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PRO INSTITUTE// jinkook by taejinkookie_
PRO INSTITUTE// jinkookby B A N G T A N
"teachers here are basically our own prostitue." - jeon jungkook
  • bottomjin
  • boyxboy
  • spg
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My Cold Pervert Boyfriend by Binibining-A
My Cold Pervert Boyfriendby Angel May Jayona
This story contains some mature content so if you're still innocent enough better DON'T READ IT! Understood?? Im sorry for the typos and wrong grammars guys IM ONLY HUMA...
  • fiction
  • sexy
  • fan
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If l Never Love You ( NGCMLFY sequel) by grayshinpark
If l Never Love You ( NGCMLFY Gray
If l never love you ,l found myself lost and empty ; I won't be happy satisfied of my life today- Aly If l never love you , l will never felt complete like now- Den This...
  • alyden
  • matured
  • den
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Overprotective Husband 『J.J.K』 by baejihee
Overprotective Husband 『J.J.K』by eonwoo
『⚠MATURED WORDS CONTENT ALERT⚠』 "Lebih layak kalau kita panggil awak, King Control kan?" "Honestly, aku suka gelaran tu. Tapi nak lebih baik, panggillah a...
  • taehyung
  • ff
  • happy
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MY ONE NIGHT STAND by Arwen_Ringor
  • matured
  • spg
  • romcom
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HunHan: The Arrangement by soranokonan
HunHan: The Arrangementby Sorano Konan
[Completed] [HunHan FF] Also available in PDF version (soft copy) (Send a message for it) Usually, it has to be the parents. However this time, a few years back, their g...
  • yaoi
  • hunhan
  • arrangedmarriage
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Illicit Affair  by eroticfictionauthor
Illicit Affair by LuvLaws
Having an affair is always exciting, but having an illicit affair, is pure adrenaline. She is my teacher yet it is me who wants to bend her to my rules. To spank her. T...
  • infidelty
  • affair
  • orgasams
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Weiland Academy by LadyMijanixx
Weiland Academyby Pia Fernandez
(ON-GOING) Adara Milarya was the bravest woman on Weiland World. She was the best to control her Earth power. Hence, many of Weilarian was jealous of her. But what if on...
  • fiction
  • fantasyadventure
  • fantasy
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Brat's Girl [J.J.K] by baejihee
Brat's Girl [J.J.K]by eonwoo
『⚠MATURED CONTENT ALERTS⚠』 "Look here baby girl, kau boleh permainkan aku, kau boleh perbodohkan aku, kau boleh buat apa sahaja yang kau nak. But once aku dah dapat...
  • ulzzang
  • byuntae
  • ff
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The Elevator Game by Glazedt
The Elevator Gameby Noi
Vice Ganda---a known comedian, secretly knows the means of fleeing away from our 'cruel world'. And it is by playing the ominous, horrifying and petrifying game, calle...
  • vt
  • viceganda
  • drama
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SEX PHONE by cainpussa
SEX PHONEby cainpussa
Ito ang sex story ni NICOLE na first time makaranas ng sex on phone. Ginawa niya ito matapos basahin ang malibog na sex stories sa pantasya.
  • 18
  • matured
the Nerd And The Playboy /Taekook&Vkook/  {ON GOING} by NO-NOBOODDYY
the Nerd And The Playboy / X CHEA X
kim taehyung a young nerd from bangatan univesity his father died on an aciddent his father died he said that he will taek care of his father company but one problem &q...
  • topkook
  • jungkook
  • love
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Teaching you ? ─ taekook by Opahkauseksi
Teaching you ? ─ taekookby lion (¬‿¬)
[18+] teaching you + vkook . -by opahkauseksi . -in malay language .
  • bts
  • gay
  • matured
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Nang Dahil Sa Pag ibig by ace_melek
Nang Dahil Sa Pag ibigby ace_melek18
Naranasan mo na ba yong naiubos mo na ang lahat ng makakaya mo pero kulang pa din? Naranasan mo na bang masaktan hindi lang sa emosyonal na aspeto pati na rin physical...
  • romance
  • drama
  • matured
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Dr. Amie by merj1995
Dr. Amieby MBD stories
Si Dr. Amie ang Pinaka magandang Doctor sa Chen Hospital. Magaling din siyang Doctor halos sa kaniya humahanga ang lahat ng staff sa hospital. But meron ding mga Inggite...
  • ramsay
  • delos
  • johnnieguilbert
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The Obsession by baejyy
The Obsessionby ―
❝Hati-hati , kau mungkin akan menjadi mangsa kepada jiwa obsesi aku❞ ▁▁▁▁▁ Mereka ditakdirkan sebagai insan yang tidak berperikemanusiaan , tiada perasaan , kejam , bru...
  • serialkiller
  • action
  • obsess
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Under Temptation by AnonymousxGorgeous
Under Temptationby {R.S}
Warning: This book contains matured conntent stories Compilation of different erotic stories.
  • compilations
  • r18
  • smuts
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Finding his Muse (iKON B.I Fanfic) by bookishgal2091
Finding his Muse (iKON B.I Fanfic)by BookishGal
iKON's leader on hiatus. Two strangers abruptly left their lives and careers found refuge on an island. The waves, the beach and their mutual love of music inevitably b...
  • yg
  • ikonhanbin
  • music
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She suffered from unbearable pain from her past that breaks her heart ... And his just a cold Man who doesn't believe in the word Commitment .. and Business, Mone...
  • drama
  • series
  • possessive
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Wild Love [Michaeng🖤]  by KimDahyun048
Wild Love [Michaeng🖤] by Samyang Spicy
  • mina
  • michaeng
  • matured
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