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phosphenes (n.) zoro x sanji [roommates au] by jumpingleaves
phosphenes (n.) zoro x sanji [room...by acosmist
(def.) the colour or "stars" you see when you rub your eyes ✦he was a warrior with a fighter's mind and he was a battle he lost every time ✦ "when ca...
Strawhats Gc by ILoveSanji_
Strawhats Gcby ILoveSanji_
Random stuff that happens in the gc of the amazing strawhat crew 💪💪💪😼😼😼 Late updates like very late updates👍 #2 Zosan #4 Gc
The Nightmares of a Swordsman | Zosan by hoonz__
The Nightmares of a Swordsman | Zo...by hoonz__
Zoro is mentally drained as he hasn't been able to sleep well for the last few days. His nightmares are filled with a reminder of his old "friend" that he'll n...
Grand Line - Grand News by Bobbylein
Grand Line - Grand Newsby Bobbylein
Sanji and Zoro have been together since before they split up for two years. When they meet again their love is the same but Sanji is not. Or his body isn't. Getting preg...
𝐂𝐔𝐏𝐂𝐀𝐊𝐄 𝐊𝐈𝐒𝐒𝐄𝐒 by pastellpunk
𝐂𝐔𝐏𝐂𝐀𝐊𝐄 𝐊𝐈𝐒𝐒𝐄𝐒by pastellpunk
[MODERN AU/HIGHSCHOOL AU] COMPLETED☑️ Sanji Vinsmoke and his best friend Monkey D. Luffy own the most popular bakery in his town "Baratie" with their fathers...
zosan one shots by ilxzvu
zosan one shotsby ilxzvu
zoro and sanji's cute one shots (//∇//)
Discovery by TangerineVanilla
Discoveryby Tragic Tangerine
Un cocinero llorando por la noche y un Marimo a medio dormir en el nido de cuervos. Habra de desencadenarse una serie de emociones por parte de ambos despues de que se d...
my boss's bestfriend is my son's father [zosan] by yare_chan_o075
my boss's bestfriend is my son's f...by yare chan
story contains - omegaverse , boy x boy , one piece fanfic, zosan . pictures used in this story are not mine . credit goes to their respectful owner .
Just need your comfort | Zosan by hoonz__
Just need your comfort | Zosanby hoonz__
Sanji's not in the best of his state right now, as past memories begin to flood his mind after dinner. Leaving him to have a short breakdown in the kitchen on his own. A...
ZoSan: The Pleasure Boy by OnKeyJongTaeMin
ZoSan: The Pleasure Boyby gaynibba
Strawhats lands on the summer island Erusaelp, and oddly tries to win off a sex slave in an auction. [ A ZoroxSanji Fanfiction - R18 ] COMPLETED ✔ [3-8-2021] Under Editi...
SanZo - Welcome, My Detective by KatlnnRotato
SanZo - Welcome, My Detectiveby Katlnn Rotato
Sanji and Zoro work at a private detective agency together. They're constantly asked to do odd jobs and, even though they argue the whole time, they always get the job d...
♡~<{Modernday House-Cat}>~♡ by ShiotaAso180
♡~~♡by ♡~{Shiota Aso}~♡
Zoro has a normal cat in a not so normal world, at least that's what he thought.......
ZoSan Sexy Times by L_Noah
ZoSan Sexy Timesby L_Noah
Just some ZoSan smut These two are fucking horny, your honor
True Desire: A One Piece Fanfiction by MidoriMir
True Desire: A One Piece Fanfictionby MidoriMir Ame
Sanji has gone missing...... He is in a precarious situation would be an understatement....Will the Straw hats be able to help their cook? Who holds the key to Sanji's d...
White Shards - ZoSan by blond_curlY
White Shards - ZoSanby Luc
Our favourite cook and swordsman had a fight. After that Nami and the other crewmates leave them alone on the ship to make them think about their mistakes. Why is Zoro...
[Random Zosan fics] by Jasper_YT
[Random Zosan fics]by Jasper
these are some random stuff I get ideas from so there is gonna be smut and fluff each post but it's gonna be random as the titles says lol anyways enjoy. . . ;]
Does He Care? | Zosan School AU  by hoonz__
Does He Care? | Zosan School AU by hoonz__
As the Strawhats attend the New World in order to help seek out their dreams and careers, two friends can't help but develop feelings towards each other during the proce...
♡Zosan Smut♡ by idk_roze
♡Zosan Smut♡by idk_roze
My mind cooked up another Zosan smut and now it's here my child don't read if u don't ship Zoro x Sanji and if u come to my comments and comment smt about Zosan saying s...
Drunk (Zosan Fluff) by doomed-writer
Drunk (Zosan Fluff)by Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrus...
Zoro won't let anyone touch his booz. No exceptions. But maybe a cute drunk Sanji... Could be a good exception. Anonymous said: For your fanfics: Zosan, sfw, not au pl...
🖤 Emotions♟ | angst 💔 | Zosan 💚💛 by Chebftsjdnfuehsi
🖤 Emotions♟ | angst 💔 | Zosan 💚...by Bunny 🐰
Sanji stood in the bathroom, looking at his hair. Black streaks were starting to appear. He was becoming like them. ⚠️Angst and mention of sensitive topics⚠️ (Boy x Boy...