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little green bean {a eddmatt AU} by torifanatic
little green bean {a eddmatt AU}by torifanaticYT
edd has a bit of trouble confessing his love to matt so tord and tom help along the way tom starts building feeling's for tord btw this is my first fanfic oof OwO anyway...
[Eddsworld Oneshots] by senpapiclub
[Eddsworld Oneshots]by murduck
This will be a book of eddsworld oneshots. Ships ranging from TomEdd to MattJon, any ship really. [I don't own any characters or art used in this] [This is shipping the...
They Said I Was Vain [OLD AND DISCONTINUED] by JadeBug06
They Said I Was Vain [OLD AND DISC...by Crippling Anxiety
They said I was vain... They said I was narcissistic... They said he didn't love me... Matt likes Edd...alot and he eventually confesses to him. Matt keeps hearing the v...
Tomtord &Eddmatt& Eddsworld  ~Smuts & Fluff Oneshots~ by Esomebody_24
Tomtord &Eddmatt& Eddsworld ~Smut...by Eso
This will be just all my sins XD I hope you enjoy! ^-^ I'm open to suggestions □I don't use this account anymore so there will be no more updates on this book□
Tomtord/Tomtord Pictures  by Bun_TheShipper
Tomtord/Tomtord Pictures by Inactive
Mostly tordtom pics There will be 3 pics on each page Unless theres a bonus uwu
My Fair Thomas... | TordTom [] WTFuture [] by Eli_Guylaine_Gray
My Fair Thomas... | TordTom [] WTF...by Eli/Gæ
It's been over seven years after that incident with Tord. The gang has almost forgotten about him. ALMOST The world has changed a lot since the Red Army has became more...
Help Me Remember (TomTord) {COMPLETED} by Lybertee32
Help Me Remember (TomTord) {COMPLE...by TomTordTrash :3
Tord wakes up after the explosion finding that he's deaf and blind in the right side of his face. His right arm is bleeding bad and the worst thing of all is he can't re...
Pool Prison (TomTord) by bigdum69420
Pool Prison (TomTord)by ✿Lamer✿
It is the summer before senior year, and Tom has just landed a job with his ex girlfriend as a lifeguard at a public pool. Things start to take a turn when a regular at...
His Defence [TomTord] by sourvincent
His Defence [TomTord]by Vincentonio
⚠️A/N WARNING⚠️: This story will contain; Gore, strong use of words, possible drugs, NSFW and of course, some smut so please read with caution. thank you and I hope you...
broken tord (depressed tord x tom) by gay-is-all-i-need
broken tord (depressed tord x tom)by gay-is-all-i-need
my second book and its depressing. wow. IM OK. . . . ever since the incident tord quit the army and is now living in an alley way. he resorted to cutting and is severel...
You're Not my Friend (Being rewritten...) by I_ship_people_27
You're Not my Friend (Being rewrit...by * ੈ♡‧₊˚✧ʕ̢̣̣̣̣̩̩̩̩·͡˔·ོɁ̡̣̣̣̣...
It's the future and everything has changed. Nothing seems the same ever since the Red Leader seized control over several countries. "I thought we were friends!"...
comic/picture tomtord by AmazedPlacebo
comic/picture tomtordby i see you
more of tomtord This book is a every day post book so yeah 'I'm not throwing way my shot'ry and give credit to the Artist that made this
Where it All Lead (TordTom)(Highschool AU) by Hanahaki7582
Where it All Lead (TordTom)(Highsc...by Hanahaki7582
Rich, loved, popular, basically the guy of everyone's dreams. Tord Larrsin. Tord Larrsin is the most popular and loved guy in highschool. The guys wish to meet his stan...
Poison (TordTom) by -YOURMOTHPIMP-
Poison (TordTom)by ~VALENTINO~
Tord is living with Edd, Matt, and Tom yet again. Tom doesn't trust him, and it's going to take a lot to gain Tom's trust. Will Tord find a way to build a friendship bet...
Amychophobia ((EddMatt))  //Completed// by IzukuHasTodosVirgini
Amychophobia ((EddMatt)) //Comple...by Dead account fuck off
Nail wars, armor, nail guns, Matt... Nothing can go wrong... Can it? (Welp it's time to bring my hammer of wrath down upon Purple bean)
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tomtord fuckery  (eddsworld sin book) by AUbunny
tomtord fuckery (eddsworld sin bo...by bon bon the bunny
this is a sin book, if you don't like it please don't report. just go apon your way.
Strangers by pseudonym14
Strangersby pseudonym14
(Just a story to try and get a happier ending to "The End"... ) A year has passed after the incident with the robot. Edd, Matt, and Tom are still best buds in...
You're Not A Monster (TomTord) by BisexualBajaBlast
You're Not A Monster (TomTord)by Emhaspaws
A story about hate, pain, monsters, memory loss, past mistakes, forgiveness, and most importantly, love. I don't own the characters, they belong to the animated series E...
Don't let the monster come out [Future Tomtord] by EmberPotato
Don't let the monster come out [Fu...by Ember
This is after the accident a few years later tord ruins Toms vision and gives him new sight bc tom would be useless other wise to him. Tord is the red army leader. He fe...
We're Family [On Hiatus for the time being] by BlueCipher0
We're Family [On Hiatus for the ti...by Blue Leader
We may be odd We may live in a base We may be the combination of ice and fire But that doesn't change anything my dear children • • • We are family Forever and Always...