by taztaz92
Get back the Zing (Dracula x taztaz
After Ericka was leaving the hotel, everyone tried to find a new Zing for Drac. After several fails, it was time for the special plan Jonny had in mind. Which involves a...
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  • draculaxreader
  • zing
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Times change a man (Dracula x reader) by taztaz92
Times change a man (Dracula x taztaz
Dracula wants to date again and wants to find the right one on his own, but he doesnt know how. This story starts at the end of Hotel Transylvania 2 and a little towards...
  • mavis
  • vampire
  • dennis
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It's a Zing Thing | Dracula & Ericka by countessericka
It's a Zing Thing | Dracula & Jade
Dracula enjoyed remembering what the exhilaration of a Zing felt like; Ericka hadn't ever experienced that type of love until now. During the days travelling back to the...
  • dracula
  • fluff
  • erickavanhelsing
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Great Wolf Lodge (fan fiction) by sonypicturesisawsome
Great Wolf Lodge (fan fiction)by sonypicturesisawsome
this story takes place a few days after the Dave&Busters Fan fiction. if your looking for something exciting and out of the ordinary this is the perfect story for you. W...
  • dracula-and-ericka
  • magiquest
  • water-parks
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Hotel Transylvania 99 by comicfan1939
Hotel Transylvania 99by comicfan1939
Johnny was a police detective from Brooklyn and had friends who are police detectives as well . Since the police squad moved to a precinct in Romania, Johnny was decidin...
  • brooklyn99
  • hoteltransylvania
Hotel Transylvania (season 1): We Are Family by Rally9933
Hotel Transylvania (season 1): I.M. Rally
This isn't the end of a loving family, it was just at the beginning. After the event of Hotel Transylvania two 2 1/2: The fangs of Friendship, the sequels begin as Dracu...
  • vampire
  • friendsandfamily
  • johnny
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Family Road Trip (Dracula X Reader) by AleayaSkyy
Family Road Trip (Dracula X Reader)by Aleaya Angel
While Mavis is exploring the human world with Johnny, Drac is showing his human grandson how to be a vampire, dragging Y/N right along with them. They all go on a very e...
  • johnny
  • xreader
  • hoteltransylvania
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HT Story Casts by ryanelwood02
HT Story Castsby ryanelwood02
These are casts for Hotel Transylvania stories on Wattpad that would make great movies. These are just people who I think would go perfect with these roles and others ar...
  • hoteltransylvania
  • movie
  • sonypicturesanimation
Movie Toons Reacts To Death Battle! by bountyhunter123
Movie Toons Reacts To Death Battle!by bountyhunter123
after watching their life movies,a person drop from the sky,in his belongings are a huge boxes of dvd's written "death battle".then everbody got curious abou...
  • tangled
  • frozen
  • bighero6
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From a river to a flood by countessericka
From a river to a floodby Jade
With her great-grandfather as her guardian, Ericka isn't exactly experienced in the sexual world. Dracula is keen to change that. Erickula smut for you sinners.
  • dracula
  • hoteltransylvania3
  • hotelt3
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Hotel Transylvania: Furry Love by AlphaCentauri487
Hotel Transylvania: Furry Loveby AlphaCentauri487
It's been 10 years since the hotel was attacked by bella and his gang and ever since then Dennis has become a very powerful vampire, his powers are growing rapidly every...
  • love
  • dennisxwinnie
  • hoteltransylvania
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Shipping Book #1: CGI Cross-over Edition by NicoTheShipper
Shipping Book #1: CGI Cross-over Nicole
My first shipping book, dedicated to the fandom that made me want to make shipping books in the first place! Ask me any ship you want! I'll answer honestly, no holding b...
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