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Generic Vampire Romance | Marliza & Lams by orinscrivello
Generic Vampire Romance | leather clad friend
"Gay vampires and gay humans", according to Riley. In fact, blame Riley for all of this.
❤️⭐️Hamilton Smut⭐️❤️ by ouiouismesme
❤️⭐️Hamilton Smut⭐️❤️by ouiouismesme
Title is what it says. If you aren't interested, please do not read. MOSTLY GOING TO BE GAY AND KINKY BECAUSE WHY NOT (very kinky) Pls be nice to poor me :( jk do whate...
Hamilton reacts to Ships by KawaiiMaddie
Hamilton reacts to Shipsby ✨ maddie ✨
Hamilton reacting to ships that start from Lams to something crazy like HamBury. These ships will not be in order, it will be random. [ hella crack ]
Hamilton Smut Oneshots by Lams_are_still_bae
Hamilton Smut Oneshotsby Lams_are_still_bae
Just a smut book with various ships. Might to requests, don't know
Hamilton Oneshots by mxtallmadge
Hamilton Oneshotsby 🤍𝐒𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧🤍
I'm not writing these Oneshots anymore, but I hope you enjoy this book! Contains fluff, angst, and smut. #1 in mullette July 16th, 2022 #1 in hamliza August 7th, 2022 #1...
Camp for the Emotionally (Un)Stable || Lams by kinda_needs_help
Camp for the Emotionally (Un) Bulletproof
*Completed All these teenagers...they're all fucked in the brain. At least during the school year they've got supervision and a counselor on hand. Summer though- that's...
hamilton one shots (smut & floof) by alexs_lazy_corner
hamilton one shots (smut & floof)by Alex
Just some one shots. Both fluff and smut ;). I update whenever i feel like it so once in the 1 or 2 weeks. Hope you enjoy!
The MIGHTY HAMILTON ONE-SHOTS (Open Request) by Fireboy564
Request whatever your hearts desire. If you want a HamiShip, sure. If you want a (character x reader) why not? Smuts, fluff, angst, BET! No rules here! LET THE GAY (and...
Hamilton One-Shots DISCONTINUED by fangirl_issues102
Hamilton One-Shots DISCONTINUEDby Just Dying Over Here
Just your average book of Hamilton one shots. Probably will include mature language and sensitive subjects Angst or Fluff, no Smut (I just don't feel comfortable writin...
Jamilton Oneshots :) by astr0matcha
Jamilton Oneshots :)by white precipitate
sweetums you chose this fic it's on you don't blame me hehe there's dysfunction (word count ranges from 400~ to about 1000+ (for each oneshot. sorry it's not longer? eh...
LAMS ONESHOTS! Smut, Angst, Or Fluff by Klance_lover06
LAMS ONESHOTS! Smut, Angst, Or Klance_lover06
I take request and do Smut or Fluff. Kinky or Chill. Sweet or Sour. Anything from Hamilton . All the ships!!!
Hamilton Memes [COMPLETE] by nbLocalSapphic
Hamilton Memes [COMPLETE]by Ren
Welcome to the land of Hamilton Memes Ships: lams jamilton mullette hamliza jeffmads marliza maybe some hamburr (MAYBE) And more !!! Language warning!⚠ None of the art...
BOOK OF HAMILSIN by OkiWrites123
*COUGH* this is gonna be a ton of s m u t- *gay coughing* I'll take requests- *cough*
Let Everybody Know - LAMS by CinnamonRollLams
Let Everybody Know - LAMSby CinnamonRollLams
A classic LAMS college AU. Lots of fluff, some drama and stuff like that. I hope you enjoy! I will warn you with a TW if necessary. Enjoy!
Hamilton Road Trip by yayhamlet123
Hamilton Road Tripby Yayhamlet123
Hamilton fanfiction set in modern day time. Hamilton squad go on a road trip. Lams 💕 Mullette 🌈 Jeffmads 🎉 Marliza💄 Cover Art: @CrazyGalComics
that would be enough || Lams by KiRafunE
that would be enough || Lamsby semi hiatus
John Laurens was a normal orphan boy who lived a normal life. That is, until the owner of the orphanage died because of sickness. Now the orphans is at the brink of gett...
hamilton - oneshots by blithblooth
hamilton - oneshotsby sj
i promise these will get better must of these will be fluff shots but ill take requests lmao i write smut aswell xoxo
Hamilton Lemons(Lemonade) by Bigbuffcheettopuff
Hamilton Lemons(Lemonade)by @Cheetos
You know what this is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Teenage Culture- Hamilton High School AU by LamsLife17
Teenage Culture- Hamilton High 🥀📙✌️🍃🌌💜
At Valley Forge High School, there are hundreds of teenagers, all just trying to survive. Alex Hamilton just wants to prove that he is something in this world whilst tr...
Rating Ships by eliza_loves_alex
Rating Shipsby ghost
Hamliza is the cover because why not?