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Divorce (Harry Styles) by _princessstyles_
Divorce (Harry Styles)by Mel
No one said Marrying a pop star was going to be easy.
Arranged To Be Urs by Anushikaaa_29
Arranged To Be Ursby shikaa 🖋
Love can be found anywhere and everywhere but what if the person doesn't wants to see the love which surrounds him and want to stay in the dark this is the problem of ou...
Burning Empires by AmeliaGreyson
Burning Empiresby Amelia Greyson
"She is a pet that sleeps in my bed, rolls onto her back to please me, and gets on her knees when I demand it." "A bitch can get manipulated just as easi...
Loving My Cousin (#Wattys 2017)  by Islam_is_great
Loving My Cousin (#Wattys 2017) by Islam_is_great
I put the grocery bags down after coming inside the house, setting my keys on the counter and placing the bags on the table, putting the stuff away, until I heard a voic...
GIDAN Aure Na..!!? by AfricanQueen300
GIDAN Aure Na..!!?by ChuChu💝💞
Labari ne da ya faru a gaske labari ne ta ya tab'a kowani shashi na rayuwar matan aure yan mata zawarawa, da sauran su( BASE OF TRUE LIFE STORY) KUMA SERIES NOVEL NE
Ocean Girl by MonolithofYmir
Ocean Girlby Ymir_likes_writing
Hi my name is Persephone Jackson, and I am about to join the avengers...... Yes this is a rewritten story.
The Goblin King (JarethxOc) by lemonfrisk
The Goblin King (JarethxOc)by TokiTerror
Faith Johnson has lived a relativity sheltered life. Her father, as soon as she finished collage, whisked her away into living with him and her mother. She is only let o...
Letters to Joe (An Epistolary) by bubblymishie
Letters to Joe (An Epistolary)by itsmishie
ON-HOLD Letters to her husband about falling in love with someone, new. __ Cover is credited to the rightfully owner: Sam Yang.
Unexpected Marriage by TaejinkookBTSFF
Unexpected Marriageby BTS DREAMLAND
" A short and sweet story" Jimin: I love her but she loves Jackson Y/n: An Unexpected marraige changed everything in my life.. Highest ranks achieved #11 - Mar...
SIYA ~ • by Shaktis_world
SIYA ~ •by Shanaya Sen
The arrange marriage with a twist coz she is his replaced bride...... contract marriage . . . grumpy × sunshine age gap mature he × sensitive she his life contains d...
The Short Proposal  by justayslay
The Short Proposal by justayslay
Starting Ben and Wen, they have been in love for years and finally Ben propose to Wen. How will Wen react to Ben if he forgot about the ring? What will he then do? Is i...
Is he the one??? by sakizain
Is he the one???by sakizain
Elena tomlinson The everyday girl with the everyday life but what happens when she has to marry her brother's best friend Harry styles while she is dating her boyfriend...
The ruthless mafia loves me by Betchhhhy
The ruthless mafia loves meby Betchhhhy
Lorenzo Dé Luca, a successful business man in the world's eye but what they don't know is that he is the 'black shadow' one of the most powerful and ruthless mafia boss...
Her Love Story by never_compromise
Her Love Storyby never_compromise
When a girl who is shy and rebellious at the same time meets a boy who is arrogant outside but has a heart of gold. The funny part is that both like each other but does...
Love is trouble  by AryamWabdan
Love is trouble by woman of love
Story of an arranged marriage between a Christopher Garcia a mafia King and Samantha a his personal assistant this is a humor love book where they have a hard time to...
Dating advice from a Non Dater by love3214aq
Dating advice from a Non Daterby Joy Bring Life
Dating advice that could help you or not.... Most of this is probably from me and others from people over the years... You never know what will you get.
Stupid Fanfic-5sos by Sticky_Spikes
Stupid Fanfic-5sosby 2izexyayz
~Fanfiction about 5 seconds of summer so stupid that your brain will rot~ how each band member kills you
Living  with  Mr Grumpy  by cuteaminat12
Living with Mr Grumpy by
Ameenah Baffa is a cute bubbly girl , she is beautiful , kind , doesn't take rubbish from no one On the other hand, we have Abdallah Yusuf, Abdallah is a Grumpy ar...
the objection by yummaebarrybenson
the objectionby yummaebarrybenson
just read and find out 🤪🤤😌💅